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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good News AND Bad News

First Muslims in Dutch cabinet

Two Muslims are being sworn into the Dutch government on Thursday, becoming the first Muslim cabinet members in the Netherlands.
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Well, I was happy when I watched this on TV. I like to see Muslims participate in their adopted countries and be real and decent citizens there. It’s the healthy way to break any unreal wall between the different societies and make nice and friendly relation with others. You have to take the first step; you have to go first and share others, smile and join them happily. Step by step, you will have such GREAT friendship with locals who may have no clue about Islam or Muslims in general. You have to help them to see the real Islam and not let liars do your work.

هذا الخبر جميل ، لأننا بحاجة أن نرى الكثير من المسلمين المعتدلين الذين يشاركون في بلادهم الجديدة التي تحتضنهم ، عليهم أن يكونوا مواطنين ممتازين و مميزين لينالوا الإعجاب والتقدير ، لا أحب أن أرى المسلمين منعزلين و متقوقعين في بلاد الغرب، ليس كل الغرب فساد ففي كل مكان نجد الصالح و الطالح ، فقط المسألة مسألة مبدأ و اختيار ، عليكم اخذ المبادرة و الخطوة الأولى ليتقبلكم الإنسان العادي ابن البلد الذي انتم فيه ، اخرجوا للناس تفاعلوا و ابتسموا ، كونوا مسلمين فعلاً بنشركم رسالة الإسلام الصحيحة بابتسامة صادقة بلفته كريمة بمبادرات لطيفة مؤثرة ومهما كانت بسيطة تبقى مؤثرة ، تحرككم سوف يدحض كل ما يروج له الأعداء عن المسلمين ، تقوقعكم هو ما يزيدهم قوة و يؤكد مخاوف الناس العاديين ، لا تتركوا للعدو فرصة أن يشوهكم وانتم قاعدون!


The International Court of Justice, the United Nation’s highest court, cleared Serbia of direct responsibility for genocide during the 1990s Bosnian war, but ruled that it failed to prevent the 1995 massacre of Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica.
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it was a real shock!!! Really disappointed me! I never thought they can do such thing! How they can clear such criminals and let them go with it! It's not a real justice and all this done for politics reasons!!
I wrote about this case before. I was shocked at that time because I didn't know that much about this case. I read in many sites even for westerners who were eyewitnesses.
There are endless evidences to prove their involvement in that massacre and in endless crimes they done!!
I wonder,,, is it because they are Muslims, what if the victims were Christians or even Jews?! Will be the same! I doubt!!that prove that there is no real justice in our world even in the highest court.
I only pray that God will bring these criminals and who helped them to his REAL justice and they will burn down in the deepest part of the hell.
I'm sorry! I'm totally mad! I became so close to this case in the past and I can't even forget it. I was sad and I cried to know how much those victims suffered and tortured. I can't blame organization like ICJ,, it's like UN or SN!!! All of them are slaves for… !!! I should blame and upbraid your brothers and sisters, Arabs and Muslims, they are so many, but powerless!!!

My dear and beloved Bosnian Muslims, forgive us, forgive our weakness and effeteness. We let you down, we didn't save you when you needed us, and even now we let you down to save your rights. We are useless brothers and sisters to you. I don't know how I can express my shame for not supporting you or even standing by your side.

I'm writing now and I wrote before, maybe I don't have anything but my words and consolation.

Dears, trust that God is the justice and you will get your rights sooner or later.

قضية تضربني بالصميم! أحبائنا و إخوتنا بالبوسنة و غيرها تعذبوا و عانوا و قاسوا الآمرين! وبعد المعاناة و العذاب الذي لم ينتهي ، لم يجدوا أي عزاء من محكمة عدل دولية ولا غيرها!
بل لم يجدوا دعم المسلمين و العرب أنفسهم!
الأوجب أن نجد كل الدول الإسلامية تتكاتف لحفظ حقوق هؤلاء الضحايا ، فإذا لم يتم حمايتهم أحياء علينا حماية حقوقهم على الأقل! وهناك من لا يزال يعيش ويحمل مرارة العذاب و الذل من ذلك اليوم إلى الآن.
كم أشعر بالخزي و العار أن أرى المسلمين تجاوزوا المليار ولكنهم بلا أي تأثير أو قوة في مجريات أحداث العالم. هل هم الغثاء الذي قال عنه الرسول الكريم؟! واخشيتي أن نكون نحن فعلاً عصر الغثاء كغثاء السيل! فلسنا من قلة بل نحن كثير!!!
كم يؤسفني أني لا أملك إلا الدعاء لأحبابنا هناك والذي يقطر قلبي دما وعيني دمعا لأجلهم ،، لما قاسوه و عانوه.
عزائي الوحيد أن الله هو العدل الصمد الذي لا يظلم عنده أحد ، وسيأتي اليوم الذي يقف فيه كل ظالم و مجرم أمام الله ويقتص منه ضحاياه. فالحقوق يومها سترد لأصحابها و كل ظالم سينال جزائه.


News never end,,, you can find more news about Islamic world in the same site:


Blogger halalhippie said...

Two Dutch Muslims in Parliament ?
Hah! in Denmark we have 3 :-)

Bosnia, yes it's a complicated story; What I read in the article is that the (then) Serbian government did not order the massacre at Srebrenica, but they didn't try to stop it.

the EU sent troops down there to try to protect civilians ( a friend of mine lost his father down there) but sadly they couldn't stop all the killing.

This hate between (Greek Orthodox) Serbs, (Catholic) Croats and (Muslim) Boniaks has been going on for hundreds of years, ever since the Ottoman empire. Under the dictator Tito Yugoslavia was held together by him (kind of like Iraq) and then it just fell apart. Serbia has the misfortune of falling into the hands of Slobodan Milosevic.

It was a tragedy, yes, but not so much about religion as about nationalism. Many Croats and Serbs lost their lives, too. Today there are Bosnian refugees living in Denmark and they are "members of the family". As European Muslims they help "us" understand the Muslims that come from far away (and have different culture)

3/02/2007 2:41 PM  
Anonymous cal said...

Dear Noor: It's been quite awhile since we last heard of the Bosnian massacre. Like you, I thought the UN court ruling was just 'boohakee'! Sure, if the Serbs didn't commit genocide then the Janjaweed (in Darfur) didn't either right??? I think the so-called judges should reconsider changing careers since they're not so good at their present one. Worth thinking about ;)

You know what Noor, sometimes we wonder why do bad things happen to good people and vice-versa right? Well, after a certain incident happened to me a few years back, I stopped wondering why. Now I'm beginning to accept the good and the bad because who am I to question God's plans for me right? I believe that God knows best and we are merely His slaves who should always be thankful to Him.
So shed your tears Noor for I'm certain that God will rightly punish those who are responsible for the heinous crimes in Bosnia. And eventhough they suffered greatly, remember that they will have eternal happy lives in paradise. (God only knows) May their souls rest peacefully in the graves.

3/03/2007 3:47 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

HH, really!!! That's nice! I didn't know about Denmark!
Dear, there are tapes and endless evidences that prove their involvement no matter they admit it or not!
Well, I don't know honestly the root of their story and if there is an old hate! Sad to know that!
But I once watched some groups of both Serb and Muslims living together without any problems. I know it's more politically than religiously. Some still use religion as an excuse to do their dirty works. That the sad part too!
But, hope they both will rise above any hatred or feud. Thank u for sharing ur insightful comment.

Cal, well, nice u agreed with me, and I think u r right even though I don't know that much about this conflict in Drfur, but I know that poor people dying while other still fighting!!
YES, I thought about it, I wonder why that happened to these people; they are good and not harmful, or why that didn't happen to those people, they are bad enough!!! Even why this person died, he/she was real angel!!!
But, as u said, God knows the future and what the best thing is for each one of us! God can test us, but we can't!!!
Thank u Cal, u comment is one of the best comments I ever read. I loved it!! I did pray for them and for each one suffer!

3/06/2007 5:12 AM  
Anonymous cal said...

Awwww.... :) You made me blush Noor. Thank YOU for the kind words and great wisdom you have bestowed upon us. Look forward to your next blog!

3/07/2007 3:20 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Oh dear! you are really good and special to me. i wish if you can open your own blog.
well, i'm sorry for the next post. i got it by e-mail. it's about the death of muezzin "one who calls for prayers" of Prophet's Mosque--sheik AbedAlAzeez Boukhari. i really didn't know about his death. Sad that our media don't care about such people and only care about ruiners of youths.

3/08/2007 3:26 AM  

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