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Saturday, May 13, 2006

(Ahmad Ibn Fadlan)

"Ahmad Ibn Fadlan"

"The 10th Century Muslim Writer and Traveler"

I used to listen to local radio and love to hear the programs about the famous Muslims, there was a program called "Arabian Book taught the world-كتاب عربي علم العالم", through this program I knew new Muslim scholars that I never heard of, I couldn’t count them, but I was happy to know them and their books and achievements, one of them I couldn’t forget called " Ahmad Ibn Fadlan", who traveled up to Russia and even went with Vikings to Norway and other places there.

there is a movie called "The 13th Warrior" starring Antonio Banderas, which is represent this extraordinary traveler in a fair way 'I guess', I watched it many times, but not from the beginning, I always got in the middle, and I like it (except some scenes that not quite right). Well, I don't think there is any movie (whatever historical, romantic, drama, even the one that for kids) without some * Bad Scenes*,, and sure that doesn't reflect the real story, that’s just to attract the audience.
Anyway, he was remarkable and brave traveler and I love the travelers and their stories especially the old ones.. :-)


Blogger Tristan Vick said...

The 13th Warrior is an adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel "Eater's of the Dead" which is in turn based loosly off of Ibn Fadlan's non-fiction log of his journey up the river Volga. The main plot- is however, borrowed directly from the Anglo-Xaxon epic Beowulf (the oldest known legend in Western culture). There are also elements added from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights aka "1001 Arabian Nights."

Michael Crichton is a literary genius! He is definately one of our more imaginative contemporary authors. Brilliant! I wish I had his tallents.

5/13/2006 10:00 PM  
Blogger Abed. Hamdan said...

Great information , thanks for sharing !!

5/14/2006 9:22 AM  
Anonymous قويدر said...

I liked the movie ... with the exception of the part where he learned the language overnight

5/20/2006 1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7/20/2006 8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7/22/2006 1:27 PM  

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