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Friday, April 06, 2007

أي الأشياء خير

قيل لحكيم: أي الأشياء خير للمرء؟
فقال: عقل يعيش به!
فقالوا فإن لم يكن؟
فقال: إخوان يسترون عليه!
فقالوا وإن لم يكن؟
فقال: فمال يتحبب به إلى الناس!
فقالوا فإن لم يكن؟
فقال: فصمت يسلم به!
فقالوا فإن لم يكن؟
فقال: فموت يريح البلاد والعباد!

What's the better thing?

People asked a wise man: what's the better thing for a person to have?
He replied: a brain to live by it!
They said: so, what if he hasn't it?
He replied: brothers to shelter him!
They said: so, what if he hasn't it?
He replied: so, money to make people love him!
They said: so, what if he hasn't it?
He replied: a silence to make him safe.
They said: so, what if he hasn't it?
He replied: so, death to relieve people.

سقف يقرقع

سكن بعض الفقهاء في بيت سقفه يقرقع في كل وقت ، فجاءه صاحب البيت يطلب الأجرة ، فقال له: أصلح السقف أولاً فإنه يقرقع ، فقال صاحب البيت: لا تخف! فإنه يسبح لله! ، فقال الفقيه: أخشى أن تدركه رقه فيسجد!!

Cracking Ceiling

A scholar lived in a house has cracking ceiling and all the time this ceiling is clanking. So, when the owner of that house comes for the rent. The scholar said: you have to fix the ceiling first! It's cracking!!! The owner replied: don't be afraid! It's only praising GOD!!. The scholar replied then: but I'm afraid that it will be more humble and genuflect!!


Blogger HalalHippie said...

Salaam, it's been awhile. Good to see you keep on posting.

I like this last one about the cracking ceiling: if it's a lesson, it tells us to tend to our responsibilities. If it's a joke, it's even better.

I've haven't noticed very many religious jokes among Muslims. Maybe it's just not common. I'd love to hear/read some.

Here's one: a cleric (no matter his religion) who was renowned for his humility and self-control took a walk in the country. A bird flew by and delivered some 'khara' on his head. He looked up, and said "Dear God, thank you for not giving cows wings"

4/06/2007 3:14 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

Salaaaaaaaam Dear!! why you changed ur Hippie man??!!!
anyway, I'm so happy u liked what i put this time. i decided to put something different and show some cute, funny and lovely stories i found.
i have so cute and funny stories that i'm sure many of u never heard of. i will try to collect them and translate them as soon as possible.
hahahaha, what you mentioned is so funny as i remember a similar one said that man was wondering under an orange tree why God made watermelons grow in the ground and not like in high tree like orange and apple! suddenly , an orange fell down on his head and he was shocked and said at once: thanks God that watermelons don't grow like that otherwise... :)

Hope u r fine and ur little girl too.
see u soon

4/13/2007 6:32 AM  
Blogger HalalHippie said...

Thank you, dear. Isn't it so much better to laugh at the imperfect humans that we are than to accuse each other of evil ?

4/23/2007 4:09 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

Yes Indeed! you said it yourself dear "imperfect humans",, so people write or do something we as humans see it not right and we have to criticize and try to fix what can lead to big problems.
sometimes, we have to speak and try to find answers for what confuse us or to explain the unexplainable.

4/26/2007 3:19 AM  

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