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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Death Of Milosevic = The Death Of Justice?!

((The Holocaust Of Bosnia))

Can be Death Of War Criminal, who was worst than "Adolf Hitler" means the death of justice for thousands of souls of his victims?

I was so surprised by people talking about his death and not talking about the justice that must be done on earth before the truly justice be on heaven!!

I'm sure he killed himself like his parents before:
" Born on 20 August 1941 in Pozarevac, to the west of Belgrade, in Serbia, Yugoslavia. Both his parents are teachers and both commit suicide, his father in 1962 and his mother in 1973"

(Up to 230,000 killed and three million displaced!)

Look deeply to word "Killed", they were killed not "Died"! I was so frustrated to read or hear word "died" to describe people who lost their lives in very savagery way and killed without any reason, and then ignorant Media disrespect them by dropping the real description of what happened. Can you believe something like that!?

Absolutely, there was an orchestrated program of "ethnic cleansing"

"An estimated 20,000 Muslim women and girls are thrown into rape camps"

I just can't handle horrible things like that. It just like you are reading a horrifying articles. I took some texts from articles about this Criminal killer AKA 'Butcher of the Balkans' and about what really happened.

May God Burn him (and who did that with him) in hell beside his sorts, Hitler and others.

What he was facing in court? "War crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Kosovo. He also faced genocide charges over the 1992-95 Bosnia war".

"On 29, 2001. June he is extradited to The Hague to face the UN Criminal Tribunal for his role in the atrocities committed by Serbian forces during the Kosovo conflict. He is charged with the murder of 900 Kosovo-Albanians and the deportation of 740,000 more. He is the first head of state ever be brought before an international war crimes court".
"God knows how many criminals now are head of states and their real place is in Jail and Hell for their crimes!"

"The charges against Milosevic"


"Milosevic is allowed two rooms at The Hague, one a three by five metre cell in the high-security men's prison, where he sleeps, and the other an "office" at the tribunal where he receives visitors and interviews witnesses. He is allowed a fax machine, a telephone, a printer, and a computer, but is denied access to the internet".
Wow, what a treatment for murderer, killer, butcher,….who killed with cold blood. He was Facing " Genocide" charges…" *#A%$$#@ "

"Don't Cry My Sister…The Judgment Day will come Soon."

Honestly, I didn't know too much about this horrible unbelievable massacres. I watched few programs, but I couldn’t imagine that happened in our world and in THE CENTRE OF EUROPE where they claim its "Justice Land". All these horrible crimes done and UN Troops were eye witnesses and they did nothing to stop that Devils from torturing, killing and raping innocent unarmed people.
It's another Holocaust,, Real Holocaust ,, more savagery Holocaust than what happened to Jews.
Can I call the Serbs Devils as "Christians Terrorists" or maybe ""Crusader Terrorism".
Well, they stick the word Terrorism to Islam, so why we don't say that here?!! HaH

What horrified me more that there were Non-Serb participants in the massacre,, I can't believe that
"a number of Greek volunteers took part in the massacre of Srebrenica".

Wa , but How? WHY?

They tried to hide their crimes :
" Most significantly, the forensic evidence also demonstrates that, during a period of several weeks in September and early October 1995, Serb forces dug up many of the primary mass gravesites and reburied the bodies in still more remote locations. Forensic tests have linked certain primary gravesites and certain secondary gravesites, namely: Branjevo Military Farm and Cancari Road…."

" As of 2004, the mass graves are still being dug up and the victims honorably laid to rest, providing a sense of closure for many families who lost their loved ones"

There are a lots of video tapes and photos, some taken surreptitiously, showing what happened and how they tried to move the bodies to remote and different places.
" The video has caused a public outrage in Serbia. In the days following its showing, the Serbian government quickly arrested some of the former soldiers identified on the video. The event has most extensively been covered by the newspaper Danas and radio and television station B92. As was reported by Bosnian media, at least one mother of a filmed captive saw the execution of her son on television. She claimed she was already aware of her son's death, and said she had been told that his body was burned following the execution. His remains were among those buried in Potočari in 2003."

We don't need only to "Condemn The Atrocity"
We need Justice and Respect to those who have been tortured and treated so savagery so inhumanely,, to people who suffered and families who lost their loved ones, to women and girls who raped brutally and went crazy and still recovery until now. To prove that we have Feelings, Consciences,, to reject all these atrocities and assure that must not be done again to anyone in this world.


Eyewitnesses Confirm Massacres in Bosnia

The Holocaust in Bosnia-Hercegovina, 1941-1945

Srebrenica massacre

Case Study:The Srebrenica Massacre, July 1995

"Please, Look To These Bones and Skulls, Just imagine one of your family has been Tortured and killed and Then thrown in this Barbarity way!
Just Imagine


Blogger Noor said...

I don't know why, but I wanted to know more about Terrible Humans Shame…"Massacres" or "Genocides". So, I thought, let's see more about "Sabra and Shatila Massacre". I just typed the title in Google and horrifying images came to me. "Oh My God, What I'm doing?" I said to myself… I want to suffer again with nightmares….I was shaking, I felt I'm gonna sick.

What A Shame!

What kind of people doing stuff like that?!!!

"May God Torture and Burn Them In Deep Deep Hell...Whatever they are and belong to whatever religion, because –generally- the Religion become an Item to Achieve dirty works "

3/25/2006 1:51 PM  

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