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Monday, November 06, 2006

It was expected,,, but!!

Hanging Sadaam was something expected since this political farce of court began (like puppet show!!).
Let see,, you could say now,, OH,, What NOOR?! You are defending Sadam while he made horrible crimes and made poor people of Iraq suffer till this day including your dear friend there. That's true, but I'm not defending him or his regime; he was criminal and was sick with megalomania. He made many people suffer till this day, but should that make people of Iraq happy to give him unfair trial. Illegal court decides to hang him to please the occupation force?!! Should people of Iraq be like French people when Revolution turned them to be blood-thirsty and enjoy killing and beheading people without any fair courts? They gathered every day at that time to see people behead on guillotine whether they were guilty or not,, got fair trial or not. They enjoyed this scene like they were watching a theater or a play?!! Women kept knitting and looking and counting heads?!! That was far of my imagination. I don't like to see Iraqis to be merciless and cruel. If Sadaam and his regime made unfair courts that not mean they should make the same and be that low and injustice!!

They should refuse this death sentence and demanding to have an impartial court without Americans….besides, they didn't mention how American administration helped Sadaam and gave him military supplies to fight Iran…if they bring out all the lists of his crimes,, American administration will be involved too,, and names like Donald Rumsfeld and others. USA government helped Sadam in his crimes in many ways, so they should be responsible too for supporting him when he was obeying USA.

Should I blame Iraqis for letting such a silly farce to going on from that day they started, maybe yes and maybe no as most of them have no power and no voice to decide. I think UN and other organizations become useless and have no power to save this world and lead it right instead of bunch of mentally disordered people who are thinking that GOD himself ordered them to make war on his name!!

Iraq today drowning into horrible chaos and anarchy. Many of them can barely stay alive with this chaos, so how they will care about such trial?!!
No to forget that this news synchronizing with elections in USA. To get more support from Americans and show frail image about Democracy for new Iraq.

Anyway, I just remembered a horrible story with pictures came to me through my e-mail. It was unbelievable story indeed!! American soldiers fired at Iraqi pregnant woman while she was standing in front of her house. When people rushed her to hospital to save her and her baby life, they shocked to find that the bullet hit mother and her embryo,, the baby killed even before come out to this life (the picture reminded me with baby angel Iman of Palestine). I can't even express my anger and shock at that time. I have many pictures, many stories,, that prove in many ways that Iraqis will stay in this suffering for long time as long as USA troops with its hirelings still controlling Iraq and not the real people of Iraq.

Sadaam gone, but masters of Sadam came!!


Blogger Abed. Hamdan said...

Iraq from bad to worse.

Let's wish this Chaos in Iraq ends soon (I doubt)

11/06/2006 4:55 PM  
Anonymous Mona said...

ana metd'ay2a l2eno fe bl3alam zayo ktar w ma 7da mfker y2demhen lmo7akame 3adele, ama howe jaremto eno 7akim 3arabe ..

la 7wla wla quwata 2ela bilaah ..

11/07/2006 1:26 AM  
Blogger Tristan Vick said...

Not to be a prick, but I'm confused.

Are you for democracy or against it?

I mean, you argue for a fair democratic trial for a 'war' criminal.

But then you want to place the entire blame on a country which supports the 'democratic' process.

Yes, the U.S. is to blame for supplying Saddam with weapons. But we didn't force him to do anything. That was HIS choice and his alone.

If I give you a knife to protect yourself, and in turn you go out and stab fifty thousand (or so) people to death... is it really my fault? My fault ends in entrusting you, but the blame is purely on those to do the deed.

Influences aside, I think you infer more than you can, and your prejudice against America is always, maybe 'understandable' but never really justified. Not while you have such contracdicting statements which both demand a democractic process but also place blame in those who enforce that process.

What advice would I have to Iraq? Get your house in order. Now, if they need outside help to do that, fine. If not, then why hadn't they cleaned up and righted the wrongs on their own prior to 'outside' interest?

And sincerely doubt that shouting blame at the U.S. or U.N. will do any good. I mean, you could scream about the 'politics' of it all until your blue in the face... but until we change our attitudes and how we treat people, nobody will have any real credibility any more than a terrorist who flies his plane into a building.

11/07/2006 2:04 AM  
Blogger Safia speaks said...

Uff,I thought I could stand see any shot victim, but that pic of the unborn baby with the bullit in the back was too terrible for me!!!

You are quite right about Saddam. I will not cry for im, when he walks to the gallows, because I know what a tyrant bastard he has been.

But....it takes a tyrant bastard to keep Iraq in one country...sadly our Arab brothers started killing each other, as soon as the tyrant bastard was removed.

I always wonder: why do sunni and shia kill each other? Every time a shia and a sunni is fighting, the zionist enemy is winning and they both loose!

My predictment is, that the civil war in Iraq is over the very minute a new tyrant bastard helps himself to power and cleans up.
And I also predict, that Saddam will shake the media world while dingling from the rope, but he will be forgotten quite soon after. Iraqis don´t like loosers, and they don´t worship them.

There are only two alternatives for the US in Iraq: either destroy Iraq totally or pull out. The execution of Saddam will make no difference.

Rumsfield dropped Saddam as an ally, and now Bush is dropping Rumsfield. What people´ll do to survive!

11/08/2006 11:11 AM  
Blogger Sami Majed said...

Tristan: Yes, the U.S. is to blame for supplying Saddam with weapons. But we didn't force him to do anything. That was HIS choice and his alone

Either you're trying to insult your own intelligence or you are so naive that you don't know about the foreign politics of your country!
However, I am glad you know that the U.S. is the one who equipped Saddam with all the weapons he used to possess, you seem to miss the point behind why the U.S. gave him all these weapons! Clearly to fight Iran after the Shah regime fell apart and the Islamic revolution came to power! The Shah, who was the U.S. man in Iran and the middle east gone and the U.S. did not have any support in the middle east! so the solution was to try to get Iran back to the U.S. pocket by trying to defeat the Islamic regime, and who is more adequate for this job than the rebellious, tyrannical Saddam Hussein! The U.S. lured him with the money, weapons and power and he's gone for it.. Saddam did commit war crimes against his people and against the people of his neighbors. but he wasn't the only one! not to go too far, look at some regimes in the Arab world were prisons are 5 stories under the ground, were citizens liberty is fictional and were killing and murder is done not only by the tyrants orders but also by their controlled courts and jurisdictions systems, but since these regimes are OKed by their master in Washington and since there isn't any word called "No" in their U.S. dictionary, no one cares what they are doing! .

Moreover, why Saddam was not sent to the ICJ in the Hague as Milosevic and other war criminals appeared. The court that was formed in Iraq was illegitimate and so is the verdict that came out of this court! Saddam must appear before an international court, were the witnesses are safe to tell their stories and the lawyers are safe as well to present their defense without fear of assassination and murder! The U.S. has no right to be in Iraq and has no right to form court for Saddam Hussein.

I am running late for an appointment, but would like you Tristan to look far from your nose and think! I have been living in the U.S. for two years and oh man, you guys suffer from a really scary tumor known as Zionists-Run media.

11/09/2006 10:14 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

Abed: unfortunately, that exactly what's going on in Iraq!

Mona: I really believe in that. USA will support any dictator as long as he is in the same line with them and obey them very well. I once watched that on one of their programs!!.

Tristan: I just got this idea that I will make someone mad at me for this post, even though I made it clear and understandable. I knew U will be somehow sad or upset, but u always think that I'm against whole USA,, no dear, there are some REAL men in USA who are really fight for REAL democracy. Now, u gave a funny example becos USA didn't give him the weapons to protect himself or his country. NO, they knew that he is going to fight his neighbors,, they supported him to keep fight Iran, then they supported him secretly to invade Kuwait. But, u r right, he thought that he can do all these crimes and run away!! We know that each wrongful will face his day,, the day that he will pay for what he did sooner or later,, No doubt. Ur problem dear that u won't admit that ur country administration misled people of ur country and did countless mistakes and bad acts. There is no 'democratic' process!! Please dear WAKE UP!!
I want for my friends there to live happy and peacefully. Now, u consider ur country the one who holds the torch of Democracy, okay, look at Iraq and tell me how much they achieved since the day of invasion??!!
Do they enforce or force?!!! :)
Honey,, put urself in their shoes and then judge. By the way, I didn't say whole Americans or westerners are bad and stir troubles. I know many of them want world peace, and I don't say that there are no mentally disordered Muslims who have been misguided by some freaks. In our world, we have all things,,, only humans among all creatures have freaks. :)
Q: why they didn't take him with his regime into International Court of Justice like other war criminals?!!
Oh, hope u don't hate me Tristan,, we have to express and tell the truth.,, well, at least, what think it's the truth from our side.

Safia: hello dear and sorry,, I just thought that I have to publish what I got. It's a fact, truth and reality that we must deal with. we could make difference if we try to publish what's really going on there,, how people found the taste the USA democracy?!
No, the problem is not USA only, but Iraqis themselves. What's happening to them to fight like that?! Why Sunni changing their names?!! What's happening to their union?!! WHO WILL BE HAPPY TO SEE THIS SEPARATION?!!,,,,,,,YEAH,,,, BINGO!
I don't think that they will hang Sadam. That will give him halo and more unforgettable ending. I thought they will poison him during that farce like Arafat, so they will say he was sick and then he died!! One of my expectations!
What an ending for these people,, many other like them ended like that. As we say in Arabic: the immortality of situation/ position is impossible!

الدنيا ما دائمة لأحد ،، فدوام الحال من المحال

Sami: i'm speechless in front of ur comment. i hope Tristan will understand that. we both got same thoughts. welldone dear. thank u so much.

11/10/2006 10:06 AM  
Anonymous a moroccan said...

this event and this person wich is Saddam are not really imporant so i m not going to spend to much time on it but there are some important points to relate about this CHIITE REDNECKS justice court:

* the crime that saddam was sentenced to death for is the fact that he killed around 150 perons in addujail village

* the victimes: were iraqi chiites

* their crime: they tryed to kill saddam iraqi president for to pleas Iran while this country was in war with iraq. that is what we call high treason of the nation the patriots.

* the judges: chiites ("victimes" are in the same time the judges)

yes saddam killed 150 person for the preedent reasons the question is who will judges the US melitary for the at least 655.000 dead since the begining of the invasion in 2003. who will judge the chiites who are killing and torturing hendred of sunnites everyday in iraq. and what are the just judgments that they deserve...

to tristan you are not credible since you still talking about democracy exportation to iraq and qualifing others as terrorists while you country and your army are the biggest terrorists on earth...

11/10/2006 3:53 PM  
Blogger halalhippie said...

moroccan: if I'm not misinformed the vast majority of the 655.000 dead were Iraquis killed by Iraquis. Not defending US politics here.
I think the whole world is to blame for letting it come to this. US in Iraq = trouble; US out of Iraq = also trouble. I have no black/white solution.

Re: death penalty. It's for the Iraqi law to decide. I'm 100% against death penalty _even_ for a guy like Saddam. I worry that in a short time some Muslims somewhere will forget his crimes and declare him a shaheed(?)

Noor, do you _really_ believe Arafat was poisoned ? I mean he was old and weak, who could profit from his death ?

11/10/2006 4:05 PM  
Anonymous a moroccan said...

halalhippie: how superficial you are dont you see that the direct reason of these results is the american invasion??

11/10/2006 5:42 PM  
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11/10/2006 11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the whole trial was a big joke, orchestrated by uncle sam, just to piss him off! HALA rocks!

11/12/2006 3:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm just glad you're all finaly talking about it from your point of 'view'. If you want to know why Americans don't know the entire reasons, it's not just a media 'dilemma' but it's also an 'Arabic' world type familial closer thing. I guess that's the closest way to explain the close-knit ties that seperate the Arabic world and which have (until recent) isolated it from the rest of the world. Also, which explains why there is all this multiculturalism debates sparking -because until recently the Arab world have kept strictly to itself.

In a much broader scope I would liken the U.S.'s involvement in the present Middle East as the same butting-in and bullying tactics which Admiral Perry used when he arrived in Japan with his armada of black ships and forced Japan (at gun point) into 'world' trade.

I sometimes just think the entire 'shock' of it all, namely 'world culture shock' threw the Middle East into a greater state of confusion than it already was. Are there outside forces to blame for pushing one way and pulling another? Sure, there always are. Is the U.S. one of the regular manipulators in this game, you bet. But whatcha' gonna do? The way I see it is you can educate and share your knowledge and open forums of discussion by spreading multi-cultural awareness in places like this, or you can do nothing and complain and just be a part of the problem like all those 'media' hyped websites.

I'm not saying I'm any more or less naieve than the next guy, because as we all know --from the standpoint of the 'Western World' --the entire Middle East has barely been notticeable and to a great extent ignored. so now its about learning to know each other and getting along more than it is about anything else, IMHO.

Your writing has come a long way since you started. It's much more open minded, and more informative too. Now, instead of just making your 'abrupt' comments you also take the time to try and explain your thoughts and feelings. This makes you a better writer, easier to understand, your points are better argues and stated, and I think you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

And just for the record, I don't mind playing devil's advocate from time to time just to start a good debate.

Have a nice day!

11/12/2006 5:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11/12/2006 10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now Bush finally got what he wanted. Hooray for him. Maybe now he can help UN to bring the Sudanese president to justice. Why not invade Sudan under the pretext of whatever?! If genocide is not a clear enough reason to 'punish' its leader, then i dont know what is.

11/13/2006 2:26 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Moroccan: hello dear. Thanks for sharing ur thoughts with us. Chiite,, u meant Shiite. Well, I didn't know about their sects, but I agree with u that there are many crimes done by Sadam with many other involved with,, no matter against any sect. people of Iraq didn't get anything but more destruction and lack of safety. I don't want to defend Tristan here, but he is like many other in any country try to defend his own country stands and decisions,, maybe had wrong information and been mislead, so we must be nice with others to make a polite and constructive dialogue.

Halalhippie: u r right. What make it worse that Iraqis now killing each other ,,, for what and for whom?!!!!!!!
Maybe there is a chance for him to be hero if they really go to hanging him for real, but I don't think they will do that. He will be in prison for long time. As for Arafat, I do think that, he was like in a prison himself, Israel attacked his residence and ignore any warning and never listen (he once was talking to media without any electricity in his place, only candles!! He lost his weight and became weak in very short period; no one can believe that can happen all by sudden).
Besides, Israel does pollute water of Palestinians, and I believe that they can do anything. USA is backing Zionists and encouraging their crimes,, condemnation of Beait Hanon massacre didn't work becos of VETO of USA!!

Anonymous of Extra Cash: I don't care, but thanks anyway.

Anonymous2: well, I know that,, funny,, isn't it?!! HALA rocks!, do u mean Hala Gorani?!!! :)

Oh, God, Tristan, my what?! 'abrupt' comments!!!!. It was like that!!?? Really!! OMG, then I owing an apology for my hasty and improper words to all of u.

Anon:??!!! what he wanted?! maybe not!! he just follows orders! as i guess!. Sudanese president,,maybe he will be next one too as sudan is great spoil.

11/13/2006 4:21 AM  
Anonymous a moroccan said...

noor: thx for the welcoming
chiite or shiite its the same since the origine of the word is arab...

about shiite crimes against sunite i can give you sources and informations that u need or just see the media u will find like on aljazeera yesterday that shiite killed and fired a palastinian woman house or about dead ppl found every day around baghdad they are all sunite as they bombed "3achara mobashara" mosq last week and aljazeera start talking about these crimes that began since latly 2003

if u meant by ur msg that i was not polite in my comment let me tell you that from same background i can say that this man comment were not polite wen he still say that we dont wanna democracy like if his "rednecks" army were comming and bringing democracy or justice with them when he is saying that he is insulting our inteligence and insulting all our chohada2 that died because of a stupid president like his and stupid dirty army like his... and now he is saying that we are responsible of our isolation let me tell him that u r the ones who are isolated americans now are les and less welcome in too much areas in the world m not the one who say that but the american that i knnow...

11/13/2006 7:36 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

Dear Moroccan, I understand that. I just got enough of news. I believe that Iraqis must rise up and wake up and not reach the edge of abyss. They are still one people, with one culture, one religion and one language. They share almost everything and never fight each other before. So, why all this about?! I Can't get it honestly. No matter to me Shiite or Sunite as long as he/she doesn't hurting me!
As for Tristan, I don't think he meant that. If I'm American, I will try to excuse my country's decisions and acts. Yet, I want him to look deeper to the case regardless the chaos that Iraqis living in now and how that end up with them to fight each other and not feel free but fear all time!!
So hopeless situation in Iraq that I can't even look at! But, I still mad at Arab and Muslim leaders, why they don't gather and make that dreamy union. I start to believe now that I will die before seeing this union by my own eyes.
Yes, I guess that politics of USA make USA not popular in most countries and peoples.

11/17/2006 3:34 AM  
Anonymous Cal said...

Noor: I think what ur doing here is totally awesome! Finally, there's a place where i can confess my total admiration for miss Gorani. Anyway, i find your thoughts very interesting. It seems that you and your brother are both very political and I applaude u both for that! I don't have any friends to discuss these things with because most of them only care about boys and themselves. So everytime i want to 'feed my mind', i come here. You see, this place is like Disneyland to me. Keep up the good work Noor. You rock too!!!!

11/19/2006 4:38 AM  

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