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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Beslan Crisis and The Untold Story

I watched with my brother a documentary about hostages in Beslan Crisis called (Beslan: The Untold Story) with Arabic translation.

Here you are part of our conversation:-
Me: OOHH,, again. See how they take advantage of what happened there even though it's not representing all Chechens.

My Brother: they have the right!! Chechens consider as Muslims, but they didn't follow what Islam orders us to do,, never target women, old people, children and God's houses and farms,, even plucking out trees isn't allowed in Islam. But, did they follow that?!
Me: ah, I know that, and this is the main problem. They have fair case and they ruined it when they targeted a school and took innocent children as hostages. Most of ordinary Russians were in their side before this crisis. Really,,, Unforgivable mistake!.
Do you remember when they attacked the theater of Moscow and took people there as hostages,, that was wrong, but at least, many hostages sympathized with them especially with the poor widows. I remember so clearly that documentary that I watched few years ago. One of hostages that survived was a woman who lost her husband and her child as I remember in that crisis, but she said that she understand and sympathize with attackers, especially widows, they were nice women and said to hostages: we don't want to hurt anyone, we only want Russian government to listen to us and achieve what we want. The woman said that if she was in same position she will do the same thing. Widows lost their husbands and their normal lives because of Russian infinite attacks.
My Brother: but, they should never target civilians!!
Me: I know that, but it was the only way to make Russians and whole world see what's going on in Chechnya. I'm sure they never want to kill anyone, because they went through that endless times, they lost their loved ones and lived in fear and this scenario still going on there. So, they only want world to see and want their land and their people to be free.
My brother: I understand! But Russia didn't care about that, they want to shut them up.
Me: Yes, very important point, the reaction of Russian government was totally bad and selfish. First, in theatre, they attacked theatre regardless the hostages' lives with unknown toxic gas. Why they did that?! Very clear, because all world turned toward that case and started to find out what's all that about?! Who are these Chechens and what their case is. Endless questions started to hunt Russian government by global media, so they sped up their attack to end this crisis before anymore interventions and to cut the voice of Chechens. The Irony that USA was interested in that unknown Gas!! What kind of gas was that?!! Sure, it can help them and they want to try it in their attacks in their endless invasions, kill many people of other countries without loss soldiers and equipments.
My brother: okay, but this is another story. See, how these scenes broke our hearts. They were bad in this crisis. These children suffered so much and have nothing to do about Chechnya case. They live in peaceful remote normal village and have no power.
Me: Yes, I said it before. Unforgivable mistake!!
Me: why no one cared about other children attacked brutally in other places,, like in Palestine and many other countries. Massacres done against innocent people and children by REAL terrorists and no one care about that! If Israel made massacres against civilians in Palestine and they did it also in Lebanon and maybe other places, but no one could condemn them because USA Veto always ready to protect.
My brother: don't forget, traitors are uncountable.

Me: Oh Yes, Traitors are weird case, I mean I can't imagine someone betray his own people and country for whatever can be. I remember a story about traitor betrayed his country and when the enemy won, he came to the leader of that enemy. The leader threw bag of money for him on the ground, but he said: I want to be with you and work for you. The leader replied: I will never trust someone betrayed his own people and his own country.

My Brother: true!! But they don't think that way!!

Me: Yeah, I guess so!

*** continued watching the documentary***
The documentary spotlighted on the disappearing of nearly 50 children after liberation (they said there are some gangs who kidnap people and children to trade in them in Russia, so they could come there and in the middle of that chaos, they kidnap some kids by their private cars!!!!).There were mothers, parents and families searching about their children desperately. A woman with her husband didn't even know if their boy was alive or not, so they went to see if he appeared in TV tapes. Then, they watched their boy among the children in a tape and that mother started to cry loudly. She was weeping and wailing in way no one with true human heart will not cry with her.
I said here: OMG, lady,, stop,, I will cry with you!!!
Yes, I couldn’t resist,, I cried with her and my brother laughed at me!!
Women,, We are so Sensitive!!!!
It was so touching documentary and I condemn who did that and caused all that pain and sorrow,, also Russian government didn't care about ordinary people and don't want to solve the case of Chechnya and don't want any intervention from anyone (I think that because of Chechnya's strategic location for them).

When Russia blamed USA for what they do in Iraq and Afghanistan, USA answered: and what you are doing in Chechnya,, show us what's going on there!. Then, Russia didn't speak again!
Before judging that all Chechens are terrorists, you should open the case and find out what's really going on there. Who's killing who on that land? And why Russia don't want to let them free?!!
Chechens are not "terrorists",, this term has been used widely by some groups and countries to serve their hidden goals of suppress revolutionists or opponents. Yes, I don't have that much information about Chechnya or Chechens, but I'm sure that ordinary people want to live in peace.


Anonymous nisa said...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

And so amongst men and crawling creatures and cattle, are they of various colours. Those truly fear Allah, among His Servants, who have knowledge: for Allah is Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving.

Quran, 35.28


11/19/2006 3:12 PM  
Anonymous Mona said...

sorry, ma aret elmwd'o3 :s

bs 7abit aslem :)

(trket comment blmwd'o3 elsabeq, waiting )

11/20/2006 1:49 AM  
Anonymous Cal said...

Noor: why do militant groups use children and women to 'protect' them from army attacks? For instance recently, the Hamas group ordered palestinian women (through a radio broadcast) to surround a Mosque (i think) so that the Israeli army couldn't capture the militants inside. To watch those poor women and children running around scared and helpless was difficult. Who will help them? Maybe this time, only GOD.

11/20/2006 3:11 AM  
Blogger I love Munich said...

I remember these pictures SO WELL ... I sat in front of the TV like the mouse in front of a cobra!! NOTHING justifies violence against woman and children, NOTHING AT ALL justifies initiating violence except self-defense .. don't nail me down now but I remember having read that in the Qur'an - somewhere! Your brother is a GREAT man and I like his views! NEVER EVER are civilians to be targeted, doesn't matter if in Chechnia or Palestine, Iraq or Afghanistan!
NOBODY wants to live oppressed ... everyone wants freedom but until our "wise leaders of this world" won't step down from the high thrones, that won't happen! NOBODY can get the whole cake ... EVERYBODY will have to compromise here and there ... THAT'S reality! I REALLY don't know why it is THAT difficult to understand ... aren't these leaders supposed to be "wise guys"?? Ignorance and hatred is prevailing and sadly enough, I do NOT forsee any improvement soon ... the vortex is still going strong - down the drain! It has FIRST to become WORSE .. before it can get better! That seems to be human nature ... it is sad, REALLY sad!
We will keep on ploughing along to do what we're already doing ... fearlessly spreading the truth and supporting the as MUCH as possible the ones who are in dire need! As humans ... it is our solemn obligation!

11/20/2006 3:14 AM  
Blogger I love Munich said...

A word to nisa ... SO GREAT to see you here dear!! Big hug ...

11/20/2006 3:15 AM  
Blogger halalhippie said...

Karin, I agree with you all the way. In the case of the Gaza women, I find it hard to understand how "brave" warriors summon women to protect them. Especially given the "macho" culture of Arabs. [not defending IDF here, just an example]

I remember a story about a Chechen leader in Denmark, I'll see if I can dig it up.

11/20/2006 2:21 PM  
Anonymous nisa said...

Salam, :)

Hi Karin! So great to see you too! :D & the verse I posted was an eye-opener for me, so just wanna share it. May God Guides us all. amen. in conflicts, more wisdom should be cherished. :)

I thought about the women, & I kept thinking maybe they're related to the besieged? brothers, sons, fathers etc. or simply being palestinians, people illegally sieged by a very brutal army.

John Dugard, Noam Chomsky, Amnesty, UN - they all have spoken against the brutal Israeli occupation. what Israeli is doing is illegal. if millitants fight, they're fighting in their own homeland being illegally sieged. the millitants have the right to their homes, as stated by UN.

It is Israel who has no such right.

you should see the spilling bloody walkways, imagine that's your family's blood. in your own homes. will one have humanity?

Correct me if I'm wrong, I seek refuge in God. I want to speak truth & just. Amen.

11/21/2006 5:17 PM  
Anonymous nisa said...

& it's funny when an army wants the "millitants" leave an area. the thing is, that area is the millitants rightful homes. it's the army who is illegally attacking it. & the army wants them to leave the area?

that's their home, if anybody cares.

11/21/2006 5:24 PM  
Anonymous Cal said...

Nisa: i agree when u say Israelis have no right to invade Palestine. But where else can they go should they leave the land coz no other country would take them right? Maybe they should go and live with the penguins. Anyway, what about Iran and Syria's so-called plan to topple the Lebanese govt.? Isn't that considered as a planned invasion? I don't understand why Arabs (not all) can't just leave their sisters and brothers alone to live in peace. And why can't they help both Iraqis AND Palestinians towards peace? The UN is clearly not doing enough. Just look at how they're handling the Darfur crisis. Ethnic cleansing????????????!!!!!!!!!

11/22/2006 3:45 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Nisa: hello and thank you. :)
Mona: it's okay dear. And I told you there my e-mail is in my profile,, I already sent a fast e-mail for u. hope u find it.
Bless you
Cal: hi dear. U r right,, but sometimes women and children go by themselves to prove that they can talk and protest. Well, sometimes, it works and sometimes not as we watched Israeli soldiers fired on women and killed at least 2. besides, Israeli army did that too in baeit Hanoon,, they took children as shields for them! Most of times, we should not consider some certain acts have religious source. As I said, Islam against targeting civilians, but sometimes that happen and we should divide political acts and religious acts.
Karin: Hi dear,, I missed u. yes dear,, it was same thing with me,, I refused what they did. Yes indeed! That won't happen as long as our dear leaders still think in that selfish way.
I just I can't anymore to ur wisely strongly words. Wow, how great will be our world if someone like you become leader!!!
God Bless you dear.
HH: I don't know about this story of Gaza women, but even if it's true,, I don't think that make men look less manly.
Hahaha,, u r funny. "macho" culture of Arabs. You have an old fashion view dear! Nowadays, women control men. At least to married couples, if we take example of man and wife, I know a family that wife controls the house not her husband,,, no one in house can do anything without her approval. But, I hate this one-side controlling,, I love to see couple going along supporting each other. No one dominates the other side, together make one team.
Chechen leader in Denmark!!! Interesting!! I Wonder,, what's his story there?!!

Oh,Nisa , God Bless U :)

Cal: oh, do u think penguins will agree?! :). u said it right dear,, invasion!!! for God Sake, they are worse than Nazis, but no power in world could stop this one till this day!
as for Darfur crisis. do u think they care about people of Darfur,, sure NO, Wake Up, they are using this crisis to cover what's happen in other places. it's all political dirty games.

11/23/2006 2:35 AM  
Anonymous cal said...

Noor: i think the penguins are too cute to agree!

11/23/2006 3:25 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Oh, so u think that penguins are cute enough to let extorters take over their lands?! :)

11/23/2006 11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cal when you cant help the islamic resistance at least keep quite
i think many of you dont know what is exactly aljihad and doesn't know its kinds, there is a big difference btw when you are attacking to enlarge islam lands and when you are defending yourself and fighting ppl who tooke ur lands masacred ur family...

11/30/2006 7:13 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

anon: i understand that and we know what's jihad is,, i said it before, the biggest Jihad is to fight ur bad nature, to resist ur sinful desires. also, to defend ur land and ur family is a legal jihad, but to harm innocent people in independent land isn't real Jihad.

12/03/2006 2:50 AM  

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