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Friday, April 14, 2006

My Pretty Woman "Hala"

I couldn’t resist….I want to tell you my favorite girl in this moment and this week, I didn't watch her for a while, but I didn't forget her either.

When I found out that a magazine made an interview with my sweetie girl "Hala Gorani", I went immediately to buy that magazine, I was really happy to read about her as a normal person not famous newscaster and to see her pretty face.
For years, I was addict on seeing her with many others in CNN…I love to see her beside Richard Quest…Sweet Pair!

I did search about her few years ago in the web, but I searched for her photos only, not about her life, but I was 90% sure that she is related somehow to Arab World because of her Arabic Name.
In the magazine she told the interviewer that she is originally Syrian and from pretty town called "Halab", the same town of wonderful Late Syrian-American Director "Mustafa Akkad". Hala didn't visit her Original Country "Syria". But the most important thing about her that she is "MUSLIM"! Yes, I never think about this when I was watching her, I thought it will be nice if she is really related to Arab World by her ancestors. So, it is really nice thing to know that she is a dear sister. I really loved her before and I love her more now, I loved her for her unique appearance and strong personality…she is tough, gentle, polite, serious, practical and many more…CNN is really lucky to have Hala among her gorgeous Staff.

She is now 36 years old single pretty famous anchor of CNN. I loved to see her beside Richard Quest, they make special and gorgeous duo. I remember some of their funny and remarkable appearances years ago: like when Dear Hala made a special interview with Millionaire called "AlWaleed Bin Talal" aboard his private luxury Yacht…Funny Richard insisted to see the whole yacht and the special landing strip for helicopters with funny sign "Cut cut cut", he annoyed Hala when he asked if she went inside the yacht, she was uninterested and more realistic, but he is cute and give funny comments. Also I remember when they asked viewers this question: if you can give "Amount Of Money" to spend a day with special person, who will be?...many wished to meet up with famous people, some wanted to meet up with Hala, with Richard, one said he will keep the money for himself and spend the day with his Mom….one from Africa said if there any possibility he want to meet Prophet Mohammed……OOHHH How Sweet!! Honestly, he was better than me, I was stupidly thinking of Celebrities.

Well, I really enjoyed this team…Hala and Richard, they are so cute, so adorable, she is realistic and strong, he is so funny and comedic.

I found this unofficial site about Dear Hala with lots of information, pictures…:
I loved all Wallpapers of Dear Hala especially the first one "I put it as my Wallpaper now":

Oh Yes, I found also this Blog about lovely Hala Gorani. I was surprised to see lots of people love sweetie Hala "but Who can blame them??!!",,, I consider the man who will marry Hala the luckiest man ever! ".

"Looking For Hala Gorani"
Hala Gorani is a CNN International reporter who makes world news at least twice more interesting. Witty, charming, with a humor that has an IQ prerequisite for viewers to understand, she elevates news reporting to a whole new level


Blogger Libyano said...

I am a big fan of Richard Quest , I am watching him for years speaking with his special accent and with the way he presses on words before they come out, he is so amazing, he made me watch the business news and above all that I started to understand it .

Hala Gorani is amazing too but I never got to know her as much as I do now after reading your post , I guess sometimes good things can be in front of you and you just cant see them , it's great to know that she is Muslim and one of the best in CNN .

4/14/2006 11:35 AM  
Anonymous dude said...

Damn…she is hottie
I would like to…marry her…!
How pretty woman like her still single?

4/27/2006 1:04 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

she said in the interview that she can't be a good wife because she is in traveling all the time. I think there are lots of people can manage their lives between job and family, she could find man understand her job and help her to be good at her job and at her family role.
i scanned her pic from that magazine and made it as wallpaper (very lovely pic of her laughing), i will upload it with many others as soon as possible.

4/27/2006 4:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for finally ending my wondering over Hala's relgion, great to see she's a muslim gal.

9/02/2006 7:50 AM  
Anonymous Zionist for Greater Israel said...

Hala is a supporter of terrorists. She is a Islamofascist and Mohammed was a paedophile who raped young girls. Allah Fuckya.

5/04/2007 9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yahweh = Jehovah = Allah = Zionist's comments whether he and his folks like it or not. Jesus and Muhammad, pbuh were sent by Allah = Yahweh to rid Judaism of Zionists like this person, who had begun to follow all sorts of scriptures in violation of the original religion.

7/13/2009 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I always wondered if she was Muslim and it's so nice to know that she is masha'Allah. I hope she can be a positive role model.

2/03/2012 7:53 PM  

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