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Monday, March 27, 2006

"My Favorite Men"

Yes, I want to declare my love to some men in this world!
Actually, there are a lots of men that deserve to be honored for their valuable and useful life or for what they did to others or for their supporting for the rights…etc!

I want to highlight on my favorite wonderful Muslim men, who are so many, but I want to bring out 4 or 5 to you as an example of wonderful Real Muslims!

1- Mohammed Ali, The King of Boxers

Well, I can't take him out of my mind, he was so charming character…I use to look at his Pics and hear his name without knowing enough information about him except that he is a Muslim, dear brother, but as a young girl I couldn't but love him! Yes, I was in love with him even though that he is older than my daddy! He was and will be my favorite and dear one. I have had that dream to meet him personally, but I'm not sure if there is any possibility.
I pray to God to keep him and bless him for his good deeds!

I know you know everything about this GORGEOUS Muslim Boxer, but remember that : "He refused to fight and Kill people of Vietnam without any clear reason, which is reflecting Islamic concept of Peace and making peace with others."

((In this link you will find wonderful pictures for Mohammed Ali, old and new with different people "including my favorite next guy-Malcolm X"))

2- Malcolm X

Very Interesting person indeed, he use to be steady, serious, friendly and charming speaker…with the saddest eyes I ever seen!
He is look like Mohammed Ali in many ways, but he touched me so much with his sorrow and sadness, I know he was suffering a lot, but he tried to do what was right even if he should given his soul and life for that.

((Here, I want you to know How you can be misguided and then set yourself free with the delighted truth!))

Happily Malcolm embraced Islam, but by some one who used Pure Religion like Islam to achieve his own self-interests. Elijah Muhammad wasn't pure or devoted man…AND by his selfish and greedy personal acts and purposes, he disfigured the Pure image of Islam.

Malcolm was eager to do and work to spread the truth of Islam…he found the true essence of Islam and the equality when he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca. He found all people, all races, rich and poor, white and black, all of them sitting side by side like brothers, without any discrimination.

I'm so happy that he found the Pure Islam by himself away from wicked and misguided people.

I found this great and sweet site about him last week, I really recommend you to take a look :

3- Dr. Mustafa Mahmood

Since I was little child, I watched his charismatic scientific program called "The Science and The Faith" in Arabic language, (my heart used to tremble with happiness even with that magnificent music that started and ended the program). His program was so cool, so lovely, he presented his scientific subjects in simple and enjoyable way, he proved that science and faith going along with each other, he used to said that "as scientists discover new facts everyday about our endless universe, we find the same facts available in our Holy Book (Holy Koran), which is more than 1400 years behind this new technology!".

Also he wrote many books, admirable and brilliant books. I have one of his books called "Dialogue with My Atheist Friend". I'm not sure that his books available in English language, but I hope so, it's so valuable and precious books for this great Egyptian scientist.

Sadly, that this wonderful man passed away 2 years ago in the Holy Month of Ramadan. I was so sad for his death, but I'm sure that God will not forget his good deeds and works.

4- Yusuf Islam

British Singer, Who is previously known as "Cat Stevens". I read many times about his story and his way to Islam and I was so touched by that. I think he is one of shining examples of real Muslims, he worked so hard, not only to spread the truth about Islam, but he worked (and still) helping others and support all the humanitarian cases, he participated in many events to fight Poverty and AIDS and to raise funds to needy people.

I noticed that SOME people disregard what he is doing and participating in…I knew that he participated in many events in S. Africa to fight AIDS (I saw him among the Famous faces who went there and worked), but they didn't mention him among the people who came to help and be part of the events. I hope that wasn't in purpose because he is "Muslim".

Even if that was in purpose, I know and I'm sure he is not seeking for any fame, or praise or material things, he is doing that because he is Good Muslim and Good Muslim help anyone, everyone, regardless from where or what is their belief or religion…

"Best Wishes and Great Salutation to this Remarkable Muslim Knight"

His Official site is :

5- Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hanson

He is an American man, who converted to Islam in 1977 and studied the real and pure Islam by real teachers that helped him to get all the correctly knowledge and information about Islam that made him now one of my favorite well educated and expert about Real Islam.

He can speak Arabic fluently beside his original language "English", he amazed me when I saw him first time in Arabic TV news and I was stunned by his knowledge and language! Then, I saw him and knew him more deeper and more personal when he presented a program called "Journey with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf" in Ramadan few years ago, he lead group of Muslim boys in tours in many countries and met up with different Muslims from each country… I remember some of them, British Professor in one of excellent universities in England, American Jewish man who went to Palestine to fight Palestinians, but he came back to USA after he converted to Islam…he found his peace of mind in Islam…etc.

Hamza Yusuf is so sensitive and devoted Muslim and I love his style and way of speech. He established the Zaytuna Institute in California and translated good Arabic books to English.

You can find more about him in this link to Zaytuna Institute:

Yes, there are many Americans and western people generally discover the real Islam, real love and real meaning of life…one of them was a Christian priest, who got the faked image of Islam by his teachers…he discovered Islam by himself and touched by some Good Muslims. He is now known as Shaykh Yusuf Estes ( previously Known as Priest Skip Estes).

Finally, there are a lot of Muslims, Good moderate Muslims, but I chose these 5 as an example. Besides, there are remarkable Muslim Women, maybe I should make a new list and pick up 4 or 5 next time as "My Favorite Women"!.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

these are great men. I am really enjoying reading your blog, btw.

9/02/2006 7:46 AM  
Blogger Frappeur said...

Nice compilation Noor, looking forward to your favorite 4 or 5 woman.

8/23/2008 4:33 AM  

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