Heaven's Lights Heaven's Lights: December 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Feasts Season!

Okay,, it's a celebration time for most of us.

1, as I found is the Hanukkah,,, the Jewish feast {Dec 15 (sunset) - 23 (nightfall)}. Honestly, I know nothing about this one, so I need to make a search about it to know why and how they celebrate their feast. (oh, the song in this card is remarkable because its reminded me with almost same song about Christmas,, start with Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.. !!)

2, will be Christmas time,,, I doubt that there is anyone doesn't know what's Christmas and how Christians celebrate it and why?!
Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, Christmas cookies and food, Christmas socks, Christmas family gathering, Christmas Santa Claus! I'm sure we all know everything about this feast!!

Last week, I found an interesting news in a local newspaper, a teacher expelled from school over Santa Claus case!!
Why?!! Because she told her pupils that Santa Claus isn't REAL,,, so her pupils went weeping to their homes and told their parents, the parents complained in that school and demanded expulsion for that teacher. So that what happened!!!
Now, wait a minute, what's Santa Claus story anyway. Of course, he isn't real!! She didn't lie. I went googling about Santa Claus myth. Here you are the link of what I found so interesting:
I think it's nice to make children love Christmas time!! But, not make them hanging on unreal character!!
Can you tell me your own thoughts when you were a child!! How it was on you?! How did you deal with the fact that he isn't a real guy and did you believe in him?! Did you think about Jesus as Santa or you never thought about Jesus and only Santa Claus was the only symbol of Christmas!
(what I like when I search about Jesus or his mother 'the Virgin Mary' that I find pictures of them in A FAMILIAR CLOTHES 'Arabic style',, and the Virgin Mary always dressing decently and wearing veil).
(Few days ago I found news about the gifts of Christmas in Denmark this year,, believe it or not,, the Holy Koran is the Danes favorite gift for Christmas. A new translation of Holy Koran in Danish language ranked as the 2nd popular book in Denmark!! Yes, again, because of that Cartoons row! 'a harmful act turns to be useful to open more eyes')

3, Eid Al-Adha,,, well, as you know that Eid Al Feter comes after Ramadan as fast breaking of a whole month fasting. So, it's a celebration of a whole month fasting and worshipping God.
(very important notice for who don't know that we fast during Ramadan from Dawn to Sunset each day,,, Yes, we don't continue our fasting for whole month, for God Sake, I heard in Islam Channel about people who don't know really how we fast in Ramadan and they think we just start from day one and never eat till the end of the month. Oh My God, really unbelievable!!)
While Eid Al-Adha is about celebrating Ibrahim's sacrificing and how he obeyed God and was about to give his beloved son Esmael as oblation. So when God knew that Ibrahim was faithful and ready to do anything he wants, he ransomed Esmael by bringing down a big ram. So, we do the same and ransom our family by offering a ram, cow, etc.. and must be healthy, good, strong and faultless and then give it away to poor people. Also, this Eid is about Hajj,,, this spiritual journey to God and leaving material world behind,,, and wearing almost same white clothes and stripping your heart and mind from any worldly purposes and go to God with pure intentions as humble humans who need him and need his love and mercy. Each step in Hajj has real meaning and gives wonderful lessons. You can check trusted Islamic sites to know more about this remarkable journey to God.
Check out Islam online and Islam way.

4, Happy New year 2007 :)

Finally, wish you a wonderful Holidays and blessing times among your loved ones.
Also, Wish you a glorious new year full with great achievements and happiness.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jimmy Cater.. Thank You!

لماذا الآن؟!

بعد أن بلغ من العمر عتيا ، بعد أن فقد السلطة و الحكم ، بل بعد أن رعى و بارك و ساند المعتدين طوال فترة حكمة بدون أن ينطق بالحق ، الآن أتى ليقولها صراحة و بدون رياء‏ وتملق. جاء ليعلن الحقيقة التي يعرفها و كبتها بداخله طوال عقود ، ربما الضمير عذبه ، ربما أراد أن يكفر عن انحيازه وعدم ثبوته على الحق قبل أن يأتيه الأجل ليقابل ربه بضمير انتفض بعد سبات طويل.
جيمي كارتر ، الرئيس السابق ، ومؤلف كتب وأهمها و أكثرها جدلية كتابه الأخير (فلسطين: سلام وليس تفرقة عنصرية).
جيمي كارتر قرر أن يقف ولو متأخراً ليقول الحقيقة ، لينتقد ما الكل يتحاشى مجرد ذكره بسوء ، ليقتحم المحراب المحرم على العالم أن ينطق ضده بكلمة و لو بكلمة حق.
لا بأس أن تهين أو تشتم الأنبياء، بل لا مشكلة أن تطاول على الله رب وخالق العباد، لكن إياك ثم إياك أن تنطق بأي كلمة ضد صاحبه السمو والعزة إسرائيل!!!
إسرائيل و سياستها النازية الانتهازية الاستيطانية الشيطانية، قالها الرجل و أصر عليها و أتمنى بحق أن يثبت على كلمة الحق التي نطق بها.
ربما تأخر طويلاً ليعترف بها ، ربما استهلكه عمر كامل ليريح ضميره ، لكن على الأقل أثبت أن لدية ضمير حي ، على الأقل قرر أن يعلن بصوت جهور عن الحقيقة ، ولم يكبتها في صدره ، لم يكتفي بأضعف الإيمان ويقول أنا غير راضي فقط داخل قلبه و مع نفسه.
بل حتى لو لم يفعل هذا بسبب انتفاضة ضميره، فهو على الأقل فتح الباب أو لنقل فتح فجوة في جدار التخاذل العالمي. يجب على أحد ما بهذه الشجاعة أن يكسر جدار الصمت المخزي عن جرائم وعنصرية الكيان الصهيوني، بل يجب على اليهود أنفسهم أن يثبتوا أنهم فعلاً ليسوا من الصهاينة الذين تفوقوا على الناريين بالجرائم الرهيبة. وأنهم بريئون من هولوكوست الصهاينة المستمر ضد الأبرياء.
شكراً جيمي كارتر ، نتمنى أن نرى آخرين يمتلكون الشجاعة الكافية ليقولوا الحق و لو متأخرين ولو تعرضوا لكل الحملات العشواء والتنديدات الخرقاء.

Why now?!

When he reached this age?! When he lost his power and rule?! When he supported and blessed those aggressors during his long ruling and power!!
Now, he came to say it loud and clear,, he came to say the truth honestly after all these years!
Maybe his conscience torturing him, maybe he wants to expiate of his biased and feel free.
Everything is possible, and even if he did that for another reasons and not for his living conscience,, at least, he opened the door or let's say opened a gap in that global feebleness wall. Someone with this courage should breaking through that wall of silence toward Zionism crimes and racism.
Jews themselves should stand firmly and say: we are not Zionists, we will not be a new Nazis, we should end this racism state and stop these killings and countless Holocausts on innocent people by our names!

"President Jimmy Carter Gets Called a Racist and Anti-Semite"
Our world must know that there is no Anti-Semite, Arabs are Semitic too and they don't use this expression! How it will be if I try to use it one day to sue who annoying me "even if they are right"!!!

True words: "Palestinians are deprived of basic human rights. Their land has been occupied and then confiscated and then colonized by the Israeli settlers. And they have now more than 205 settlements in the West Bank itself. And what has happened is, over a period of years, the Israelis have connected settlements with highways, and those highways make the West Bank look like a honeycomb and maybe a spider web. You can envision it. And in many cases, most cases, the Palestinians are prevented from using the highways at all, and in many cases, even from crossing the highways.."

Thank you Jimmy Carter for having such courage to say truth without equivocation.

Wishing to see more people saying truth even if they gonna face blind attacks or silly condemnations.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mr Litvinenko and his last wish for Funeral!

I kept reading the latest news about his case and who could be the coward killer. I don't know why I felt that attaching to his story.

I found in Al-Khaleej newspaper a small article about Mr Litvinenko and his Will or his wish.
My heart trembled when I read the title and the article,,, he asked to bury by Islamic Law! his father said that his son asked him to be bury by Islamic Law.

I said to myself: So, what can this explain,,,,,,, he was a Muslim!!!

So, I went to search more and more about this,,, his wife and his friends said he wasn't religious and his funeral will be non-denominational ceremony, but the truth that he wished to be buried according to Muslim tradition.

That's really touched me,,

Times Online news

CNN news


whatever you were Muslim or sympathized with Muslim Chechens, I prayed for you. My dear brother, May God covers your soul with his endless mercy and love.


By the way, this reminded me with other stories I knew about people "some very old and some very young" embraced Islam secretly and never tell their own families except their closer friends! Some even buried according to their old religion while they are Muslims!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I will not pray till you answer my questions!

A story about a young man went to foreign country to study for few years and then he went back to his original country. His family was thrilled by his returning and makes a special reception for him. However, when a prayer time came,, he refused to go to pray with them in nearby mosque and said: I won't pray with you unless one of your great sheiks come to answer my 3 questions first!

So, one of his family members brought a good scholar.

The scholar said to that young man: what are your questions?

The young man replied: and do you think you can answer my questions while many people before you couldn't?!!

The scholar said: let's try and God help us!

The young man replied: my 3 questions are:
1- Is God really existing?! If he does, show me his form.
2- What is Divine Fate or Decree?
3- if Satan is made with fire, so how he will be tortured in hell and fire will not hurt him anyway?!

So, When the young man said what he has,, the scholar slapped him toughly on his face that made him burn with pain!!

The young man got mad and said: why did you do that?! You couldn’t find an answer!!

The scholar replied: I did, and my answer is with this SLAP!

The young man said: I don't get it!

The scholar replied: what do you feel after I slapped you!

The young man said: horrible pain!!!!

The scholar replied: so, you think that pain existing!

The young man said: SURE!! I'm still feeling it!!

The scholar replied: Then, can you show me this pain and its form?!

The young man said: I can't!!!!

The scholar replied: so, this is my answer toward your first question. We feel that God existing with his marks, signs, …etc,,, even though we can't see him!
The scholar added then: did you dream that someone will slap you on your face?!

The young man said: NO!!

The scholar added: did anyone tell you that I will slap you today or have you got any knowledge about this before?!!

The young man said: NO!!!!

The scholar replied: this is the Divine Fate,,, we don't know what will happen before it happens!
The scholar added: my hand that slapped you now, can you tell me which material that made of,,, the origin material?!

The young man said: Clay!!

The scholar added: and your face?!

The young man said: Clay too!!!

The scholar replied: and what did you feel after I slapped you?!

The young man said: Real Pain!!!

The scholar replied: Exactly,,, that goes with Satan as well! God made him with Fire,, and Fire in Hell will be real pain and real torture for him too.

After that, The young man convinced and went to pray with that scholar,, and became good Muslim.


My brother told me this story when he heard it for first time in a religious program. Then, I found this story this week in a newspaper and I decided to translate it for you because it's really worthy!