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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Good Stories AND Some News

غاية البر!!!!
روي عن المأمون انه قال: لم أرى أحداً أبر من الفضل بن يحيى بأبيه ، بلغ من بره أن والده كان لا يتوضأ إلا بماء ساخن ، فمنعهم السجان من الوقود في ليلة باردة ، فلما أخذ يحيى مضجعه ، قام الفضل إلى قمقم نحاس فملأه ماء و أدناه من المصباح فلم يزل قائماً وهو في يده إلى المصباح حتى استيقظ يحيى من منامه!!

The Top Of Dutifulness!!!!
They narrated that Al Ma'amoon said: I never seen someone loyal and dutiful to his father than Al-Fadel son of Yahya, he reached the highest level of gratitude and loyalty. His father could use only the warm water to make ablution for prayer,, but, when they were in jail, the jailer refused to let them use fuel in a cold night. So, when Yahya went to sleep,, his son stood up and took a long-necked bottle made with copper and fill it up with water. Then, he raised that bottle to the burner or the torch. He kept standing in that way till his father waked up!!

روي أن رجلاً قال لعمر بن الخطاب رضي الله تعالى عنه: إن لي أما بلغ منها الكبر أنها لا تقضي حاجتها إلا وظهري لها مطيه ، فهل أديت حقها؟ قال: لا! لأنها كانت تصنع بك ذلك إذ كنت صغيراً وهي تتمنى بقاءك ، وأنت تصنعه بها و تتمنى فراقها!!

The Difference
They narrated that a man said to Omar Bin Al-Khatab "may God be pleased with him": I have an old mother that she is too old to go to bathroom by herself, so I have to take her on my back each time and help her to relieve nature! So have I done my duties toward her?!!!
Omar replied: NO!! Because she used to do that for you when you were a child and she wished you to stay on her back, while you do that and you wish her to die!


Okay, I hope you will like these stories and to learn that you have to love and respect your parents. Remember that obeying God is linked to obeying parents in Islam. Islam orders us to obey our parents and never say any word could hurt them. Even if they are bad and do wrong things or disobey God,, we have to treat them well and nicely,,, and obey them too as long as it is not clash with God laws.


Now, I don't have much time to be online, and I don't watch TV and news. However, I read newspapers as much as I can to know what the news and what the new!

I read few things caught my attention:

1) Israel studying to take nightingale "bulbul" as a logo or sign for them!!!! Why nightingale?!! How can that be while they are famous for their drums of War! The only sounds and songs that they like are sounds of weapons and bombs!!
Besides, I was surprised to read that David Star is stolen as well from Egyptian/Pharaohs heritage. They even made claims that Israelis who built and made Pyramids, but many evidences proved the opposite! Even some types of foods got such claims!!!!

Well, it's not a big surprise to know that,, they do steal the heritage and traditions of others,, they are still working in this field of stealing,, they are trying to steal heritage and traditions of Palestinians!
Their currency is stolen as well from civilization and culture of Babel "Babylon"!

2) Israel again, but this time is their intelligence "Mosad"! a new investigation made by Irish movement against the war proved that some specific American troops in Iraq alongside with this Mosad worked together in active assassinations for top of Iraqis scientists and scholars!! They killed over 700 scientists and scholars "most of them refused to work for USA and tried to run away"!
The investigation included specific details, like the attacks against these scientists from April 2003 to April 2006 led to death of 70% of them while only 26% survived! Most of them males 95% !!
There are more details of the specializations of these scientists and scholars.
I was really upset, mad and sad,,, even though I knew that!
I know that Iraq used to be the top in the science and knowledge. Baghdad used to be the light for all Middle East. I know that scientists of Iraq were target during this invasion. I knew that since they captured a scientist I forgot his name in the first day for them there "who is married to German Lady".
No wonder, these scientists are the leaders for the new Iraq and for strong and powerful Iraq. For that, they are trying to terror them and even kill them if they refuse to be traitors!
May God Bless you Iraq, May God bless you scientists of Iraq.


Please, if you have remarkable news or something you think it's important and must share it with others, put it in a comment with links if you have. Thank you.


Blogger Noor said...

I forgot to mention that these stories found it in newspapers and I printed them and then translated them for you. so, I didn't find them online.

3/15/2007 11:17 AM  
Anonymous Mnosh said...

salam dear

nice to read from you ;)
the 2 stories, it's the first time i read them, we want 6000 yrs to be like them :(

the news: mm 3ade :D tanshe ;)

3/17/2007 4:22 AM  
Anonymous Sami said...

you are tagged :) well, I didn't find much people to pass the tag to except those whom I like their blogs and follow it! and you are one of them! so you better answer the tag soon :)

3/20/2007 11:26 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

Mona, thank u sweetheart.
hahahaha, what?! tanshe ,,,Hmmm,, maybe not working all the time :D

Sami, thank u so much for that, but i didn't get a time ,, really, so, i will answer u there. Hope it's okay.

3/29/2007 5:58 AM  

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