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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Depend on your Faith

While I was preparing my answer for a dear Atheist Brother, I found a colorful letter for me from a dear friend from "……..", she has been away for months and I didn't hear from her for a long time, she was facing serious family problem that threaten her stable family, her Mom and Dad were in the edge of collapsing and divorcing, she wrote to me a letter months ago about her fears and went into tears, she was like a little girl afraid to lose her united family and be forced to choose between her mom and dad. I was terrified like her, she is older than me, but she wrote like little child, I wrote to her my advices and some tips that can help her parents to look and consider the family members, I even told her about my own personal experience, also I told her to tell her parents when they are in good mood how they are lucky to be one family and her friend (who is me) wish to have family like them, (some words and comments can soften hearts more than anything),

Anyway, I really liked what she revealed and consider it as an answer for any one thinking negatively about GOD and FAITH,
she wrote this time about that terrible experience and how she was frustrated and hopeless, her sadness and despond made the life without any color or taste, she was drowning in the maelstrom of despair,,

she said: "I just forgot about the invocations, the real magic and nothing can help more than faithful invocations to GOD, and my faith and prayers to GOD. And NOW I got back my confidence and I am more happier than anytime, I found happiness in every thing and what make me happy now is my pretty little angel, my niece "R", she making me really the happiest human on this earth!"

The best answer for case like this is with this two lines:

ولــرب نـازلة يضـيق بـها الفتــى *** ذرعــاً و عند الله منها المخرج
ضاقت فلما استحكمت حلقاتـها *** فـرجـــت و كان يظنها لا تفـرج

Which means: sometimes we fall in dilemmatic problems and feel terrible by that, while GOD has the way out. And we think it will never solve and suddenly we find the way out to solve it with no complexities.

This is "R", my friend's angel, her niece making her the Happiest human on this earth!


Blogger Noor said...

I remembered reading a story about a western traveler lived for years with 'Bedouins' and share their good and bad times, and he wrote "it's amazing that these people accepting what happen with them, if something bad, they don't panic or be that much sorrow, they said 'it's written, it's all written by GOD' and they accepted it already,, this is a great recipe for anyone want to live happy and without worries".
Yes, it's true, If we keep ourselves sad frustrated and wept, is that will help and return what we have lost??? NO.
What do u think??!!

5/03/2006 4:52 AM  
Anonymous Neverland82 said...

I have to agree with you...Things which are meant to happen will happen...and the things which weren't meant to happen won't happen even if you cried your eyes out...
It's what God had created for us...We have to work hard on what we want, because at the end we'll say "we've done the best we can :)"

5/03/2006 5:03 AM  
Blogger Noor said...

excellent Neverland82, I liked ur comment, Well Saying!

5/03/2006 10:27 AM  
Blogger Abed. Hamdan said...

ذكرتوني بأكثر أبيات شعر بحبه للإمام الشافعي

دع الأيام تفعل ماتشاء..وطب نفس إذا حكم القضاء

ولا تجزع لحادثة الليالي..فما الحوادث الدنيا بقاء

5/04/2006 12:52 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

دع الأيام تفعـل مـا تشـاء وطب نفساً إذا حكم القضـاء
ولا تجزع لحادثـه الليالـي فما لحوادث الدنيا من بقـاء
وكن رجلاً عن الأهوال جلداً وشيمتك السماحـة والوفـاء
وأن كثرت عيوبك في البرايا وسرك يكـون لهـا غطـاء
تستر بالسخاء فكـل عيـبٍ يغطيه كمـا قيـل السخـاء
ولا ترى للأعـادي قـط ذلاً فإن شماتة الأعـداء بـلاء
ولا ترج السماحة من بخيـل فما في النار للظمـآن مـاء
ورزقك ليس ينقصه التأنـي وليس يزيد في الرزق العناء
ولا حزن يدوم ولا سـرور ولا بؤس عليـك ولا رخـاء
إذا ما كنت ذا قلـب قنـوعٍ فأنت ومالـك الدنيـا سـواء
ومن نزلت بساحتـه المنايـا فلا أرض تقيـه ولا سمـاء
وأرض الله واسعـة ولكـن إذا نزل القضاء ضاق الفضاء
دع الأيام تغـدر كـل حيـن فما يغني عن الموت الـدواء

5/06/2006 6:40 AM  

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