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Sunday, May 07, 2006

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~~ Women In Black ~~

Yes, this is our traditional clothes, it's really gorgeous, I have long skirts and trousers, but I have many of this Abaya and Shela, with wonderful designs and colors. It's really stylish and any woman can make her own and special Abaya with different appliqué. It comes with black cloth only, you can make it with any color, but it's the wonderful black color "The Master Of Colors" can fit to call any Abaya real "Abaya". I saw western girls whether tourists or residents love to wear Abaya and even love to choose the more stylish one like us.
So, don't you think that I'm a (terrorist)!!, Oh God, no, I'm far far away from the terrorists "I hate terrorists and reject terrorism", I live in lovely and peaceful country among friendly people, who love and welcome any one, any foreigner and at the same time, we still stick and adore our traditional clothes and life, and I took many traditional recipes of skin and hair care from grand mother and I'm crazy lover about Henna, printings henna on hands and feet or Henna mix for hair "it's really good to make hair shiny and healthy".
Well, as many of you do, we still love our traditional life :)

What do you think now about us "Women In Black"?


Blogger halalhippie said...

I think ur way to beautiful to be hidden from the world. Now, as we both know decency and modesty depends on where u are. I can think of Scandinavian women who would look better in a full ni8aab :-)
[did I pronounce that right?]

Some ME women make me think of one of the 99 names of the Most High: Al-Khaliq .... He created so much beauty, and Man decided to hide it.

Now, I'm a man and older than you: I give thanks to Al-Khaliq for beautiful women. Should I lower my gaze ? not if my heart is pure.

(Sorry, it's late and I'm tired)

5/07/2006 4:50 PM  
Blogger RabbitExpress said...

You are very pretty. No doubt about that. As someone has already posted, decency and modesty have little to do with dress.

Here is something to think on. Men probably thought of this mode of dress because they did not want onlookers to see what they pocessed.

5/08/2006 10:58 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

Well, brother, as u said, GOD is beautiful and loves beauty, he created this world with beauty in many forms,.. but here, I want people to know about our customs and clothes that we wear here,, and not mix it up with some of BAD extremists. :(
and by the way: this is not me, it's not my pics, i found it on the web as i found some on the magazines, that's all. but, sure, i wear this kind of gorgeous clothes here usually. i hope u like it as we do ;)

5/08/2006 11:53 AM  
Blogger halalhippie said...

Well, my dear, I fell into the trap: I didn't "see" the beautiful dress, I saw a woman all covered.[I didn't think it was u] as we discussed on the blog where we met, we may look at the same thing and come to different conclusions. Your "Milky Lady" is a good example. Take a look.
If u really want to see something different, try to look at the hijab thru blue eyes.

"We created you into man and woman and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know each other." Surah al Hujrat no. 49.


5/09/2006 2:44 PM  
Blogger Abed. Hamdan said...

Great, we should be proud of our traditions...and It looks good

5/10/2006 12:10 PM  
Blogger Tristan Vick said...

Ninjas traditionally wear all black also. I think it's interesting, because the culture I know intimately is the ancient Asian cultures, especially that of the Chinese and Japanese.

I personally love Japanese Kimono's and I think they are the most elegant and feminine. The traditional Kimono covers every part of a woman except her face, and her face is painted white to hide her skin. There is only one small piece of flesh showing on the back of the neck (no bigger than your thumb) and this is traditional for ceremony reasons, but also can be subtly seductive.

American women all dress like guys now. But that's the price we pay for gender equallity, or should I say, nuetrality? Oh well.

5/10/2006 1:35 PM  
Blogger Tristan Vick said...

Oh, also, in Japan there is hakama which is a style of Kimono worn by men.

Traditionally the sleeves on Kimono's are important and have great meaning. Long sleeves which cover a girl entirely, all the way to her finger tips, means she is a virgin. Short sleeves on a kimono mean that the woman is married, and they will stop at the wrist or sometimes forearm.

The hakama can be worn by both men and women. Kimono's are only for women. And yukatas are often mistaken for kimono's, although they are only cotton dresses. Kimonos are always made from the finest silk and can be up to 5 layers!

5/10/2006 1:41 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

Halalhippie: I don't know dear?!!!!! it is really gorgeous dress with unique designs and fancy works, and "I wanted u to see the dress not to see the covered women", sure it's decent dress! What do u expected?
A mini-Abaya< Hahahahahahah
So funny brother, u made me.. LOL

"يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ إِنَّا خَلَقْنَاكُم مِّن ذَكَرٍ وَأُنثَى وَجَعَلْنَاكُمْ شُعُوبًا وَقَبَائِلَ لِتَعَارَفُوا إِنَّ أَكْرَمَكُمْ عِندَ اللَّهِ أَتْقَاكُمْ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلِيمٌ خَبِيرٌ"
"O mankind, We have created you male and female, and have made `you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Allah is Knower, Aware."
Surah al Hujrat no. 13.
(Sadaka Allah Al-Atheem)

It's Surah al Hujrat no. 13, not no 49. In fact, Al Hujrat has no 49, its from 1-18 verses.
Anyhow, u r amazing me with ur pretty-good knowledge about some verses of Koran and Arabic words??? did u read about that or u increased ur knowledge by dealing with Muslims in DK or through the net?!

5/10/2006 2:09 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

Abed. Hamdan: Right brother, thank u.
Tristan: thank u for these interesting information.

5/10/2006 2:12 PM  
Blogger A.Adam said...

in libya also, there are some store sell this type of cloths,unfortunately not more libyan Traditional cloths.
Women in Black, that's reminds with a movies, or in white as we have here in libya, always women I respect.

5/11/2006 2:18 PM  
Anonymous قويدر said...

That mystery in the hidden internal beauty and piercing hypnotizing eyes will haunt me for years
Wonderful pictures, the black taints beauty with mesmerizing majestic contrast and brings out more beauty than the eyes can see. This is the essence of beauty, indulging your senses, not your eyes. Only wise people understand the difference between vision, and sight

5/13/2006 2:01 PM  
Blogger Chimera said...

I`m right the case that looks like "a western who loves to wear Abaya"... I`m non-arab moslem & I admire a beauty of hijab & its deep meaning. Here are my question about abaya as a traditional form of hijab in the Gulf region. Is it OKay if I wear Abaya & Sheila the traditional Gulf way? I love it! But yet it remains traditional clothes. And is it appropriate to wear it to an official meeting either?..
I`ve heard of a case one lady wasn`t allowed to a certain place as a foreigner wearing traditional clothes [that is forbidden??]. Should I then wear Iranian hijab?.. but I`m not Iranian. Jellabiya? I`m not Egyptian or Moroccan.. Finally, should I wear Sarafan?? Again, abaya is 1st of all hijab.
I`d be happy to know your opinion.

3/28/2007 10:13 AM  

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