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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Alexander Litvinenko story AND Racism

Attempt to kill Alexander Litvinenko

I was watching news of ABC and I watched story of Russian former agent who was poisoned with the highly-toxic metal thallium in a sushi bar. What a story he has. When I looked at his photo before and after I couldn't believe that he is the same person!! yes Indeed.. He looks like a ghost, withered, emaciated, weak and without hair!!. No doubt that Russia did that and when I read about his book "Blowing up Russia: Terror from Within", I became more convinced that he played with fire. He exposed Russian government and their secrets, so it really expected to be threatening!

Plus, who's Anna Politkovskaya?!! Good independent journalist, critic of Mr Putin and Russian policy in Chechnya and even went to Chechnya several times!! But sadly, they killed her too!

In the report, I watched many cases for people assassinated or faced attempts to poison,, even another Russian spy or agent killed in UK in 1978 as I remember by poisoned Umbrella, they stabbed him by umbrella!! It was interesting report because I never knew all that!! But that wasn't happy one though!

Check these links:

That reminded me to a story of journalist, American journalist who is originally Russian, but his family moved and lived in USA. I couldn't remember his name, but his wife has special unique nickname I can't forget (Moza),, that because Moza is a name here too and means in Arabic (Banana)!
Anyway, this famous honest straight hardworking young journalist moved to Russia to work there. But, He started to go after some big personages there and trying to discover their secret operations and what they are doing in Russia. So, YES, they killed him.

to be honest with you, I don't have lovely image about Russia because of Russian policy,, when I hear about Russia, I only memorize picture of political assassinations. Really sad as I'm sure that there are many good Russians, many lovely, normal and good people like me and you, living there, have nothing to do with what happening or happened by their government and politicians.
Like USA too, I used to have awful picture for USA, but when I met lovely people from there even though through internet only, but that helped me to correct this picture and separate somehow between government and normal people.

"Racism: Who Has It Worse?”

This is the title of one episode of Tyra Show. I watched this episode and it was really exciting as that give us a closer look to ordinary Americans idea about people by their looks only whether skin color or ethnically or whatever. It was really wonderful episode and it touched my heart. I understood the feelings of Phalstena, a Muslim woman who called by most people a 'Taliban', but she must consider that biased Media in USA has HUGE influence on ordinary people and give them a false and distorted image about us. For ordinary westerner who never met or contact Muslims has this view of all covered up women as they are Taliban or following Taliban ideology, and they can be dangerous and maybe blow up plane or themselves. We should take it easy and never mind to joke about it, I mean if we appeared with nice smile and sweet sense of humor, they will know that we are not Taliban style, so easy, at least to me!

As for African Americans, I found out that when slavery trade started in Africa, many Africans tried to keep and remind themselves about their real identity, one of them worked in America as a slave and in the market he used to work and recite some special texts in foreign language loudly that attract attention of buyers. Do you know what he was reciting?! Holy Koran. Yes, many of Africans that brought coercively to American were Muslims, but they forced to give up their identity beside their freedom and take the name of their masters.

But, wait, some African Americans do the same racism nowadays, they treat some white people so badly without any clear reason, look like they taking their own revenge and this is so wrong.

Oh, and as we mention USA Media, let me tell you the images that we got through their Movies and series. Especially, their Hollywood movies, Muslims are killers and want to blow up all things and kill many people; they are bad, ugly, sullen, and rough,,, simply hate others. Black people are violent, uneducated, drug addicts, alcoholics, living in dirty poor neighborhood, making criminal gangs with guns, drugs, and all kinds of unpermitted stuffs. Latin people are cheap labors, can do all kinds of work no matter good or bad, can make drugs gangs or be members of Mafia, Latin women have bad image also in most of movies. Asian people are clever, but not pretty. White people are heroes and the best, always no. 1 in most movies, rarely to find them the bad characters. Well, no need to mention how Jewish image sparkling in Hollywood movies and series.

Oh, I once read an article for one of female writers here in gulf region. She said: when I went to USA for first time in my life, I thought I will find all people living in horror, go back to their homes and close tightly their doors and windows, this dark image I got from their movies, but it was so exaggerated what I thought. The Truth that I found lovely, nice and good people living there, I watched kids playing happily without any fear of gangs or whatever we watched in their movies about people of USA. So how many things we watched in Hollywood Movies about enemies threaten USA,, they promote for false image and try to make people live in fear of fictitious enemies.

Click on this link to read about this episode:

"Racism: Who Has It Worse?”

Well, it was great episode for Tyra. I like this lady, she is cute and modest,, her show isn't about fashion all the time, she made great episodes many times and covered different issues and cases. This was one of the most important episode.

Anyway, I think that first impression and first sight can be tricky! Yeah, tell me about it. I try to not judge on people by their outside look and wait to see their style and behavior, but sometimes I do that!! For example, I judged on one of visitors of my blog by his style in his blog!!! But with time, I knew I was wrong and I misunderstood him. Even in ordinary life, we can meet people and say: "look at this man/woman" and judge through outside look or the clothes. We should give others a chance and not jump to conclude anything will turn to be false (some assumptions can be bad and wrongdoing).


قبل أن أنهي المقال ولأنه الموضوع لا علاقة له بالأمر، لكني أريد أوجه كلمة بسيطة أخوية لإخواننا في لبنان الجريح الصامد ، لا أدري كيف أحكم ولا يحق لي أن أحكم أو أتهم أي طرف ، فأنا لا أدري حتى ما الأطراف المتنازعة المتخاصمة لأقول أنها الظالمة ، ولأني لا أعرف ، أريد أن أقول لكم أحبتي ، لقد صمدتم وأثبتم أنكم يد واحدة وقت المحن والشدائد ، واجهتم آله الموت والدمار والقتل الصهيونية بقوة إيمانية نادرة عظيمة أسعدتنا و أثلجت صدرونا بقدر ما أخجلتنا أننا لم نملك ما نقوم به ،،، كنت وأنتم البلد الصغير المسالم الأعزل الذي لا يتلقى المليارات من مال وسلاح أروع و أجمل مثال على الشجاعة والبسالة بقوة الإيمان قبل قوة السلاح، وبعد أن دحرتم بصمودكم وثباتكم العدو البغيض ، أتتكم بعدها فتنة جديدة لتزعزع وحدتكم ولا يفعلها إلا العدو أو الخائن مهما كان ولأي صف كان،، لا تنجروا وراء العدو المتخفي الذي يتشدق أنه يحمل لكم استقرار وديمقراطية مزعومة مسمومة ،، فهو يحاول أن يشعل أرضكم بنار الفتن والطائفية لتصبح لبنان عراق جديد. وبهذا تشفي غليل من دحرتم و بقى يبث غمه وغيظه في الشعب الفلسطيني الكسير.
الله يرحم كل شهداء لبنان سواء من مات في الاغتيالات الغادرة أو في العدوان الغاشم.
ثبتكم الله و نصركم و وقاكم من كل شر وأذى يتربص بكم.


Anonymous cal said...

Noor: Maybe the honorable Mr. Putin is really the head of the Russian mafia. (am i in trouble for saying that?) Isnt there freedom of speech in Russia? Just because some people are critical of your government doesnt mean you have to kill them. He's such a bad sport! Touching on racism, i believe that most people are scared of what they dont understand. All humans were created equal by God. We all bleed the same. But some people tend to think that they are better than others just because they have nicer hair or clearer skin. Sad to say racism exists in every country. When will they learn??

11/23/2006 3:18 AM  
Anonymous nisa said...

Salam Noor,

hi. :) i guess, could love your article. until "Asians are clever but unpretty". i watched a video on google. & this guy says asians are unpretty. it's just funny, as he's not exactly juan alfonso.

some asians are gorgeous, some are not. same principles with arabs, mexicans, japanese etc. still God made it wonderful that everyone's sincere smile is always gorgeous. vanity & arrogance is definitely ugly.

i'm asian. & even if arabs find me repulsive, my boss, my teacher, my friends had said i'm beautiful. maybe some will find you arabs likewise. :)

11/23/2006 5:14 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Cal: (Putin is really the head of the Russian mafia),, I don't know and I didn't say that, you said it :) u r in trouble MR CAL. Don't eat outside ur house. I'm not that good in political issues and I can't understand this political game. So hard and so dirty,
Yes indeed! All humans were created equal by God,, reminded me with Omar Bin AL Katab when he said (how can you slaver people and they were born free).
Sad to say this too, even here racism still exists even though Islam said it strict and clear
(no one is better than others by colors or races or any worldly material things, but only by godliness and devoutness).

Nisa: salam dear, oh dear that hurt my heart to know that I hurt u somehow and unintentionally. Dear, I meant here that Hollywood movies promoting for unreal images about each race and culture,, as I said they promote that we hate them and want to kill only, gloomy and have no sense of humor,,, while we are the opposite! I even watched 24 series and I couldn’t believe this series how oppressed all of us,, all Muslims by showing Muslim immigrants planning for years to destroy some targets in USA. Even they showed Muslim boy forced to work for this plan and leave his American girlfriend because she is not Muslim!!! While I know lots of cases Muslim men and women married to non-Muslims and they doing fine so far!!!
It's not my view here, how can I say Asians are not pretty while even white westerners are not pretty as well!! Even we can find black people prettier than white people.
U r absolutely right, I met up with pretty gorgeous people, but I HATE them because they were arrogant and have that dark and ugly hearts, while I made great friendship with simple people with GREAT and BEAUTIFUL HEARTS.
Oh, dear, don't u ever think that. I try not to judge people by outside look or from first time (even if I did,, I don't tell them till I know more about them),,, I said once to a girl: u r beautiful girl, and she replied: but I'm not beautiful,,, I said then: u r more beautiful with ur sweet heart,, and then I told her a story of my favorite great men and how I love him while he wasn't handsome or beautiful.
I loved many people who are not beautiful by material standards, but they are really beautiful because their interior beauty overcome their exterior beauty.
Hope u understood my point now.

11/23/2006 11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noor, I am deeply impressed by your insight! I did not read the whole post but I am just happy that you address such topics that I wouldn't expect young people in the Middle East to pay attention to!

11/23/2006 9:46 PM  
Anonymous Cal said...

Mr. Litvi's dead. May God save his soul. Shame on u Mr. Putin!

11/25/2006 2:36 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

(I assume that all of you knew that Mr. Litvinenko died yesterday,, I'm so sad for his death,,, Yes, I don't know him and I don't care about what he used to be,, he is still human soul and like any other human in any part of this world,,, we only can pray for him and for his soul to rest in peace,, and who killed him purposely will pay for this sooner or later.)

11/25/2006 9:11 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Sami: and why that?! i love to watch news,, all kinds of news and sometimes u just can't ignore some news and really caught ur attention, so the better thing is to share others and talk about it.
i used to do that with my friends,, i write about what caught my attention and discuss about it.

Cal: oh dear, i watched that on TV,, and i really felt so sad and that broke my heart. May God forgive his sins and cover his soul with his blessing. Amen!

11/25/2006 9:19 AM  
Anonymous Cal said...

Noor: I think Mr. Litvi's case was quite similar to Mr. Gemayel's, dont u think? They both died for what they strongly believed in. Yes, we all will die eventually,someday...but to die for a cause is certainly an act of bravery. The Gemayels are like the Kennedys of Lebanon. Both families have a long history of political assasinations in their hands. I hope that Lebanon could start standing up for itself from now on and prevent history from repeating itself, again and again and again.

11/26/2006 3:20 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Yes, dear, i believe in that,, even though i'm not expert in Lebanon leaders and i have no idea about Gemayel Family, but i learnt about them a little bit. anyway, who get involved in politics, will dirt his hand.
anyway, all what concern me is people of Lebanon,,, they need to keep calm down and keep their union for Lebanon,, and see WHO REALLY WILL BENEFIT FROM THEIR DISAGREEMENT!

11/27/2006 4:12 AM  

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