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Friday, July 28, 2006

Tour For Peace

Zionism...Out Of Judaism

Okay, Tristan. Let me first begin with this expression "Anti-Semitism", they make me really sick when they use this stupid expression to threat and terror honorable people if they dare to speak the truth and be in the right side. They extort people by this expression to prevent any justice.

I read a book years ago about this Semitic issue. They book was acutely about the lineage or descent and not specifically about Semitism. There were a chart as I remember. Prophet Noah and then his sons: Sam, Yapheth, Haamm (I don't know their names in English). Anyway, Sam was the eldest son for Noah and he is the father of Arabs, Persians and Romans. Yapheth is the father of Yagog & Magog, Turks and Sakaleeba. Haamm is the father of Coptics, Berbers and Sudan "Africans". Noah asked God to make all prophets and messengers come from the progeny of Sam. He asked first for Yapheth to make the kings come from his progeny. He invoked God against Haamm to change his color and make his progeny as slaves for progeny of Sam and Yapheth.
Okay, I wondered then WHY. So I read the story to know Why he asked the good things for San and Yapheth and bad things for Haamm. They story is that when the flood came and all of them were on the ship, Noah slept on the deck of the ship. While he was sleeping, his private parts appeared because he unclothed while he was sleeping.. Haamm saw that first and instead of covering his father he kept laugh, then Sam came and saw that and he covered his father who was still sleeping and know nothing about what happened. When he woke up an angel cam and told him what happened, so he was mad at Haamm for his disrespect. And for that, he invoked God. Well, later, he felt sorry for that. I just remember the story and I don't have the book right now.

Anyway, as you can see, we are Semitic too and we aren't ranting all over the world about the historical and religious facts. However, I'm wondering why people in the west can't see and can't read to know what's reasonable and what's not?!!

Now, my personal explanation and thoughts:

First: I don't know Merriam-Webster Dictionary and I didn't search about it.

Second: The word "Zionism" came as I think from "Zion" Mountain.
Okay, we call it a movement planned to gather all Jews and take or "steal" a land for them to be their national state to get rid of hatred that they faced in most countries. They chose 2 possible lands to be their new state: Palestine or Argentina. Finally, they chose Palestine and made strong moves to get help from Europe to take or steal Palestine. They first get help from British who got mandate on Palestine. Then, they sent special Zionist criminal gangs to terrorize Palestinians and forced them to leave their lands and villages. They did horrible massacres against peaceful people. They succeed in their plans and many Palestinians couldn’t stay in their homes. This is the first page in their "Bloody" history. They dispraised Nazis for what they did to Jews while they made the same thing. They still make the same methods and maybe more horrible than Nazis.

Well, why the chose word "Israel" for their terrorist state. Very smart move. I said before why, but let's say it again. Israel word in the west related so much to Bible stories; I guess there is no story in the bible without Israel or Israelis. I watched cartoon series once on a Christian network called "Super Book". Therefore, I knew how much word "Israel" has big effect in religious way on westerners. If you said Israelis are criminals and did massacres and they are worst than Nazis. That can be translating as an aggression against the Israel of the past. As I said Tristan, No one left from Israel, the original Israelis, who's left called Jews because they followed Judaism and considered as only Jews without any relation to old Israelis. Sadly, I didn't find that article to translate it.
But, it's a big mistake to give racist and terrorist state like this one a name of Israel. Besides, most of them are not religious or follow their holy book. As I saw in western program about them. They do all forbidden things and eat pig meats and the reporter found all kinds of pig meats in the stores while it's not allowed for Jews to eat pig meats like Muslims.

It so a strange mixture of society, where you can find all the racism and casteism.
I prefer to call them Zionists because I respect the real history of original Israel and the truthful Jews. They are fake and not deserve to call them Israelis.

Zionists say they are Jews, while there are Jews are not Zionists and against Zionists and claiming to end this racist state.

Check this site out

More than that, there are some extremists, who came from west world to Palestine and then they faced the real ugly face of Zionism. I watched once on TV one of them who converted to Islam when he dealt with Palestinians in the same neighborhood where the new settlers took part of villages. He amazed by the good nature of his new neighbors. So, he faced a conflict in his heart between the ugly style of Zionists and the good nature of real owners of lands. Finally, he converted to Islam as other did and went to live among Palestinians.
I have these pictures of Jewish family came to Israel to be part of its community and then they found the truth and converted to Islam, first the husband and then the whole family became Muslims.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Israeli kids send gifts to Arab kids, with love!

Israeli kids send "Bloody" gifts to Arab kids, with love!

Watch the real Pictures Here

GREAT Gifts from LOVING people.

What can you say to people who are teaching their kids to be that savagery and send "bloody" gifts to other kids. Is this the real peace that Zionists seeking for (Sorry, Tristan, I can't say Israelis). I knew that for long time, I knew how they teaching their kids to hate their neighbors, to hate them and kill them. It is really sacred to kill Muslim or Arab there. No, seriously, I know that, I'm good watcher, you can be blessed if you killed Arabs or Muslims "even Christian Arabs are not excluded from that as they killed once a nun when they attacked church years ago".

This is new picture for you Tristan as you said there (Oh wonderful! Now we're teaching our children how to hate their neighbors too. Future terrorists? Or am I confused and those toy guns are just symbolic of 'peace'?).
Ironically, that were toys and these are real Bombs, priceless deadly bombs carrying signatures of their kids "with love".

Can you feel safe when these inhuman are your neighbors? I won't live near then even if they gave me sea of money. No Way, we say in Arabic (The neighbor before the house) which means we choose the house according to the neighbors, if they are good we take the house, if they are not good, we not take that house no matter what.

There is a real story happened long ago and I love this story about the good neighbor and the value of house:

= Neighborhood for Sale =

Narrated that Muhammad Ben Al Gaheem offered his house to sale for 50,000 Dirham. When people came to him, he said: how much you can pay the neighborhood of Saeed Ben Al Aas. And they wondered: and the neighborhood can be sold?!!. He replied: and why not if you are neighbor is one who if you asked him gave you, and if you left him came to you and if you hurt him stayed good to you.
So, when Saeed Ben Al Aas heard that, he gave him 100,000 Dirham and said: Take the money and keep your house for yourself.

This is the real neighbor; this is the real Muslim and Arab. This is what makes me proud to be belonging to Real Islam. The good-neighbor policy was here long ago before any law.


Yesterday thoughts:

Yesterday, I was reading in AlKhaleej newspaper and I found the details about the American administration Support and the wonderful gifts that gave Zionists. I'm not expert in these bomb "especially the Forbidden ones " and weapons in general, but my brother became really expert and know now a lots of these deadly weapons, Oh Thanks to destructions powers. GBu-28 is just a name for a bomb to me, but America used this bomb on Iraqis in 1991 when they bombed Al Ameriya refuge and killed 100s of people there mostly children and women. They threw two bombs each one weight 1 ton, the first closed the refuge's door and the second make people inside pieces. America gave Israel the second generation of this deadly bomb. They gave them last year 100 bombs of this type each one weight 2,5 tons, that's mean its weight twice than what American threw on Iraqis. Besides, this new one has 1,5 tons of uranium. I was terrified when I was reading such horrible and dirty plans. I'm not surprise at all, because I know that who's controlling and moving American administration, Yes, you guess right, Zionists. They gave Israelis all what they need, money, bombs, ….etc.

Sometimes, I think, why people of America allow this. I mean why they allow strangers and criminals get their money and use it in bad things. Why they allow this dirty administration control their wealth and give it to murderers instead of using it to help the poor and homeless Americans. Yes, believe it or not, in America there are homeless and poor people. I watched a movie once about homeless family in America and I was totally surprised by this new image and new fact about Americans. There are more than 3 million homeless families, that what they said in the movie, but I'm sure that number increased. Nice to give needy people and use your money in good deeds, but the more horrible thing is to give the money of others and not only yours to criminals to kill and destroy others, so you shared them in these crimes and you will face God for what you did and for your help to criminals and you knew what they will do.

When I started to read and e close to my wonderful religion, I found peace and satisfaction. However, I was somehow terrified by the death thought; I don't know why I was thinking that much about death and what after death. How will bury me in a grave under ground and then they will left me, I will be alone in that tight place. How will I face who will come to me to ask me. I spent weeks thinking this way and I couldn’t sleep. Then, I started to think positively, I did nothing wrongs, No I did, but I mean I didn't do the big sins, I never and I will never hurt or kill any creature. I never did what can consider the biggest and unforgiving sins. Yes, I did some stupid things and I watch my self now to avoid any bad things. To be honest, any bad deed we do makes us feel awful and bad while any good deed makes us feel happy and useful.

Now, why some people do inhumanity crimes?. Can't they think about God and the Day Of Judgment. Yes, who do that, mostly, don't have belief or faith. Yet, at least, they have human feelings that we all share, but clearly, they don’t use our human feelings!

Do you remember Sharon, no one talking about him anymore. He finished, has no value or weight in this life, but how he is feeling now, between life and death. No one can feel his struggle and I'm sure he suffer a lot, more than his victims did. He is carrying horrible record to face God with, he is carrying lives of thousands who killed in many massacres.

We should put ourselves as observers on ourselves. We should take a lesson for what happen to others before others take us a lesson for themselves.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Credibility Dilemma

Dear UM HALEEMA, recommended me to watch NON-biased news Channel like "CNN". She thinks that "CNN" give reports from both sides. Before answering this important question. I want to say first that CNN is the most loyal channel to Zionists and try so hard to CLEAN their dirt or give JUSTIFYING for their crimes. Same thing with most of the TV news Channels in USA and in the west generally. Is Al-Jazeera a biased channel? Yes, I think they are biased somehow and I'm happy that -at least- some of them still care to give us the real pictures from neglected side, but still, they are talking with Israelis and broadcast any new scenes from Israel, so they are not 100% biased.
So, to know the truth, you have to watch them ALL.
I watch Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabeya, BBC World, CNN, Euro News, DW TV, even Chinese News and Korean news when I'm interested. Even any news from any channel I found in English. I don't mind to watch, and because I watch, I know who's biased to who. As I watched, all the foreign news don't broadcast the horrible crimes in Lebanon. Only scenes of tanks bombing without giving the real pictures of what happened to victims and civilians in the other side.
A reporter of Al-Jazeera said once and I liked what he said when Israelis bombed a new peaceful remote villages: Unfortunately, no one there to give us the real picture of what happened to that villages or to villagers, we don't seek now for a scoop or beat, but we want to the world to see the truth. He said: we want anyone whatever he is to capture that to let world watching. Excellent Saying.
I remember also the reporter "Katia Nasser" when she was trying to overcome her tears as she telling what she saw, the pieces of bodies and people still under debris of their houses.
We see these horrible scenes and some newspapers here said: Sorry, We will publish these horrible pictures to let you see what happened there.

This is the credibility that we need, if all media started to publish and broadcast everything with this credibility, you will see the real reactions. I think internet can be the new window for people in anywhere of this world to find the truth and see the real pictures.

PS: Katia Nasser and Abaas Nasser of Al-Jazeera with Ali Noon and others from Al-Arbeya have been bombed by Zionists. Thanks God, they are fine and no one got hurt. See, How the Credibility is under Attack. It's Dilemma for the Zionists to see faithful people trying to spread the truth and lifting the fog.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

دعونا نفكر بها من جديد

دعونا نفكر بها من جديد

لا أنكر أني كنت عاطفية جدا و النار مشتعلة ألماً و ضيقاً و قهراً بداخلي مما أراه من عدوان غاشم همجي قذر تعودنا أن نراه من الصهاينة ، فهم لا يملكون الإحساس و لا الضمير و لا المبادئ و القيم، لكن مبهورة بحزب الله الوحيد في مواجهة ترسانة الموت الصهيونية ، هم لوحدهم تمكنوا من بث الرعب في الصهاينة و تمريغ الغطرسة الصهيونية بالأرض ، لم يكن الصهاينة ليتوقعوا أن يقدر حزب الله على المواجهة و ضربهم ، توقعوا أنهم بضربهم المدنيين و البنية التحتية و الهجوم الهمجي الجائر الوسخ سينذل الجميع و يركعوا لهم لينفذوا طلباتهم.
هي ضربة قوية و جريئة جدا من حزب الله المتواضع بالنسبة إلى آليات الموت الصهيونية المتسلحة بكل التكنولوجيا الغربية الأمريكية، الفرق الوحيد أن جهة لديهم قوة الإيمان بالله والتوكل عليه و الجهة الأخرى لا إيمان لديها سوى بما يملكونه من قوة السلاح.
عموماً ، يظل الأمر مؤلم أن نرى أطفال و عائلات تباد و تقتل لأجل حثالة أو "قذارة" من الصهاينة (كما يشرفني أن أقول كلمة سيادة الرئيس الجليل بوش) ، والذي يقهر أكثر أن نسمع تعليقات الدول العربية المتخاذلة ، والتي تعيب على حزب الله ردة و دفاعه ، فكلامهم و تعليقهم اشد و أقوى قبحاً و ألماً من كل القتل والتدمير الذي صار و يصير ، هذا ما يجعل الصهاينة و معها أمريكا و الغرب أقوى منا و أعلى منا و هذا يجعلهم مطمئنين أننا لا نزال على كلمة الاختلاف المتوارثة.
الصهاينة بكل طوائفهم و أحزابهم و معارضتهم اجتمعوا على كلمة واحدة و هم على ظلال، فما بالنا نحن؟؟!!
البعض يقول أننا يجب أن نكون مستعدين لهم، وهذا ما لن يحدث أبداً ما دمنا مائعين بهذه الصورة ، ما دمنا نفتح قنواتنا العربية العظيمة بحثاً عن جديد لنجدهم يطبلون و يرقصون و يمرحون ، وكأن لبنان و فلسطين من كواكب أخرى لا صلة لنا بها. لن يحدث ما دمنا نشجع الخلاعة و الميوعة و الفساد بدعمنا لكل القنوات والبرامج التي تخرج جيل جديد مائع خليع منحل.
أتمنى من الكل أن يفكر بنفسه و كيف يساعد ببناء الأمة من جديد ، هل يركض لهثا وراء قنوات الغناء والمجون و يبدد ماله و وقته لها و يدعم بالتصويت وراءها. هل تتوقعوا لو أن الشعوب العربية لا تدعمها لبقيت تجارتها مزدهرة.
لم يسبق لي أن بددت فلس واحد لشراء كاسيت غنائي أو لدعم مترشح خليع في برنامج الخلاعة المعروف. أحمد الله أني لم افعل هذا سابقا و لن افعله مستقبلاً.
أبدا بنفسك و بأهل بيتك بالبعد عن الفساد أو تشجيعه. ولو أن كل شخص من هذا الأمة فعل هذا لصلحت الأمة في وقت قصير.
وعذرا على الإطالة
والسلام عليكم

Let's think about it again

I admit that I was really emotive and my heart fell with pain for what happening in Lebanon and for that unjust, savage and dirty aggression by the Zionists and we get used to see such thing by them as they have no feelings or conscience or principles. However, I'm really amazed by Hezbollah and their bold and bravery to reply alone with their simple arms while the Zionists got all the developed arms from America and west. One power that Zionists don't have while Hezbollah has it … the power of faith.
Zionists as usual targeted all things, buildings, families, women, children, all things, and not only in south, but in all 4 directions. They thought that will make people of Lebanon ran to UN and USA begging to stop and agree to apply any conditions for Zionists. So, it was big shock that didn't happen yet, and Hezbollah managed to answer the aggression by themselves and alone.
Yes, I'm not happy to see 100s of people of Lebanon and Palestine killed by Zionists for couple of "SHIT" (Oh, will Dear Honorable President Bush allows me to quote his special word here. It's a big honor. You know).

Anyways, I hope all this will end soon and only for people of Lebanon and Palestine.

Even in that racial state, the Arabs who still living inside and still in their homes felt alone and Zionists saved only the real Zionists, the shelters only for the real Zionists otherwise there is nothing for others. Well, it's expected thing to see for strange mixture for a community of racists.

Hope our world enjoying this Drama and this reality TV. Only humans can do this. Remember to watch the new Series of killing on TV News.


I wrote this yesterday or maybe 2 days ago. I'm not sure, but I thought I will delete it and I'm sick enough to start again. Well, I couldn't delete it, it's my thought at that night and I want you to read my thoughts. I know some will be mad and upset, but I think if you see what I see in TV news, you will change your mind. I tried to avoid any news or watching that horrible scenes, but I couldn’t. Oh, last night, I saw a family picked up from their wrecked house and that sweet little boy still with his same position, they were sleeping peacefully in their house and Zionists bombed their house and killed them all. There were 40 days baby, 1 years old boy and lots of children and families. How can you blame me to be so furious. I even dreamt that I was there; I dreamt I was with Hezbollah, I saw the rockets and I told them about some traitors who gave Zionists information about them. It's my first time to be involved emotionally with people I don't know or even met.
Sorry, I might let you down to prove I'm still sticking to my Arabic roots. I'm still have strange passion and concern to what happen to any people in my Arab and Islamic World.

UN is EN
(United Nations is actually Enslaved Nations)
There is no power for this EN and laws are always under who is much powerful. Veto shit is given only to 5 members and they not worthy to have such right. They prevent any just resolution and support what serve their interests. Not even in humanity, but even the nature and environment are not save, they don't sign on any good convention.

Tell me if I'm mistaken

Sunday, July 16, 2006

UN Troops helped zionists in Marwaheen Massacre

Marwaheen is small village in the border between Lebanon and israel. israeli force asked the villagers to leave their village and gave them 2 hours only to do so. The frightened villagers went to nearby base for UN Troops asking for help. The French Troops refused to help them or let them stay in there. The African troops went to ask first and took 2 hours to get the answer from UN and it was : No, don't help them and don't let them stay there. The villagers decided to go out to other far villages using pickups. The israeli airforce bombed them as they leaving their lands. They killed them all, women, men, children. At least, 23 persons with 9 children.

Here you are one Horrible picture I found in a newspaper with one comment about UN troops:

(They refused to protect them alive and now trying to collect their remains)

There is another picture for little girl Killed in the same massacre, but I couldn't put it. It's too much to see all these crimes. As I knew..the zionists are bombing "Soor" now, they destroyed a building with many floors and there were families inside that building.

zionists are coward to bomb unarmed people and they can't face the Great combatants in Lebanon and palestine.

I know that zionists have no sanctity toward anything whatever it is. But, what happen to the real and honorable people of this world. I wouldn't say Arabs only, because they made it worse and ugly by their frustrated comments.

I'm with you Hezbollah. I can't do anything but praying to God to help you and give you the strength to gain the victory.

:New Picture I found:

Friday, July 14, 2006

!No Comment!

!No Comment!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel… you are going so far

Sorry, people. But how we I mean as peoples and countries watch what Israel do every single day and going without any serious reaction. What happened to the real justice? The Israel army does whatever they want. They used to breakthrough to atmosphere of Lebanon many many times.. and did the same with Syria. They kill and do all horrible crimes as long as some powerful countries taking there side no matter they are right or wrong. NOW, they are going so far to strike an independent country like Lebanon and kill innocent people (They killed peaceful people including children, I saw the News today and I saw bodies of civilians, men, women and children). How can this happen. What happen to you and me?

Although, I'm not fan of Hezbollah, but I know they defend the south Lebanon because Israel wanted badly to take south Lebanon (actually, wanted to take all Lebanon). Southern Lebanon is wonderful and productive land. So, when Israel in the past knew they will leave the land, they left one thing beside the killing and destruction, they spread mines in that land. People there still suffer and afraid to go deep to their land because of this mines. Israel did the same thing with Siena-Egypt. So people there lose their lives or become handicapped. I saw a program about the kids there and how some killed or lost hands, legs, eyes, … because of Israeli mines.

Now, What will happen??? Sure, the same excuse "self-defense". So, Lebanon and Palestine must say the same here, they must Defend their selves and their land. Only with one thing different, they will be alone while Israelis have all the powerful countries at their disposal.

Now, Israel appears their power AND they can do everything publicly without any worry. They now making siege on Lebanon. What can I call that??!! the ultimate aggression. They are the pirates of this century with other aggressor.

I can't take Iraq and other countries from my mind. Sure, you knew about the rapers in Iraq, some soldiers drank alcohol and went to nearest house , killed the family and raped the 14 years old girl and then killed her and tried to burn the house and burn her body to hide the crime. I was terrified when I heard about that without knowing how old that girl. I was worried about my angel, my pretty friend there. She is old than this girl. She is almost 30 years old now, but still my little angel. Sorry, I know a lot about these crimes, I know it's countless number for these crimes and only one appeared to you. They did horrible crimes like this one. Don't forget Abu Graib Spa.

Few days ago, people of Bosnia remembered the Srebrenica massacre. I wrote about that before, but I still remember them and I can't imagine humans did that to people in the middle of Europe under the UN peacekeepers eyes. They witnessed the whole crimes and did nothing to stop any. They saw unarmed people tortured and killed savagery, they saw innocent girls and women raped brutally in special camps to rape them. Can't this remind you with Holocaust of Nazis. It's the same. Now, it's remind you too with special prisons and camps like Guantanamo!!

May God Help you (Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Bosnia, …etc) and Help us to do something if we can.


It's only my personal thoughts, I know that will not effect anyone of the criminals. But, at least, I wrote my thoughts. I'm really feel ashamed to watch without doing anything to help or stop all these crimes.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


محاسن التلصص على المكالمات حسب ما صرح به السيد بوش
رغب مهاجر عربي قديم يعيش في أمريكا أن يزرع البطاطس في حديقة منزله
ولكنه لا يستطيع لكبر سنه فأرسل لابنه الذي يدرس في باريس عبر البريد الالكتروني هذه الرسالة
ابني الحبيب احمد
تمنيت أن تكون معي الآن وتساعدني في حرث الحديقة لكي ازرع البطاطس
فليس عندي من يساعدني.
وفي اليوم التالي استلم الأب الرسالة التالية:
أبي العزيز
أرجوك إياك إن تحرث الحديقة لأني أخفيت فيها شيئا مهماً
إذا رجعت سأخبرك ما هو
ابنك احمد
لم تمض ساعة على الرسالة
وإذ برجال أف بي آي والاستخبارات والجيش يحاصرون المنزل
ويحفرونه شبرا شبرا فلما لم يجدوا شيئا غادروا المنزل.
وصلت رسالة للأب من ابنه في اليوم التالي
أبي العزيز
أرجو أن تكون الأرض قد حرثت بشكل جيد
فهذا ما استطعت أن أساعدك به وأنا في باريس
وإذا احتجت لشيء أخر اخبرني
وسامحني على التقصير
ابنك احمد

وصلتني هذه القصة ذات المغزى عبر الايميل ، وجدتها جيدة و مناسبة أن أتشارك بها معكم.

The benefits of the spying on people of America:
An old Arab immigrant living in America wanted to plant potatoes in his Garden, but he can't do that because he is too old. So, he sent this e-mail to his son who is studying in Paris:
Dear Son Ahmed
I wished you were here with me to help me plow the ground because I want to plant potatoes and no one here with me.

Next Day the old father received this letter:
Dear Dad
PLEASE. don't plow our garden because I hid very important thing there. When I get back, I will tell you what.
Your son
Less than hour ,, the house surrounded with FBI, intelligence and army. They dug the garden and turned over every single square of the house and Garden. Nevertheless, they didn't find anything. So, they left.
Next day another letter came to that old father from his son:

Dear Father
I wish that the garden had plowed very well.
That's all what I could do for you while I'm still here in Paris.
If you need anything else, please tell me.
Forgive me.
Your son
I received this story by an e-mail and I think it's not real and just showing how it's silly to spying on others and how people can use it for their own interests. Funny story, but with good meanings.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jews Arabs - unheard Voices

I watched this program in Al-Jazeera and I amazed by some facts I never knew. It's excellent documentary shows us the hidden face of what's really happen in the real Israel. I knew that Arab Jews didn't go to Israel by their free will, but have been expulsion by some Arabic governments!. That was awful thing. I know I have bad feelings and distrust to Jews because of what happening to Palestinians, but that's not mean we should be bad to all Jews. Through this program, I watched new picture for the real Arab Jews. They were honest and spoke frankly. They said: when the first generation came to Israel, they fond European people who are not that religious like them, but they kept their loyal as Arab people as they are still Arabs. What happened later that the next generation, who born in Israel became more loyal to Zionism and try to push their connection to Arab world just to be accepted by the European Zionism society. They became more violence and more bloody to show their loyalty to the Zionism and rid of their bond to Arabs. They killed and attacked Palestinians to prove they are not Arabs. The other thing amazed me is that the Arab Jews were more religious than the new arrivals from Europe. Also, some one of them who is Sami Mikhail said remarkable thing about Sadam Hussien as the Zionists claiming he persecuted the Iraqi Jews when he was in power. But Sami Mikhail admitted that he was kind and respect others as he mentioned one incident when the government of Iraq was about to paving new road and this new road will cut a graveyard of Jews. So Sadam ordered to give the Jews people who were not more than 60 person a compensation beside moving all the graves to new place before starting the new road. Sami said the Israelis try to hide the evidences and photos of this event and spread the false image of Sadam as unjust to Jews of Iraq. Then he added: if Sadam was in power in 50s or 40s of the last century, I'm sure no one of Iraqi Jews will be forced to leave Iraq!!
There are many things I never knew before about the life of Arab Jews inside that racist society of Israel. Many things you will be surprise to know about. It's good to see and read about that.

The documentary program has parts. I watched 2 parts till now. There are many other Jews appeared in the 2 parts and I didn't find all pictures of them, the pictures of these Arab Jews I found in AlJazeera Net. Some of them still speak Arabic and some can't, some try to speak with broken language.

Well, I think this is one of the excellent programs done by AlJazeera and I really appreciate that.

Here you are the links of the 2 parts of this program in AlJazeera Net, only In Arabic.

Part -1

Part -2

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Muslims…Arabs…Pretty Women 3

Now , here you are, the Third Part:

=Samah Al-Abaar=
Yes, again, My Adorable Samah. I made 2 wallpapers and I uploaded the first, and this is the second. She is sitting here in Dubai TV News room. I couldn’t help it. I want to share this too with you. Hope it is worthy and lovely as I see it . *_~

=Mona Abed Al-Jani=
Mona Abed Al-Jani used to be actress and singer. I remember her very well When I was little baby, she is cute woman. She used to sing love songs, but she was good lady and sober. She wore the Hejab and still in the media. She presents program on Iqraa TV called (Mona and her sisters).. Like a friendly chatting between Mona and some ladies about many issues in the society. I like her,, she is nice lady and even when she was without Hejab and sing love songs, I think she was special with polite style and sweet voice, not like the new singers who sing with their bodies not their voices.

=Dareen Fahmy=
Dareen Fahmy. Honestly, I don't know her!!!! I found her pictures in a magazine, so I scanned her pictures to be wallpaper here. But as I remember, she is an anchor in Al-Shareqa TV. maybe, Al-Shareqa TV, I'm not sure, but for sure in one of the TVs in UAE. I think she is Palestinian woman. Cute Lady.

=Nadeen Labki=
Wow.Nadeen Labki. Oh, please take it easy. The story of Nadeen is funny. I know that she is the director of some Video clips that may some of you hate. However, she is talented girl if she turns her talent to make good movies and clips that educate people. Besides, she is really gorgeous and has very pretty face and I was wondering like many others why she is prefer to be behind the camera!!!??.
Oh, Yes, I bought the magazine because of her. I don't remember why I have many pictures of her, maybe I scanned from different magazines. I think that because the covers I found from 2 magazines. Anyway, because she has very good shots, I couldn’t put all of them in one wallpaper. So, 2 wallpapers for her. I don't know if she is Muslim or not, but she is sweet Lebanese woman.


Maybe, this part will be the last. I ran out of the pictures! :-D
I scanned all the pictures that I used 2-3 years ago. I saved all pictures in special CDs. All I did is reuse the pictures and made them as wallpapers for you. I remember collecting the magazines during The Holy Month Of Ramadan of many years.
Hope you liked all what I uploaded for you.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Can you recite the Koran like him?!!

Months ago, I received via e-mail an audio file with this challenging question.
When I listened to this audio, I was really amazed by this reciter. He is really good and touched me with his powerful reciting. Sure, I can't do like him. I don't have that long breath to continue and read in such remarkable way. He is really awesome, but I didn't know who is he?!!
(My father said he is Abed Al- Baseet Abed Al-Samad, I think he is right,,, how I couldn’t recognize him!!!)
He recited Al-Fateha the first Chapter with 2 verses of Al-Baqra. Really awesome and I put it now with high volume. I love it so much.

This file I received was not clear with some noises in the beginning, for that I fixed it and I converted it to mp3. it's not big, only 551 KB
I found a site through dear brother Abed, this site helped me to upload the file, so you can download it easily. I also uploaded another file for another reciter called Ahmed Al-Ajmi recite the same chapter. Also, mp3 and the size is 35 KB. I like Ahmed Al-Ajmi so much, but I like Abed Al- Baseet Abed Al-Samad too along with Abu Alwafa AlSaeedi and AlTablawi.
Please download the file and tell me your opinion. It's awesome and really touch my soul.

Abed Al- Baseet Abed Al-Samad
Ahmed Al-Ajmi

PS: I have scanned pictures of Abed Al- Baseet Abed Al-Samad from a magazine long ago. My father likes to listen to him and to his son too. His son called Tariq also recites the Holy Koran and almost has the same voice and same way of his father. Wonderful.
This is my favorite picture for him.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

((The Sacred Marriage))

Again, I will take the same boy as an example as he shocked me again. I was happy for him as he expecting his first child in very young age, I thought that would help him improve himself and be more serious and good, as a good example for his child. But I shocked with whom he is expecting the child?!!!! I thought he was married…NO, he is expecting his child with his GIRLFRIEND?!!!
I kept visit and try to collect the whole picture together. My dear boy is living with his girlfriend in her father house and they live together like man and his wife. So, now she is pregnant with their first child!!!

Honestly, he is not the first one. I saw that in many cases. Lately, Tom Cruise and his FUTURE wife Katie welcomed their first baby girl!!! I saw him in an interview and I laughed when the reporter asked him:
NOW when you are going to wed?!!!
Now, the marriage is the last plan for couples.

Countless people do that. I remember another comedy series called (Darma and Garig), sweet funny woman married to lawyer aristocratic man, in one episode her parents decided to marry and she asked them: are you sure… are you ready for this guys?!!! OMG, I laughed and I thought it's just a joke…it can't be real. How they live together and have daughter who is already married herself and now they are thinking about getting married!!!

From a newspaper I found another story, 70s years old couple lived together and have kids and now have grandchildren decided to marry!!!

What is going on people!!!???

I was wondering:
There is no sanctification for the marriage in the west!!!

Therefore, I visited a website I found about the bible's answers and I found the answers that I was wishing for "Thanks God".


Read it carefully

((As a result, it is not honoring to God for a couple to live together before marriage.))

It's the same thing in Islam. We don't have these things in our societies, no men and women living together as girlfriends and boyfriends. People first get married and then have babies.

It's embarrassing subject to talk about, but it really shocking me to see it so popular while the Bible and the Koran agreed that it's not allowed, it is FORBIDDEN.

If we just think about that away from religions. Naturally, if a man fall in love with a woman, he will ask her to marry him, this is how prove that he is in love with her, and he is respecting her as a respectable woman

(for example: Why Prince Charles decided to marry that old Camilla??!!. As I assumed he wanted to prove his love to her AND to replace the lower and improper word "Mistress" to higher and proper word "Wife").

{The Western world has developed an art of glamorizing filth and sin. IMMORALITY is now termed "new morality!" A BASTARD is now called a "love-child!" and a BITCH which normally meant a female dog; when applied to a woman it implied that she was like the bitch in season (rut) - given up to uninhibited sexual abandon, free to all comers. This word is derogatory no more if you apply a superlative to it i.e. simply add the adjective "super" make it "SUPERBITCH!"}
~Ahmed Deedat~