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Saturday, January 06, 2007

MixedUp Thoughts

What the story of Panamanian President (dictator) Manuel Antonio Noriega?!
I just heard one of the analysts mentioning him after Sadaam execution and how this one who used to serve USA Government was blessed till he tried to quit,, USA Forces easily entered to Panama by force and took him to prison in USA!!!
Wow,, Just like that!!!!! Well, he was also another dictator who served USA G very well, and then he decided to stop, so they punished him. Weird!

Last year 2006, many of dictators around this world died,, mostly naturally, except Sadaam. I just read about who died in 2006!


During last week, I watched 2 versions for 1 movie! It's (The Message). It was really nice and very touching one! The English version was on MBC2 while the Arabic version was on MBC1. I really LOVE Anthony Quinn,, he was really GREAT actor! He always touches my soul with his performing. Very talented indeed!
He played the character of Hamza,, while another GREAT Arabic actor played Hamza in Arabic version and his name was Abdullah Gayth (his brother Hamde Gayth played Abu Sofyan in same version). Abdullah Gayth died long time ago, but Hamde Gayth died in March last year.

It was one of the great works of our beloved Director Mustafa Al Akkad who tried to spread the real message of Islam, but sadly the message of terrorists took his life with his sweet daughter and many others in wedding in Amman's hotels.

But my notice about this movie that 2 versions isn't same with same scenario and same Texts. I mean, there were good texts especially when Suheil said the conditions of truce in Arabic,, but in English one, there was shortening and they didn't mention all conditions!! Also, there were good phrases to say after that when Muslims were telling people about Islam and its teachings, I heard it in Arabic, but not the same in English!

Anyway, I hope you can watch this movie because it a good one and really give you even a little closer look to how first Muslims suffered to spread this GREAT light!


I watched another movie. Well, not from the beginning, but at least I caught it from the middle,, (Syriana) with George Clooney and Matt Damon. I can't say much or praise it, but at least, they put small hints or details about the reasons behind Iraq's war (and consequences) with all that tangled relations between lords of war and rich lands and peoples.

Well, Not that bad for a first move to make new scripts, New reality ideas and away -but not so far- from the American Hero ICON! They ended it in that way, but still.

I always get used to watch American HEROES, who beat all their enemies: Vietnamese, Japanese, Russians, Europeans, Arabs, Muslims, North Koreans and even Aliens!! (and save the day,, no not only the day, but save the planet or even universe from such enemies!)

That reminded me with someone (I can't remember who), who said: Americans can't live without enemy!! They should find anyone to be their enemy,, that their structure!! So, when their battles with all their enemies stopped, they needed to find new one!! Well, that was Arabs and Muslims time.

I also noticed that in 24 hours! With that actor (I don't know him, but I hate him! No not for 24, but he played in a movie as a rapist and a criminal and killed a woman's daughter, so she kept tracking him and finally when he came to her house to kill her, she killed him,, it was so ugly role and yes, I hate him since that day).

In 24, they create enemies and it is funny to hear familiar names like Habib Marwan or Ali or Saaber or Mustafa…etc!! and even read Arabic scripts!! So, then how can normal people deal with us especially with people with such names!!

I read about many Muslims and Muslim parents who change their kids' names!! I even read a touching story about girl called Khadeja,, Khadeja a Muslim girl live in France and one day she went to visit her father's grave in Muslim graveyard, she was weeping and crying so hard and asking her father to forgive her! What she did.. What her story: in that day she went to change her name and her family name to famous French name and surname!! She did that after she failed to find a job despite her excellent degree (she even surpassed the original French students). When companies know about her high and excellent degree, they accept her till she comes with her real name, then they reject her application!
For that, she did as many other like her and changed her beautiful Arabic name to French name to be accepted! That beautiful name that her father chose it for her!! She did that to find a job and to live as she can't live without job. She asked her father to forgive what she did as she had no choice!!

I cried when I read this,, what happen to our world, are Muslims going to be the New Jews and suffer from racism?!!


Finally, let's go away from that stupid and selfish government of USA to lovely people of USA!! I watched in program called 20/20 a report called (Are Americans Cheap? Or Charitable?). It was really nice one as I always watch this kind of reports in this program and really enlighten me and separate between official or governmental aid from ordinary people aid. Also, the ordinary people are really giving and more helpful and don't think twice to help if they can! I think this feature exists in all people of this world and away from their governments or political strategies.

Read about it here:

Are Americans Cheap? Or Charitable?


Blogger Living Away said...

Wow! This is much more than a single post, this is a way of inspiration!

I loved the phrase "Americans can't live without enemy!!" This is so true!
What I can't stand from the USA is the lack of respect for the sovereignty of any country!

Very well post!

Wishing you all the best in 2007!!


1/07/2007 5:57 AM  
Blogger Hamze said...

So you too are a movie person. I loved all the movies that you talked about. except 24, which I do not remember. But The message is very nice, I have bought it for my collection (which is still in the early phase) and syriana was very good too, and very true as far as the main idea is concerned. it was shot in Dubai by the way, or part of it atleast. Maybe beirut too.
As for the last comment, I agree that the the American people are very nice, I have lived here for since 1999 and the majority are very nice, but unfortunately very misinformed. Thanx to CNN and its likes..

1/07/2007 2:56 PM  
Anonymous cal said...

Noor: How are you today? :)
Do you agree if i say Osama should be partly blamed for all the hatred against us Moslems today? He should be the one on YouTube right now, not Saddam. What exactly did Saddam do wrong??? He was a tyrant, yes, but there are many other tyrants in the world and i dont see Bush going after them?! Osama killed thousands on US soil and he's still at large..AMAZING!!! There's just so much wrong in the world and I dont even know where to start...
Anywhooooo..( i came across the phrase while watching The Daily Show-they were mocking Al-Jazeera, just thought it was fun to use :), the guy in 24 is Kiefer Sutherland. I watched several episodes from that season, and yeah, they were stereotyping Arabs, but what do you expect from a Hollywood production?? Americans!! But some are cool like Oprah and Tyra, gentle people with big hearts. About the French Moslem girl, i guess it's hard to be a Moslem in Europe right now. Their governments are coming up with new laws to make their lives a little harder than it already is. For instance banning the wearing of Hijab in public? Utter nonsense! And what's wrong with the name Khadeja, sounds no different than Katie or Kathy to me :)
Bush = Devil's Advocate
Nancy Pelosi = Saviour
Hilary Clinton = First
female US president!

1/08/2007 4:01 AM  
Anonymous candle of hope said...

loved the movie "ألرسالة" :)

1/08/2007 11:55 AM  
Blogger Chet said...

Lack of respect for a Sovereign Country is lacking and I believe it is because of greed and control that our government has wants. It didn't start just yesterday but has got to the point to where one can see it plainly. Yet many Americans act as if they are blind. The movie The Message is a great one. I haven't seen the Arabic version which probably would not do me any good since I don't speak it. The English version was sent to me by a friend from Jordan. I love it. In fact My grandaughter was here when I got it and wants me to find her a copy to send to her. She thought it was great. Sorry I haven't been around but it seems as if I have got to many sticks in the fire. Great Post!!!

1/10/2007 7:47 PM  
Anonymous Mnosh said...

Salam Noor,
sorry for bieng late,, check ur e-mail.

I have watched "Al-Ressal" in the two versions, amazing films;)

1/11/2007 1:02 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Leandra, thank u dear,, just mixed up thoughts more than one main subject. That's true! I think USA Government policy creates more enemies and make more people hate their ways to treat others and critical issues. I think by respect, love and understanding we can solve any problem even that terrorism issue! with their cooperation with others and making friends,, this can help more and get more support,,, much better than create countless enemies and resentful nations.
Thank u dear leandra,, u r such a sweet lady. Wish u all the best too!
Hamze, yes, I love watching movies and I prefer movies that can add something to me, but I do love comedy movies and I have my own favorite stars as well!
24 isn't a movie, but a series. U can watch it on MBC4!
Yes, ordinary American people are normal and easy with others, but they only –as u mentioned- getting false images about other nations and especially us in Middle East,,, and yes, CNN and many channels inside USA do this job perfectly and planting the seeds of fear, hatred and doubts inside American people's hearts and minds!
Cal, Salam dear, how r u? sure I agree,, because what he did wasn't for Islam or Muslims' benefit,, he helped aggressors to have that excuse to attack, kill, destroy and create all this mess in our world.
But, yes, policy is dirty job nowadays,, whatever u r , if u can serve the most powerful country so well, u will be blessed and no one will go after u no matter what u do!
U won't believe it Cal, I found his pic and name today!! Yes, he is "Kiefer Sutherland", I think he is a talented actor and can play any role because I can't hold watching him today and I can't look at him even though I know he is just an actor and has nothing to do with that ugly role!!
I don't blame them; they only do what they think it's good for them and serve them. If I should blame anyone, I will blame Arabs themselves for wasting money in rubbishes and not even make a positive action that can help clear and lift fog.
Khadeja story was really touching and I felt so bad for her as she didn't do anything wrong and she proved herself and was a peer to the real French students.
I think wearing Hijab is a personal choice! I used to have a lovely friend who doesn't wear Hijab but she was amazing girl! She was decent and respectable one,, and always wear decent clothes and never saw her with tight clothes or even Jeans. Also, I have who wear Hijab and even cover her face and still lovely and cheerful! I can't judge on them by their outside look and without listen and know them well. I respect all of them.
Yes, it's a lovely name and I have sweet friends with same name,,Khadeja! Arabic names are still popular and I support our special and wonderful names. See, there are famous celebrities with Arabic names such as Queen Latifa and Salma Hayek…etc!
Devil's Advocate!!! Isn't this a title for a movie for Al Pacino!!! :)
Nancy Pelosi!! Pelosi,, Hmm,, there is a surname here called Beloshi! Could she has an Arabic root??!!!
Hope, welcome dear,, Yes indeed!
By the way, if u noticed that Anthony Quinn and Irene played in The Message and Lion Of The Desert!
Chet, welcome back. Don't mention it dear, I understand how it can be hard to follow and keep an eye on all blogs u find. I can't even count how many blogs I discovered and still,,, or let's say TRY to catch them!
Hmmm, u r right about USA government and sadly that some USA citizens believe all things that they get from their Media!
I'm glad u liked The Message and ur granddaughter too.
Thank u so much for ur wonderful comment.
Mona, HI,, Okay I will check my e-mail,,, thank u in advance,, becos u always wonderful!
Nice to hear this,, it's an amazing movie! Mustafa Al Akkad was really GREAT as a director .

1/11/2007 4:01 AM  
Blogger halalhippie said...

Salaam, Noor, wish you a happy New Year.
You been watching movies ? "The Message" was a real eye-opener to me, how revolutionary was early Islam.
(And Anthony Quinn and Irene Papas are great actors). What was strange for me to watch was all the characters that _weren't_ there. The Prophet Muhammad himself, Ali, Abu Bakr et al. To a Muslim who know the story I guess you just fill up the holes in your mind, but to an infidel like me it's very confusing. I had to read a lot of Islam history to fill the gaps. I imagine a Westerner who's looking for an action movie would be disappointed.

Now about the girl in France: there's more to it than just "i guess it's hard to be a Moslem in Europe right now. "

France has laws against religious symbols in public: that goes for _all_ religions. The purpose, I think, is to avoid religious groups getting violent at each other. In a country with only one religious group, it's no problem, but with many religious groups, it's the duty of the state to keep tensions down.

Imagine a Jewish and a Muslim man on the street in Europe: if they wear traditional clothes they can recognise each other and have animosity towards each other. If they both wear suit and tie, they do not see each other as Jew/Muslim but as men. If they don't talk to each other, they don't get in a fight.

The name Khadeja sounds strange to European ears. Her life will be easier if the French can pronounce her name or even spell it. At my work there are 2 Muslim women (refugees from Bosnia) one has an "easy" name, the other is very hard to spell and impossible to pronounce. Maybe some colleagues don't ask for her bcos they're ashamed to say her name wrong, she might think they're discriminating against her. It's never as simple as that.

If you're an immigrant in Europe, the best gift you can give your children is a name that the locals can pronounce. It will make life a lot easier for them. Imagine every time someone asks their name, they have to say it 5 times, and _then_ spell it.

"Their governments are coming up with new laws to make their lives a little harder than it already is."
I can only speak for Denmark, but it's true: our government is coming up with laws to make _everybody's_ lives a little harder than they already are :-) Denmark has an all-time low unemployment rate, social benefits are being cut all the time to make ppl take low-paid jobs. New refugees get very little social benefits in order to get them working. Some refugees are too damaged to work, and they suffer greatly.

And a couple of years ago a law was passed if you want to bring a spouse from another country (and getting them citicenship) both will have to be 24 yrs old. It was made to stop "importing" of very young girls against their will. Nothing to do with Muslims. Unfortunately, it's almost only ME Muslims who do that, (import young girls for marriage) so it would seem the law was targeting Muslims.

And the hijab ? Don't get me started on that one :-) It's much more than freedom of religion.
(ok, I won't rant about the hijab this time :-)

"American people [..] very nice, but unfortunately very misinformed"
about Europe too :-) And "we" are misinformed about the Arab world. And "you" are misinformed about "us". What's the verse ? " I made thee into different tribes, so that you may get to know each other"
Y'know which verse I talk about.

Sorry for the loong post, may 2007 bring more understanding to all of us.

1/13/2007 2:18 PM  
Anonymous cal said...

Noor: Kiefer is just a good actor playing ugly roles :) Too bad you can't even look at him because of that. Yes, the Hijab is a personal choice and I applaude the women who wear them. It shows how committed you are to God. One question, why are movies banned in the UAE? So are there any cinemas over there? Just wondering Noor.... :) About Pelosi, she's actually of Italian origin. And yes, Devil's Advocate is a movie with Pacino and Keanu Reeves. Just thought the title fit Bush perfectly.
Halalhippie: Why must there be animosity between a Moslem man and a Jewish man who both wear traditional religious clothings? Each individual should have the freedom to wear whatever they want, skanky or otherwise. If we can tolerate bikinis, thongs, hot pants, spagetti-straps etc. worn in public, then the Hijab or other religious clothings should be acceptable too right???? If I see an orthodox Jewish man on the street, I shouldn't be avoiding him just because he looks different. Perhaps I should confront him instead and try to understand why he wears such clothings. And to quote you, "If they dont talk to each other, they dont get in a fight".....well, on the contrary, i think if they dont talk, they will judge each other even more which then will lead to hatred and then to violence etc. , you get the picture. Use your mouth, not your fist.
If Khadeja sounds strange to Europeans ears, then I cant imagine how they cope with African or Asian names. Must be really hard for them. But then again, we can't all be Johns or Kellys right? I think foreign names are interesting and unique. If i were in her shoes, changing my name would be the last resort. Khadeja is a beautiful name, plus her father named her that. It would be totally different if the name was something like 'dirtbag' or 'freakshow'.
"Denmark has an all-time low unemployment rate"..errr, isnt that good??? It means you guys have fewer unemployed people than other countries right? About the refugees, it's hard for them in any country in terms of having equal rights.
Bottom line is Noor, ISLAMOPHOBIA is growing in the west as we speak, so it's up to people like you and your blogs to 'educate' them about the TRUE nature of ISLAM. and scene..............

1/14/2007 4:19 AM  
Blogger halalhippie said...

cal: (must ....resist...ranting...about ..hijab.. :-) "shows how committed you are to God" Does it, now ? Doesn't God look into our hearts ?

My point about religious dressing and symbols is, it should not be an issue , and my guess is the French government is trying to put the lid on religious tensions.

"Denmark has an all-time low unemployment rate"..errr, isnt that good??? It means you guys have fewer unemployed people than other countries right? "
True, good for those who can work, hard for those who cannot.

"About the refugees, it's hard for them in any country in terms of having equal rights." I'm glad you agree. If you're a Muslim immigrant in Europe, you may have a hard time, _because_ you're an immigrant, not _because_ you're a Muslim.

Islamophobia ? Sadly, yes. Many, many ppl in the West never knew anything about Islam before 9/11. Sort of got the bad news first."We" have a lot to learn, and I'm trying my best. As I wrote before on this blog, thanks to Noor and others like her I no longer fear Islam, but very many Muslims make me uncomfortable.

We humans fear what we don't understand.

1/14/2007 3:07 PM  
Blogger Um Haleema said...

I'm wondering how you feel about a convert to Islam changing their names from the one that their fathers gave them?

1/15/2007 9:24 AM  
Blogger halalhippie said...

Um Haleema: good point. Let's hear what you Muslims think.

1/15/2007 3:49 PM  
Anonymous Moroccan said...

the case of CIA illegal operation in panama is not the only one their was always such operations in many places like italy where they kinaped the muslim sheikh, but moslty in latino america like the operation of cuba or nicaragua this small country where one american multinational specialized in banana production decides all the policy of the country that they call "republic of banana"...CIA was there doing the dirty job of this multinational against Sandinista government, one other famous affaire resulted of this operation, the affaire "iran-contra"...the persons who were behind all that stayed in us administration like bush the father who became president ans richard Armitage who was behind the affaire of panama he is now one of the strong men of bush administration...just to let you know that us policy was is and will be always the same

2/23/2007 9:42 AM  
Anonymous Moroccan said...

syriana is a good movie but its uncomplet and even if u watched it since its beggining you will fell like u missed somthing + its not a movie for ordinar ppl who doesnt know enough about how are things in international affaires...anyways a good movie i dont complain

"kurtlar vadisi irak" is a good movie where the coyboy is not essencialy the hero

24, prison break or despirate... house wifes are done for ppl worke enough last senturies and need to have some rest now not to us...

2/23/2007 10:02 AM  

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