Heaven's Lights Heaven's Lights: August 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tangled Talk

He: did Taleban free the hostages,, the Korean hostages in Afghanistan?

She: Well, as I knew, they only set free two of them, the two sick women,,, I think they did well by this, maybe a good sign that they will free the others.

He: who knows what will happen? You see, They killed two men before.

She: Yeah, I know, I was really sad for them.
She: but, you know what, I'm still blaming them for going there, to Afghanistan, I mean there are many dangerous and unstable places around the world right now,, no one can go there and be safe, even for a good cause, for helping others,, we know we can't go to Afghanistan or Iraq,, there are endless risks there. If they really want to help , they can do it in different ways and without endangering.

He: don't forget that they are Christians and maybe this was a missionary campaign,,, they could be trying to spread Christianity in Afghanistan.

She: I read about that, Yes, they are Christians and as I read they didn't go there for this reason,, and even if we assumed that they planned for that, it isn't a crime, they believe in this religion and they consider it as the right one and they think they have a duty to spread it to the world,,, what about us, Muslims, for example,,, I read about FEW who really helped others with truthful heart and pure intentions, they were a real example for good Muslims.
I remember I found once in a magazine years years ago about a doctor, a female doctor, she was British doctor who believed in her religion, Christianity and decided to go in a missionary. She went to one of poorest Islamic country, Bangladesh, she used to help poor women there and give them treatment and medicine for free and at the same time she talks about Christianity and motivates women to be Christians, but in vain. Until one day, one Muslim poor woman talked with her about Islam, what's Islam and the real teachings of Islam. The British doctor was stunned, she never knew about real Islam and its real teachings. So, she went back to London and started her personal research about Islam and she found out what's Islam and how it is a perfect and unique. Do you know what happened later?
She converted to Islam, and returned to Bangladesh, this time to help her sisters there and support them.

He: Ah, good, but unfortunately, some times that doesn't end this way, I mean some Muslims really converted to Christianity in poor countries.

She: Yeah, I know, but still because of their ignorance and because of " Material Incitation". Still, it isn't a crime, Muslims should be more active and good and really represent Islam correctly.

He: since you love Japan and Korea, what do you think about their support for the wars?.

She: Well, to be honest, I think about this a lot, I'm so upset to read about Japan supporting for wars, I can't imagine Japan goes blindly behind Crazy men to kill and destroy countries and peoples. I mean, they know more than others how wars destroy and ruin nations, they suffered a lot because of wars and by the same crazy men. Even people of USA is against wars. I love to be friends and create wonderful friendly environment, but sure there are some who don't like this idea, they are devils, they only seek for power and money.
As for Korea, I don't think they really support wars, they are good people, I know they are, I remember once that south Koreans and North Koreans reached a good point of their relation, they exchanges flowers and gifts in their borders, but after a while,,,, a "man-made" crisis happened to stop that sweet gesture and not let peace and love spread,,, do you know who created that crisis??? Hah, I guess you already know.

He: *GRIN*
He: okay, still we didn't finish our talk about Muslims, some of them make situations worst by their actions.

She: I know, I think we talked a lot about it, we can't generalize dear, I mean, there are who do individual stupid reckless actions,,, they don't represent Islam or even us, Muslims, we can't be like that.

He: yeah, we know that, but what about how doesn't know any thing about Islam or real normal Muslims.

She: here our roles come, we have to help others to know what's Islam and they should understand that some action have no base or relation with religion.
By the way, I noticed that in Media , western Media, they don't link human actions with the religion except with Islam. Once, I watched program about criminals, they don't link their bad actions with their religions and more than that they try to find an excuse for their bad acts,,, But not with Muslims, they try to magnify individual's acts and link it to Islam,,, I know that some do this in purpose, for that, I hope people in west can read and search for themselves and never trust their misguided Media.

He: Yeah, We hope,,, but don't forget that Muslims can help to spread truths and most of them don't do anything.

She: I know, but we can do help by trying to tell others about us, as normal people and be friends with all people and share interests, we still human, we still carry same feelings regardless our appeared differences.

He: *SMILE* you are still a dreamer.

She: You may say that I'm a dreamer ,,But I'm not the only one ,,I hope someday you'll join us ,,And the world will be as one.
Imagine by John Lennon,,, Oh, I love this song.

Monday, August 06, 2007

لقمان الحكيم

يروى أن لقمان الحكيم كان عبداً نوبياً أسود ، وكان الله قد أعطاه الحكمة و كان لرجل من بني إسرائيل اشتراه بثلاثين مثقالا ونصف المثقال ، وكان يعمل له ، وكان مولاه يلعب بالنرد يقامر عليه وكان على بابه نهر جار ، فلعب يوماً بالنرد على أن من قمر صاحبه شرب الماء الذي في النهر كله أو افتدى منه وإن هو قمر صاحبه فعل به مثل ذلك ، فقمر سيد لقمان قال له القامر: اشرب ما في النهر وإلا فافتد منه ، قال: فسلني الفداء. ، قال: عينيك أفقؤهما أو جميع ما تملك ، قال: أمهلني يومي هذا ، قال: لك ذلك.
قال: فأمسى كئيباً حزيناً ، إذ جاءه لقمان وقد حمل حزمة على ظهره فسلم على سيده ثم وضع ما معه ورجع إلى سيده ، و كان سيده إذا رآه عبث به و يسمع منه الكلمة الحكيمة فيعجب منه ، فلما جلس إليه قال لسيده: ما لي أراك كئيباً حزيناً ، فاعرض عنه فقال له الثانية مثل ذلك فاعرض عنه ، فقال له: أخبرني فلعل لك عندي فرجاً ، فقص عليه القصة ، فقال له لقمان: لا تغتم فان لك عندي فرجاً ، قال: وما هو ؟ قال: إذا أتاك الرجل فقال لك اشرب ما في النهر ، فقل له: اشرب ما بين ضفتي النهر أو المد ، فإنه سيقول لك: اشرب ما بين الضفتين ، فإنه لا يستطيع أن يحبس عنك المد ، وتكون قد خرجت مما ضمنت له ، فطابت نفس سيده ، فلما أصبح جاءه الرجل فقال له: شرطي؟ قال له: نعم ، اشرب ما بين الضفتين أو المد ، قال: لا بل ما بين الضفتين ، قال: فاحبس عني المد ، قال: كيف أستطيع؟!!!
فخصمه ،
فاعتقه مولاه!

Loqman,, The wise man

Narrated that Loqman was a black slave that God gave him wisdom and discernment. He was a slave for one of people of Israel. His master used to gamble and there was a running river near to his house. Once, he played and gambled with a man that who lose should drink that river or redeem himself. However, Loqman's master lost and the winner said: you have to drink this river or redeem yourself.
Loqman's master said: what's the ransoming?
The winner replied: your eyes,, gouge out your eyes OR to give me all what you have.
Loqman's master answered: can you give me this day to think about it.
The winner replied: okay
Loqman's master was grieved. Loqman came and saluted his master, and he was holding a bundle of something,, he went on and put that thing and then returned to his master. His master used to joke with him and talk, but this time he didn't do that. So, Loqman sat near to him and said: What's wrong? Why are you sad and depressed? , but his master didn't answer and only turned away from him. Loqman repeated his question and his master did the same.
Loqman insisted and said: you have to tell me, you might find a way out with me. So, his master told him the whole story.
Loqman said: don't be sad, I found a way out for you.
His master said: What's that??
Loqman replied: when that winner comes to you and says: you have to drink the river,,, you say: okay, only what's between the riverbank or the tide,,, and he will reply: what's between the riverbank because he can't stop the tide.
So, you have to say: well then, you have to stop the tide first,,, and by that you will beat him. His master was pleased by Loqman's idea.

So, in the morning, the winner came and said: my condition,,, and Loqman's master replied: okay, what do you want me to do, drink what's between the riverbank or the tide. The winner said: No, just what's between the riverbank. So, Loqman's master replied: well then, you have top stop the tide till I finish.
The winner surprisingly replied: but, how can I do that???

By that, he overcame this crisis,, and as a reward to his faithful slave, he set him free.