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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mixing Their Bones

خلطت بين عظاميهما

قال مالك بن انس رحمة الله: بلغني أن ملكاً من ملوك بني إسرائيل ركب يوماً في زي عظيم وموكب هائل و لم يترك شيئاً من سنن الملوك الأقدمين حتى فعلة ، فهال ذلك الجند والناس ، فمر برجل يعمل شيئاً منكباً علية ، ولم يلتفت إلى جهة الملك ، فوقف الملك علية وقال له: أرى كل الناس ينظرون إلي إلا أنت؟؟. فقال الرجل: أيها الملك ، إني رأيت ملكاً مثلك ، وكان على هذه المدينة ، فمات هو و مسكين في يوم واحد ، فدفن إلى جنبه ، فكنت اعرفهما بشخصيهما ، ثم كنت أعرفهما بقبريهما ، ثم جاءت ريح عاصفة فنبشت قبريهما وكشفت عنهما و خلطت بين عظاميهما فلم أعرف الملك من المسكينّّ ، فلذلك أقبلت على عملي و تركت النظر إليك.
قال: فتضاءل الملك و انصرف و تركة على حالة.

Mixing Their Bones

Malik Ibn Anas said: I heard a story of one of the Israel kings,,, went out with a massive retinue and huge procession,, and he did all what late kings before him used to do. So, that amazed all people and soldiers. But he passed beside a man who was working in something and didn't care about the king or even paid attention to his huge retinue ,,, so, that surprised the king and he stood beside that man and asked: all people looking at me and my power except you?!!!!
The man replied: listen O King, I witnessed a king like you and he was on this town. He and a poor man died in the same day and buried beside each other,, I knew them both when they were alive.. and I knew their graves.. one day a strong storm came and disclosed their graves and mixed their bones, so I couldn’t figure out who is the king and who is the poor!!
For that, I just kept my concentration on my own work and left looking at you!
The king became small and tiny,, and left that man and his work.

I found this story in a newspaper,, and I REALLY liked it!


Anonymous Mnosh said...

كلماتك فيها نور كاسمك!!

سبحان الله,, لا مال ولا جاه باق,,, الدنيا فانية,, "ويبقى وجه ربك ذو الجلال والاكرام"

1/13/2007 4:09 AM  
Blogger S.Hamid said...

البقاء لله وحده والعظمة لله وحده وسبحان الله القادر الوهاب

1/13/2007 4:16 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

شكراً حبيبتي منى. الله يخليك يا رب.
وأنا أحببت القصة لان مغزاها مهم و جلي.

s. hamid,
البقاء و الدوام لله وحده وعلى الانسان ان لاينسى اخرته و يهيم بالدنيا فقط. فهي ليست أخر المطاف. شكراً على مرورك.

1/16/2007 2:37 AM  
Blogger Living Away said...

Dear Noor!!

With a story like that, my father taught me how to treat people equality doesn't mattering social position, bank account, religion, race, color and so on!

I use to get exclamation faces everywhere I go for this behavior and I always wonder why the treatment this poor man gave to the king is not an ordinary one!!


1/18/2007 4:24 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Hi dear Leandra. my dad too taught me the same!! respecting others and treat them equality! this is the key of living happily and without wearing faces.

1/19/2007 2:56 AM  
Blogger Brave Heart said...

this story remember me by the story of the naked king.
we need more and more Noooooooor

1/19/2007 8:25 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

thanks dear beave heart. when i find such a remarkable story like this one, i try to keep it to translate it later and upload it here. :) so every time i will make one for u.

1/21/2007 3:29 AM  

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