Heaven's Lights Heaven's Lights: April 2006

Sunday, April 30, 2006

George Bernard Shaw and "The Genuine Islam"

When I went with my family many years ago in a tourism trip to "…", I found excellent books available everywhere even on the street!!! That was unusual scene for us, so I bought many books at that time, one of that books and my favorite one was about the writers of this world and their funniest stories, I liked so much "George Bernard Shaw" and his acrid criticizing and comments with other people like Winston Churchill, his beautiful secretary and some women…etc.

Then I heard that Shaw said nice things about our Real Perfect Islam and our Great Prophet Mohammed, he said the truth and didn't disfigure the truth for any hidden purposes.

I searched about what he said and I found this :

"I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him - the wonderful man and in my opinion far from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Saviour of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today."


Sir George Bernard Shaw in 'The Genuine Islam,' Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.
"If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam."

There are more, more people said the truth, check out this link:

"Quotations on Islamic Civilization"

Friday, April 28, 2006

"Some Lovely Pictures For Muslim Children"

""Some Lovely Pictures For Muslim Children""
((Part 2))

Another cute picture I found in some websites, excepting #4 and #6 which I scanned them (with others) from magazines.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Good Sort Of Poetry-2

This is an extraordinary poetry for "Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb". I received it by e-mail a long time ago, it's excellent poetry and I was thinking of translating it to English, but I couldn’t get enough time to do it, besides I think the beauty of this poetry is with the original words, the Arabic words, even if I tried to put the meanings of these words, it will not give you the essence beauty of it, but it's generally about How we should think about this life and How its worthy when its come to end. we must work for this life, but without forgetting our journey afterlife.

Anyway, if any one of my dear visitors can translate the meanings of this wonderful poetry in the same way as it's now, Please put your translation in a comment of this post,
I appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why I am Muslim ??!!

(This confession could be a shock to my friends and maybe to you too, but I'm sure that happened with lots of people and not only me!).

A dear Christian Brother gave me the idea of speaking more deeply about this religious direction.
So, why I'm Muslim?! Yes, because my parents are Muslims and I followed their footsteps, why he is Christian?! for the same reason, and so on with all people of this world. Yet, we were born with no religion in our minds, we were born pure and religion-free 'nature', so we were born alike in every spot in this world, but our parents drag us to be like them and stick to their religion, it is look like a heritage or tradition transferred to us!
But the question is:
Are we certain to be in the same way?
Are we looking to the religion as a tradition, or, a way of life?

I will put myself as an example,
Do you know why?
Because I took my religion for a long long time as a tradition, as a habit that transferred to me by my parents!
My family didn't pressurizing on me to pray, to fast, to wear Hejab "The Head Scarf", or even to read the Holy Koran (but I wore the Hejab later because of the society, and not for the sake of GOD!!!). I was free to do whatever I want but with the limits of morality, I was living without thinking of this life or what is the point of our lives on this earth? . I just kept living aimlessly day by day, imitating actresses and singers, listening to 'Madonna' and other Bands, (I still listening to her old songs though), so no one push me to do something I don't like, I kept wasting my life for years, and I didn't start my searching till my graduating from the College!, I got plenty of time that made me setting down and thinking seriously about this life and why we are here??, why we repeat the same circle that our forefathers did before??? born, study, get high grades, go to good college, get good job, live well and beat the competitors, married, have kids, raising the kids, get old , and die!! That's it!!! The same circle we all do in the whole places!!!!!!
I was confused about our existence on this earth?, so, I started to listen to Holy Koran and then read it 'correctly' and try to find more about real Islam and away from that gloomy and bigot conveners, who drove me away and kept me afraid and loth toward religious people. I found the real meanings of this life and how can I live happily now and in the afterlife. I rediscovered my long-time religion and I felt I'm new Muslim. I didn't change that much, but I got more clear view about life and what I should do, I try to be nice and good, I try to help others and I have plans to help and do good things, not seeking a praise of others, but seeking GOD's love and mercy.
So, it's important to search and convince yourself about your religion and find out more about it to get more satisfaction in your life.
I hope you understood that I'm not religious in that disfigured image (The image that I faced and Kept me away from religion issues), I still as I was before, but I found my peace of mind and I have endless dreams and plans to achieve, I love this life, I love all people, I love to be as good as my GOD wanted me to be. I know GOD put me here to do and achieve things, good things to me and to others, so I hope I will do good deeds that give me GOD's Complacence in the end!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Good Sort Of Poetry-1

It's a realistic poetry from a local newspaper, I kept it in my diary Book for years , then I scanned it to publish it here. As I see, still describing lots of what is going on now!

I use this two lines to close my e-mails with my closest friends, I found it in long poetry inside a CD belong to my Brother, I loved it and I chose these two lines. I hope you will like it too!

وبالله حولي واعتصامي وقوتي * * * ومالي إلا ستره متجللا
فيا رب أنت الله حسبي وعدتي * * * عليك اعتمادي ضارعا متوكلا

Saturday, April 22, 2006

See and Read Others Thoughts... Various Notions!

I found in my search in the blogs, different blogs (my way is like a continuous chains, I visit a blog , see comments, choose the one who looks more decent and visit his/her blog and so on),
I found lovely people with sweet blogs, I found nasty people with improper language, I found strict Christians and enquirer Atheists!!

Yes, I really like to read their thoughts and find out more about their ideas, their doubts and their questions,,, it's a must to read and educate ourselves in Islam, when we read about them, we become more happier and settle because we are Muslims and get that peace of mind that others still spinning in that circle of queries and still there are no convinced answers.
Yet, I may not a specialist to know all the answers that others seeking for, but I have enough of information about my religion "Islam" that making me satisfy, happy and sure about it. Moreover, there are some things in other religions not reasonable such as the concept of eternal salvation that all Christians got because Jesus 'as they claim' crucified and sacrificed himself for their sins, so all of them will go to heaven whatever they did in their period time in this life??!!

'This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins'. (John 4:10)

It seems illogical to me, because God created us with separate hearts, brains…etc , so each one of us will be responsible of his own choices, his own decisions, his own works and sins,,, I can't say that I will go directly to heaven because I'm Muslim or I'm Christian or whatever,,, it's depend on my own personal choices in this life, in my own good works and deeds.
More than that, Jesus is not son of God, take it in a logical standards, if Jesus is the son of God, God will be as a begotten father , he will be like human, sleeping, eating ….. and dying, and do what humans do, and maybe he has a father too!!!! and this is a terrible Contradiction to give God who is nothing like him a human features. He was the first and he is the last, he has no partners, he need no one while we all need him, he never die while we all will die sooner or later.

'Say: He is Allah, the One!- Allah, the eternally Besought of all He begetteth not nor was begotten- And there is none comparable unto Him' Holy Koran-112

A Postcard To Dear America

'Bombing Democracy and Freedom'
I got this touching picture by e-mail from a friend of mine a long time ago, I kept this picture in my main folder to remind me how terrible and destroyer wars can be on simple people, what pissed me off is to know that the gentlemen who threw that deadly bombs are not regret till now for what they caused.

How hearts can be much harder than boulders!

Friday, April 21, 2006

New Anti-Virus Program

My brother told me that this program is the newest program help protecting computers from new viruses, I downloaded this program for my brother because his LapTop infected with 'serious' viruses, so I installed it in my PC to test it too, and unexpectedly, AVG found 'Baby Trojan Horse' hiding in my Local Disk C,,, what a nice surprise!! and I thought my PC is well protected and no need for HUGE Trial program like this!!
Well, I think I was wrong.
If you want to see and check your PC, download this program now and update it to clean your PC too.
No Doubt, it's HUGE program with 23.8MB, but it is worthy and at least you will clean your PC and maybe find some Cutie Baby Viruses :p
You can download it now and directly by this link:

Or go to the main page and download the first option:

Interesting Book

'Islam Our Choice: Portraits of Modern American Muslim Women'
by Debra L. Dirks (Editor), Stephanie Parlove (Editor)

I think this book is one of the excellent books that give us clear and clean facts of new Muslim women in their own western societies and how they deal with others, how their lives going on with their new beliefs.
I didn't find this book here, but if I couldn’t find it in other big libraries, I might try to send an order.
Anyway, I hope you will take a look to this book and try to read for different writers as many as you can.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

1 Page, 6 Songs and My Favorite 2!

In the link below, there is 1 page contains 6 Islamic songs by artist called 'Zain Bhikha'. He is South African dentist artist who got the support of wonderful artist 'Yusuf Islam'…so he sang Yusuf Islam songs and he has really lovely voice.

The songs are :
(Our World - Wonderful World - The Orphan Child - The Wedding Song - Allah is Enough For Me - Fortunate Is He )

My favorite two are: Our World and Wonderful World.
In fact, I was looking for the first one and by pure chance I found this link months ago.
When you open this page, you will be surprise by the automatically downloading process, the whole songs will start to download at the same time. So, it's recommended to have 'Download Accelerator' or any program like this one to download all songs without difficulty, especially that all of them are MP3 with big sizes, but it's really worthy!!


"Enjoy and tell me your opinion and your favorite one!"

Monday, April 17, 2006


It's amazing to see identical twins like that...???!!!!
Isn't it??!!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

My Pretty Woman "Hala"

I couldn’t resist….I want to tell you my favorite girl in this moment and this week, I didn't watch her for a while, but I didn't forget her either.

When I found out that a magazine made an interview with my sweetie girl "Hala Gorani", I went immediately to buy that magazine, I was really happy to read about her as a normal person not famous newscaster and to see her pretty face.
For years, I was addict on seeing her with many others in CNN…I love to see her beside Richard Quest…Sweet Pair!

I did search about her few years ago in the web, but I searched for her photos only, not about her life, but I was 90% sure that she is related somehow to Arab World because of her Arabic Name.
In the magazine she told the interviewer that she is originally Syrian and from pretty town called "Halab", the same town of wonderful Late Syrian-American Director "Mustafa Akkad". Hala didn't visit her Original Country "Syria". But the most important thing about her that she is "MUSLIM"! Yes, I never think about this when I was watching her, I thought it will be nice if she is really related to Arab World by her ancestors. So, it is really nice thing to know that she is a dear sister. I really loved her before and I love her more now, I loved her for her unique appearance and strong personality…she is tough, gentle, polite, serious, practical and many more…CNN is really lucky to have Hala among her gorgeous Staff.

She is now 36 years old single pretty famous anchor of CNN. I loved to see her beside Richard Quest, they make special and gorgeous duo. I remember some of their funny and remarkable appearances years ago: like when Dear Hala made a special interview with Millionaire called "AlWaleed Bin Talal" aboard his private luxury Yacht…Funny Richard insisted to see the whole yacht and the special landing strip for helicopters with funny sign "Cut cut cut", he annoyed Hala when he asked if she went inside the yacht, she was uninterested and more realistic, but he is cute and give funny comments. Also I remember when they asked viewers this question: if you can give "Amount Of Money" to spend a day with special person, who will be?...many wished to meet up with famous people, some wanted to meet up with Hala, with Richard, one said he will keep the money for himself and spend the day with his Mom….one from Africa said if there any possibility he want to meet Prophet Mohammed……OOHHH How Sweet!! Honestly, he was better than me, I was stupidly thinking of Celebrities.

Well, I really enjoyed this team…Hala and Richard, they are so cute, so adorable, she is realistic and strong, he is so funny and comedic.

I found this unofficial site about Dear Hala with lots of information, pictures…:
I loved all Wallpapers of Dear Hala especially the first one "I put it as my Wallpaper now":

Oh Yes, I found also this Blog about lovely Hala Gorani. I was surprised to see lots of people love sweetie Hala "but Who can blame them??!!",,, I consider the man who will marry Hala the luckiest man ever! ".

"Looking For Hala Gorani"
Hala Gorani is a CNN International reporter who makes world news at least twice more interesting. Witty, charming, with a humor that has an IQ prerequisite for viewers to understand, she elevates news reporting to a whole new level

Monday, April 10, 2006

""Some Lovely Pictures For Muslim Children""

""Some Lovely Pictures For Muslim Children""

These cute pictures I found in websites.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

! يا لكم من بلهاء و سذج

! يا لكم من بلهاء و سذج

:-( كم يعتريني خجل و امتعاض منكم يا عرب و يا مسلمين

!!!ألم تعودوا تعقلون و تتفكرون؟

!!ما بال تلك الأدمغة التي تحملونها في الرؤؤس قد علاها التراب و تعطلت؟

ألا تخجلون أن ينظر لكم الغربيين و هم مستهزئون ضاحكون لتلك الأكذوبة والقصة السخيفة البلهاء التي لا زلتم تتداولونها و كانت قبلها قصص مثلها متهالكة سخيفة و غير منطقية ... غير عقلانية

أتحدث هاهنا عن قصة الفتاة الممسوخة التي لا تزال رائجة و صدقها الجاهلون (و العالمون) و ما زاد السخرية أن ألصقوها بدولة خليجية أقل و أبعد ما تكون عن المشاكل و المصائب و القبائح و الفضائح التي في الدول الأخرى...!!?

نحن في عصر التكنولوجيا والفن و الانترنت و تبادل العلم و التعليم عن بُعد ، فصار العالم قرية صغيرة و بثواني قليلة نعرف ماذا جرى في الجهة الأخرى من العالم ، و أنتم تصدقون أن تلك فتاة حقيقة قد مسخها الله لمتابعتها قناة أغاني "و لا أدري أي قناة فلست أتابع قنوات الأغاني" ، و لم يمر عليكم أن تلك ما هي إلا تمثال من خيال فنانة و نحاتة استرالية مبدعة استوحت فكرتها من موضوع الاستنساخ ...فأتت بتلك التماثيل لتعبر عن فكرتها و كيف سيكون الحال لو امتزجت جينات البشر بجينات الحيوانات... الفنانة الاسترالية أبدعت عدة تماثيل و منها ذاك التمثال الذي يبدو كـــحيوان بشري مقزز (و لقد استخدمت كغيرها من الفنانين الجدد مواد جديدة تشابه الجلد البشري و تساعد على أن تكون التماثيل المصنوعة أقرب للحقيقة و الواقع و هناك نحاتون آخرون نحتوا قبلها مثل تلك الأشكال و لكن أشكال بشرية حقيقية أقرب للواقع و لكنها أتت بفكرة جديدة مختلفة عنهم) و لدي صور تماثيلها كاملة ، فلا أدري كيف أن أغلب العرب بهذا الغباء و السذاجة و البلاهة لتصديق أمر كهذا!

ما جعلني اكتب الآن أني دخلت موقع عربي مصري (وقلما أفتح مواقع عربية لسخافة بعضها) فهالني بما فيه و منها هذه القصة الغبية الساذجة المخجلة التي لا تزال رائجة ، فتحسرت على حالنا كعرب نسعى للتقدم و الارتقاء والتفوق علميا و مهنيا و لا يزال بيننا من تحللت أدمغتهم لقلة عملها و لم يجدون ما ينشرونها و يغذون العالم به إلا التفاهات و السخافات ليزداد الساخرون منا و المستهزئون...كم أشعر بالقهر و الضيق!

أكتب هذا الكلام بالعربي فقط ، لأني لا أريد من الغربي أن يقرأ هذا فيضحك ، و حتى إذا تمكن أحدهم من فهم ما أقوله فحتى أنتم يا غربيين ... هناك نسبة لا بأس منكم من المؤمنين بالسخافات و الأكاذيب و القصص الملفقة و الأساطير الخرقاء كالادعاء رؤية مريم العذراء أو رؤيتكم تمثالها أو لوحتها تبكي و تذرف الدموع ليتضح في النهاية أن الشمع المستخدم كان يذوب!
فما هذه البلاهة!؟؟

حتى لا تظنوا أني أنكر قدرة الله تعالى ، فقد بينت وجهة نظري مئات المرات ، فالله عز و جل أعظم شانا و أرفع قدرة من أن ينتقم فيخسف بفتاة مضللة تم تضليلها و تهميشها بواسطة المفسدين ، فيترك المفسد ليعاقب الضحية ، و هناك مئات المفسدين الضالين الذين تجاوزوا و تجبروا على حدود الله و عاثوا فسادا في الدنيا و لم يخسفهم الله ليكون الحساب في الآخرة: "اللّهُ يَسْتَهْزِئُ بِهِمْ وَيَمُدُّهُمْ فِي طُغْيَانِهِمْ يَعْمَهُونَ" ، كما أن الله العدل الصمد لا يحتاج أن يخسف بأحد أو يظهر اسمه العظيم على ورق أو شجر أو حجر ..."وَقُلِ الْحَقُّ مِن رَّبِّكُمْ فَمَن شَاء فَلْيُؤْمِن وَمَن شَاء فَلْيَكْفُرْ".

أتمنى أن تتحرروا من هذه الأوهام و الخزعبلات و الاستعباد الفكري.

بل أتمنى لو تصرفوا تلك الجهود و تلك العقول و التفكير و الأموال و الأوقات في بناء أنفسكم أولاً ...بالإيمان و اليقين و الثقة بالله و التحصيل العلمي وعدم الالتفاف لمروجي السخافات و الأمور التافه ، ومن يريد أن ينصح الناس و يعظهم بترك قنوات الأغاني و المجون و الفسق فليكن واضح و صريح و عقلاني لا يلجأ إلى قصص سخيفة بلهاء تظهرنا حمقى و جهلاء
،،، "واللي فينا مكفينا"

أمامنا مشوار مهم و عظيم لإرجاع الأمة إلى سابق مجدها و تفوقها ، و لو أن كل شخص تولى نفسه بالإصلاح و التعليم و العمل الصالح و اختيار الصحبة الصالحة لصلحت الدنيا كلها.

هداكم الله و أصلح بالكم و نور دربكم و حرر عقولكم

Friday, April 07, 2006

Be Humble

Be Humble

تواضع تكن كالنجم لاحا لناظر
على صفحات الماء وهو رفيع
و لا تك كالدخان يعلو بنفسه
إلى طبقات الجو وهو وضيع
فأقبح شيء أن يرى المرء نفسه
رفيعا و عند العالمين وضيع

Be humble like a star
Can be showing even in the surface of the water
But still big and high
Don't be like a smoke
Going higher and up 'arrogantly' in the air
But its worth nothing

The ugliest thing is when a person consider him/her self
better and higher than others
People consider him/her as a tyke and worth nothing.

'They also said: don't be like the one who are on the mountain's peak, see the people who are under the mountain very small and they are see him very small too'