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Friday, April 21, 2006

New Anti-Virus Program

My brother told me that this program is the newest program help protecting computers from new viruses, I downloaded this program for my brother because his LapTop infected with 'serious' viruses, so I installed it in my PC to test it too, and unexpectedly, AVG found 'Baby Trojan Horse' hiding in my Local Disk C,,, what a nice surprise!! and I thought my PC is well protected and no need for HUGE Trial program like this!!
Well, I think I was wrong.
If you want to see and check your PC, download this program now and update it to clean your PC too.
No Doubt, it's HUGE program with 23.8MB, but it is worthy and at least you will clean your PC and maybe find some Cutie Baby Viruses :p
You can download it now and directly by this link:

Or go to the main page and download the first option:


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