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Friday, June 30, 2006


One of the blogs that I kept read is for 23 years old western boy. Despite some improper words that the boy use, I kept read his posts without sharing with comments. Once, He came up with a subject I couldn’t believe it in the past, I saw in many series and movies parents forcing their boys and girls to leave the family house, and I thought it's really exaggerating and unreal, how come a parents do something animalish like that "if there is such word"???

The boy was talking about a friend of him, and how his father kicked him out of the house and he is 29 years old unemployed young man!!
He said:
((I was out of the house when I was 17...to be 29 and still at home?!!!))


Why you should leave your house and your family???
This is unreasonable dilemma to me, I can't imagine family forcing young family members to go out. What if he/she can't survive alone and has no job or place.
Why in the first place the kids must leave their original house by age of 16, 17, 18 or even 29?!!!
If they want that, and want to have their own separate house and family, that's OK, but if they are not qualify to go out and manage their own new separate life, HOW the parents force them to go?!!
Can anyone tell me WHY??!!!

Thank God, this is not a common rule to all families, I found other blogs for westerners and I really loved them, nice loving families with big strong bond and relations. I really love to see the love between the families and how each one love the other with pure and white hearts.

Monday, June 26, 2006

.::. My Iraqi Friend .::.

The Reality Of Life In Iraq…BEFORE and NOW!

It was in the mid of 2001 or 2002 when she sent me the first letter. A mistake brought her to me…she got my mailbox by a mistake, but she wanted to be a friend. She was needing a close friend, so I couldn’t say No…. she gave me the bitter picture of realty of people suffer and their Dreams became just mirages.
I couldn’t imagine such a suffer and agony like this. I got the whole picture of her suffering life…through letter after letter. She told me how she lost her Father and Mother because of illness and lack of medicines and cures,,, How she gave up her study and school to work in a factory…she used to start from 5 AM to 5 PM in very unhealthy conditions that made her and her mates get illness…so horrible to imagine!! Besides, that the owner of the factory was so cruel and if any one of them felt ill and can't work properly, he will easily expel her and bring stronger one regardless how much she needs to work, so she kept working so hard despite her weakness. Her income was not enough to make her and her sister, brother and aunt living happily. There were so many things to pay for. The house where they live is a rent house. One of the difficult moments that she faced when her sister caught illness and she was needed an urgent surgery, but with their tiny incomes that was impossible. They sold their furniture, TV, Radio,,, all things can be useful to collect enough money,,, good people helped them with what they could offer. Happily, her sister went through that surgery and she is fine. All these before the invasion of aggression Army of American "The New Pirates".
Now, she lost her Job because she can't go out as before,,, she can't go out even for normal things,,, she and her family barely can survive each day where The Death can be in any corner. She told me how it's terrible to see people you knew became Human Flesh pieces. The Human Flesh Pieces can be seem everywhere.
I was cohabiting her hard and harsh life for years by her words and letters…
What happened from that time till now?!!
Not even a single positive thing!!! NONE!

BEFORE: at least she got a job and kept her dreams alive to go back to school one day and complete her studies. Life wasn't that bad…all that because of the siege and the economic siege "that America put it on Iraqi People", there was not enough supplies of foods and medicines and equipments. For that she Lost her Parents. That Siege made Iraq and Iraqi people so weak. As she told me at that time, there was a card for each family to get a monthly supplies from the government, so there was good plan to make life easily for each family. The lack of medicines at that time caused death of more than 1 million child in Iraq.

NOW: The brilliant idea of supply card is dead, there is no one giving the families monthly supplies right now. The people of Iraq not only still suffer with the lack of supplies, but lack of safety, lack of trust, lack of everything can be imagine. The Death become the daily visitor to Iraqis,,, no one sure that he/she will be safe or stay alive this day or tomorrow,,, This is the freedom of America.

my dear friend stuck in the house, she can't find a job, she hasn't any incomes and the owner of the house wants his money, she tries to write and imagine nice things for me,,, she said in her last letter: everything still the same, the death lies ahead for us in every corner and street, but we can't do anything except praying and asking God to help and save us.

My Dear Pretty Friend,,, She is an angel, Pure, Innocent, virtuous. I have one picture of her, I wish I can put it for you to see that angelic face and pure beauty of Iraq, but I can't put it before getting her permission "but I will put a design with her eyes".

She wrote very special letters for me, her words,, her lines, she use wonderful words to write even though she didn't complete her 7 grade. She is 4 or 5 senior than me, but her pure heart and satisfaction making me feel I'm less and less than her.

I feel ashamed to be so unsatisfied with my own life, I'm so stubborn and moody If didn't get one stupid material thing, or If I asked for something and I didn't get it immediately, How ungrateful I am towards God' Graces. I'm living in very big modern house, having my own big private room with all things, PC, Mobile phone, toys, teddy bears...etc like a spoiled baby girl,,, I'm enviable by my own friends,, one of my friends came to visit me and she wowed by my own room and said: you have all these and you are not happy!!!!
I couldn't figure out what is the big deal!
Now, I admit that I'm so ungrateful to God.

I write these post as a lesson for me to be satisfy and happy with God Blisses.

I write this post as tribute to My Dear Strong Iraqi Friend. I wrote for her in my last letter these English words:

Keep your Rosy "Dreams" On
Keep your Faith
Your Soul
Shining like a Sun

She will not understand my words because she can't read or speak English, but she knows that will be tender words to encouraging her.
I was thinking of scanning one her letters to let you see and touch her tender, wonderful and moving words that making me shed tears and stand speechless for this great girl…

May God Save Her and Her Family.

PS: "I'm against American Army and their aggression, I'm against American administration, but I'm in love with American people "The Real Americans". I have great, faithful, respectable and honest American friends and they are totally against the aggression of their army and the unfair wars that American administration made against weak peoples and countries"

Friday, June 23, 2006

((قصة كيس الحلوى))

في إحدى الليالي جلست سيدة في المطار لعدة ساعات في انتظار رحلة لها

وأثناء فترة انتظارها ذهبت لشراء كتاب وكيس من الحلوى لتقضي بهما وقتها فجأة وبينما هي متعمقة في القراءة أدركت أن هناك شابة صغيرة قد جلست بجانبها واختطفت قطعة من كيس الحلوى الذي كان موضوعا بينهما .
قررت أن تتجاهلها في بداية الأمر,, ولكنها شعرت بالانزعاج عندما كانت تأكل الحلوى وتنظر في الساعة بينما كانت هذه الشابة تشاركها في الأكل من الكيس أيضا .
حينها بدأت بالغضب فعلا ثم فكرت في نفسها قائلة
" لو لم أكن امرأة متعلمة وجيدة الأخلاق لمنحت هذه المتجاسرةعينا سوداء في الحال"

وهكذا في كل مرة كانت تأكل قطعة من الحلوى كانت الشابة تأكل واحدة أيضا .وتستمرالمحادثة المستنكرة بين أعينهما وهي متعجبة بما تفعله،

ثم أن الفتاة وبهدوء وبابتسامة خفيفة

قامت باختطاف آخر قطعة من الحلوى وقسمتها إلى نصفين فأعطت السيدة نصفا بينما أكلت هي النصف الآخر.
أخذت السيدة القطعة بسرعة
وفكرت قائلة " يا لها من وقحة كما أنها غير مؤدبة حتى أنها لم تشكرني "
.بعد ذلك بلحظات سمعت الإعلان عن حلول موعد الرحلة
فجمعت أمتعتها وذهبت إلى بوابة صعود الطائرة
دون أن تلتفت وراءها إلى المكان الذي تجلس فيه
تلك السارقة الوقحة
.وبعدما صعدت إلى الطائرة ونعمت بجلسة جميلة هادئة
أرادت وضعكتابها الذي قاربت على إنهائه في الحقيبة

وهنا صعقت بالكامل

حيث وجدت كيس الحلوى الذي اشترته موجودا في تلك الحقيبة

بدأت تفكر
" يا الهي لقد كان كيس الحلوى ذاك ملكا للشابة وقد جعلتني أشاركها به"

حينها أدركت وهي متألمة
بأنها هي التي كانت وقحة , غير مؤدبة , وسارقة أيضا.


كم مرة في حياتنا كنا نظن بكل ثقة ويقين بأن شيئا ما يحصل بالطريقة الصحيحة التي حكمنا عليه بها

ولكننا نكتشف متأخرين بأن ذلك لم يكن صحيحا

وكم مرة جعلنا فقد الثقة بالآخرين والتمسك بآرائنا نحكم عليهم بغير العدل بسبب آرائنا المغرورة بعيدا عن الحق والصواب
.هذا هو السبب الذي يجعلنا نفكر مرتين قبل أن نحكم على الآخرين...

دعونا دوما نعطي الآخرين آلاف الفرص قبل أن نحكم عليهم بطريقة سيئة
وصلتني عبر الايميل و أحببتها لأنها واقعية و تحدث معنا كثيراً جدا.. فوضعتها كما هي و كما وصلتني.

"The Candy packet"

One night there was a woman sitting alone in the airport hall for hours waiting for her flight.

So, she went to buy a book and candy packet to spend her plenty time in good way. So, while she was immersed in reading that book, she surprised to find a young girl sitting beside her eating from the candy packet on the chair between them. She decided to ignore her, but she was really upset when that girl was eating from Candy packet and sharing her with it. She was really mad and talking to herself: "if I wasn't polite lady, I will give this impolite girl a big black circle around her eyes". Each time that girl eats from the candy packet ,the woman get mad and say nothing and eat.

Suddenly, the girl "with nice smile" snatched the last piece in the candy packet an halved it into 2 pieces.. she gave the woman one piece and ate the other piece. The woman was totally mad and seized the piece and ate it without any word except the angry eyes…saying to herself: how rude and impolite this girl to eat my candy and not even say thanks".

Not long after, she heard the announcement of her awaiting flight, so she gathered her bags and went to Gate without looking back to that girl.
When she was in the plane and feeling much better, she was totally shocked when she put the book that she bought in her bag.

She found her candy packet inside her bag!!!

So, that packet was belonging to that girl

It wasn't her candy packet

And the girl politely and generously shared it with her!!

So, she was the rude, impolite and thief one, not the girl!
How many time we do that.
We think we look right to things and think our judgment is the right.
But, too late, we find out we are wrong!
We should think twice before judging on others.
Let's give others many chances before judging wrongly!

I received this by e-mail and I liked it so much, hope you will like it too!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Muslims…Arabs…Pretty Women 2

Now , here you are, the second Part:

=Mera Al-Meheeri=
Mera is lovely Arabic News broadcaster in Dubai TV. I like so much my sisters on Dubai TV. I buy the magazines that contain any interview with them. Mera is my favorite one beside Samah and I really like her so much. She is so cute, humble and proved herself in this field. "Let me tell you my silly thought, I think Mera is look alike Hollywood actress SJP> Sarah Jessica Parker. Not so much, a little bit"

=Samah Al-Abaar=
Yes, Adorable Samah. She was the first one caught my attention as a news broadcaster in Dubai TV even before Mera. She has very special voice, I can recognize her by her voice only. The special thing about her and Mera and other anchors on Dubai TV that they kept wearing our traditional Abayya on TV with new lovely colorful Sheela. They are from emirates. Good For Them!

=Nelly Kareem=
Nelly is an Egyptian actress. I don't know her so much, but I think she is cute with childish face. I knew that she is originally a ballerina; I like ballets and ballerinas. As I saw her in an interview long time ago, I shocked that she was married and a mother of 2 boys. I couldn’t believe that because she looks so cute and young and unexpected to be a mother!.
I put her here because I like her, I don't know if she is Muslim or not, but she is for sure Arabic face.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some Quotes Of "Friedrich Schiller"

"A noble heart will always capitulate to reason."
Friedrich Schiller

"No emperor has the power to dictate to the heart."
Friedrich Schiller

"The universe is one of God's thoughts."
Friedrich Schiller

"Worthless is the nation that does not gladly stake its all on its honor."
Friedrich Schiller

"The voice of the majority is no proof of JUSTICE."
Friedrich Schiller

In addition, I add:
"The voice of the majority is no proof of TRUTH"


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Muslims…Arabs…Pretty Women 1

I used to scan the most remarkable pictures I found anywhere. I did scan pictures of Famous and Sweet Muslim or Arab Women. Some Muslims not Arabs,,, Some Arabs not Muslims. Actually, I don't care. I liked them and I found some of them so cute. I wanted to upload their pictures, but some of them have 2-3 pictures and I can't put 3 pictures for same woman. So, I got the idea of putting them as a backgrounds or wallpapers of computers,,, Will be more nicer!

So, here you are, the first Part:

=Ellen Brayan=
A French sister. Converted to Islam and married to Lebanese man. She is a news broadcaster in Al-Manar TV. I saw her couple of times presenting News in French language.

=Hala Gorani=
No need to mention anything about this gorgeous woman. Hala is my favorite girl. I wrote about her in a special post. Check it out!

=Kawthar AlBashrawi=
Kawthar is so pretty woman. She is a
Tunisian anchor and she was famous anchor of MBC many years ago. She worked in different TV channels. I don't really know where is she now, but she is nice lady and has very sense of responsibility especially when she became a mother.

=Basma Wahba=
She is Egyptian anchor. I watched a realistic program for her called "Before you been judged" discusses important things and acts that effected the society,,, trying to open the cases files seeking for treatments or solutions. It was really good!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

قصة العالم و تلميذه

(قصة العالم و تلميذه)
سأل عالم تلميذه: منذ متى صحبتني؟
فقال التلميذ: منذ ثلاثة وثلاثين سنة...
فقال العالم: فماذا تعلمت مني في هذه الفترة؟!
قال التلميذ: ثمان مسائل...
قال العالم: إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون ذهب عمري معك ولم تتعلم ألا ثمان مسائل؟!
قال التلميذ: يا أستاذ لم أتعلم غيرها ولا أحب أن أكذب...
فقال الأستاذ: هات ما عندك لأسمع
قال التلميذ:
الأولى:‏أني نظرت إلى الخلق فرأيت كل واحد يحب محبوبا فإذا ذهب إلى القبر فارقه محبوبة فجعلت الحسنات محبوبي فإذا دخلت القبر دخلت معي.
الثانية:‏أني نظرت إلى قول الله تعالى: "وَأَمَّا مَنْ خَافَ مَقَامَ رَبِّهِ وَنَهَى النَّفْسَ عَنِ الْهَوَى ، فَإِنَّ الْجَنَّةَ هِيَ الْمَأْوَى"‏فأجهدت نفسي في دفع الهوى حتى استقرت على طاعة الله.
الثالثة:‏أني نظرت إلى هذا الخلق فرأيت أن كل من معه شيء له قيمة حفظه حتى لا يضيع. ثم نظرت إلى قول الله تعالى: " مَا عِندَكُمْ يَنفَدُ وَمَا عِندَ اللّهِ بَاقٍ " فكلما وقع في يدي شيء ذو قيمة وجهته لله ليحفظه عنده.
الرابعة:‏أني نظرت إلى الخلق فرأيت كلا يتباهى بماله أو حسبه أو نسبه.ثم نظرت إلى قول الله تعالى: " إِنَّ أَكْرَمَكُمْ عِندَ اللَّهِ أَتْقَاكُمْ" فعملت في التقوى حتى أكون عند الله كريما.
الخامسة:‏أني نظرت في الخلق وهم يطعن بعضهم في بعض ويلعن بعضهم بعضا وأصل هذا كله الحسد.‏ثم نظرت إلى قول الله عز وجل: "نَحْنُ قَسَمْنَا بَيْنَهُم مَّعِيشَتَهُمْ فِي الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا" فتركت الحسد واجتنبت الناس وعلمت أن القسمة من عند الله فتركت الحسد عني.
السادسة:‏أني نظرت إلى الخلق يعادي بعضهم بعضا ويبغي بعضهم على بعض ويقاتل بعضهم بعضا.‏ونظرت إلى قول الله تعالى: "إِنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لَكُمْ عَدُوٌّ فَاتَّخِذُوهُ عَدُوًّا" فتركت عداوة الخلق وتفرغت لعداوة الشيطان وحده.
السابعة:‏أني نظرت إلى الخلق فرأيت كل واحد منهم يكابد نفسه ويذلها في طلب الرزق حتى انه قد يدخل فيما لا يحل له.‏ونظرت إلى قول الله عز وجل: "وَمَا مِن دَآبَّةٍ فِي الأَرْضِ إِلاَّ عَلَى اللّهِ رِزْقُهَا" فعلمت أني واحد من هذه الدواب فاشتغلت بما لله عليّ وتركت ما لي عنده.
الثامنة:‏أني نظرت إلى الخلق فرأيت كل مخلوق منهم متوكل على مخلوق مثله , هذا على ماله وهذا على ضيعته وهذا على صحته وهذا على مركزه .....‏ونظرت إلى قول الله تعالى "وَمَن يَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ فَهُوَ حَسْبُهُ" فتركت التوكل على الخلق واجتهدت في التوكل على الله.

(Story of Scholar and his pupil)

Scholar asked his pupil:
Since when you has been with me and learn from me?
Pupil said: Since Thirty-three years...
Professor Said: What did you learn during this period?
Pupil said: eight things...
Professor replied: "Ena Lee Allah Wa Ena Elyh Rajoon= We are Allah's "belong to GOD" and unto Him we are returning.". I wasted my life with you and you learnt only eight things!!!?.
Pupil said: Professor, I didn't learn more than these 8 things and I hate to lie.
Professor said: OK. Tell me what you learnt?.
Pupil said:
I looked at the creatures and I saw each one has a lover, but if he/she went to the grave, the lover will leave him/her. Therefore, I made my Good Deeds as my Lover, so if I went to the grave one day my good deeds will enter the grave with me.
I looked at the words of God Almighty in the Holy Koran: "But as for him who feared to stand before his Lord and restrained his soul from lust, the Paradise will be his Home - 79:40-41". So, I worked so hard to keep myself away from my whims until I settled with obeying GOD only.
I looked at the creatures; I saw that all those who have something valuable keep it not to be wasted. Then I looked at what God said: "That which ye have wasteth away, and that which Allah hath remaineth - 16:96". So, whenever occurred at my hands of something value, I push it to GOD to save it for me.
I looked at the creatures, I saw each one show off by his/her money or ancestry or pedigree. Then I looked at God saying: "the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct - 49:13". So, I worked so hard to be pious, so GOD will consider me a noble.
I looked at the creatures; some of them are showing enmity toward each other, some curse each other and this is all because of envy. Then I looked at God Almighty saying: "We have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of the world - 43:32". Therefore, I left envy and hating people and learned that the livelihood is from God.
I looked at the creatures, who they are hostile to each other, showing enmity toward each other and fighting each other. Then, I looked to God saying: "The devil is an enemy for you, so treat him as an enemy - 35:6". Therefore, I left the enmity toward creatures, and considered Devil/Satan as my only enemy.
I looked at the creatures, I saw every one of them bearing and humiliating him/herself seeking of livelihood, which sometimes causes crossing the forbidden lines. I looked at what God Almighty said: "And there is not a creature in the earth but the sustenance thereof dependeth on Allah -11:6". So, I knew I am one of these creatures, so I took care of my duties and left my rights with God for Him.
I looked at all the creatures, I saw each one of them is depending on another creature. One on his money, one on his lands, one on his position…etc. Then, I saw God's saying "And whosoever putteth his trust in Allah, He will suffice him - 65:3". So, I left my depending on creatures, and I depend on my God only.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Reading the Holy Koran"

I should admit again that I didn't read the whole holy Koran in my childhood or even in my teenage. I used to have difficulty to read it in proper way; I found difficulty to understand what I'm reading and spell out the words correctly! (yeah, while we can sing and memorize 10s of songs easily).
Therefore, I just try first to listen to famous reciters of the Holy Koran. I started that after my graduation. I bought CDs and before that I used to download my favorite reciters from the websites (Basically from Islam Way).
Before, I just used to read it and not try to understand the meanings or the story behind each chapter or verse.
The good Reading must be with forethought!
I remember watching an interview with Dr. Zajlol El Najaar. "He said: in one of our conferences in the west, a man stood to debate us about some words in Koran. He just took the external meanings of the words and he don't know the Arabic language, I told him that if we are the one who speak the language and it’s the mother language of us and we can't understand all words, and we regularly go back to dictionary of Arabic language to see the more closer meanings for the words.
So, How about someone who can't speak
the language and can't see and estimate the words!!"
That's true, Arabic language not easy at all… yes, it's one of the elegant and interesting languages in the world, but to learn it will be tough challenge.
The science of Arabic language like a sea, so deep, so full, and you will find many bases and grammars. Most of us stay in the edges of daily talk and slang words without going so deep into the classical Arabic….
In the holy Koran, if you know nothing about meaning and explanations of the Koran, you will misunderstand many verses and meanings. I did misunderstand some verses because I took my simple knowledge about the language.
I didn't understand so many verses, so I used to read in a copy of holy Koran with explanations in the footnotes. So, now I can memorize many verses of Koran and with the story or meaning of them. At least, I can now read and understand many chapters of Holy Koran.

So, Dear Friends, don't think you can understand everything or what you have in the translations is enough. You should try to find more and read more...