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Friday, April 07, 2006

Be Humble

Be Humble

تواضع تكن كالنجم لاحا لناظر
على صفحات الماء وهو رفيع
و لا تك كالدخان يعلو بنفسه
إلى طبقات الجو وهو وضيع
فأقبح شيء أن يرى المرء نفسه
رفيعا و عند العالمين وضيع

Be humble like a star
Can be showing even in the surface of the water
But still big and high
Don't be like a smoke
Going higher and up 'arrogantly' in the air
But its worth nothing

The ugliest thing is when a person consider him/her self
better and higher than others
People consider him/her as a tyke and worth nothing.

'They also said: don't be like the one who are on the mountain's peak, see the people who are under the mountain very small and they are see him very small too'


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