Heaven's Lights Heaven's Lights: January 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


He: did you watch the tour of Mr Bush inside the gulf?
She: No, I was really busy to watch his Majesty?
He: you missed a lot! If you only saw him,, a real comedy show.
She: how come???
He: he is a real disgrace for his nation, I don't know how American people allow such idiot to be their president.
She: what happened?
He: for example, in Israel,, he was scolded by his beauty love Condi, she wrote a note "Shut Up" because he was drunk and started to speak recklessly.
She: Oh, what a shame!!! Hmmmm, he always acts like that. You know him.
He: yes, true, he always like that, idiot.
He: what really annoyed me is the great welcome for such criminal in our gulf!!?? This is the real disgrace and real shame!
She: yeah, I watched that on the TV, he was just a clown, but our dear Arabs were as clowns as him.
He: can you imagine such thing.. People in other countries protest against this criminal and his new pirates while our dear Arab and gulf countries welcome him warmly??
She: true, I was really frustrated to watch our dear brothers and sister in Gaza and Palestine suffering and under siege.
He: yeah, Israel didn't allow fuel to enter Gaza and therefore Gaza in complete darkness. Hitler is still alive!
She: not only darkness, the temperature is so low there,, imagine , we are here feeling cold inside our warm houses and with heaters and electricity. So, how about them in such situation and weather??!!!! Besides, sick people and patients inside hospitals are in big risk of losing their lives.
He: I feel helpless and hopeless. Nothing seems going right in this world and life. These leaders of us are such ".....".
She: we don't need to be desperate, they need us to remember and mention. They need to us to work and try to do something, any thing, even speaking and talking.
He: we have been doing this for a long time and never worked.
She: at least, we are doing something and thinking about them unlike others who know nothing and have no care or interest.
He: maybe!!


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hijri Year 1429

Wishing you a Happy New Hijri Year filled with Good Health, New Hopes and New Beginnings!

May year 1429 opens up for you more opportunities, lead you onto the path of righteous, grants you happiness and prosperity!

"May the Light of Heaven shines upon your path, and bring you to the completion of your work in Peace, Joy and Grace"