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Saturday, September 09, 2006

9/11 Tragedy

Back to that day. I was in my room. I don't remember what I was doing when my brother rushed in and said America under attack!!!. What?!!! I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. I couldn’t imagine what really happening there. I went in hurry to our living room to see the news on TV. I sat in the nearest sofa and my eyes were clinging to the screen with confused feelings. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I couldn’t hold myself and I cried when I saw an old lady holding her son's picture hoping to find him alive. I was shocked to see humans in that situation. Yes, I was sad and I cried. They are like us,,, an ordinary people, Muslims and non-Muslims. We don't gloating over people's grief and misfortune.
In fact, we have more feelings about tragedies and misfortune. We used to watch that every day.

Did Palestinians cheered for that?!
I don't think that was true. Even if SOME of them did that, that will not reflect the majority of them as they are suffer everyday and lose lives and taste the bitter of tragedies and this never-ending. So, it's unlikely Palestinians will do such thing. Also, I heard about Jews did the same, but I didn't watch any, so it's hard to say it was true or not.

There are still many theories, especially the theory of conspiracy. I have my suspicions too about what happened that day. Yes, could some misguided young men did that horrible sin and killed innocent people. But, what if that American administration knew about that plan and did nothing to stop it. They have no problem to sacrifice people's lives which can pave the way for blocked plans, like invasion other countries.

Lots of sings and small details can saw the seeds of doubts inside each of us. I even received a flash about how did the plane hit the pentagon and there are many evidence proved that wrong. There was no plane.

Anyways, that can hurt more,, to know that the one who should protect you, has allowed the tragedy to go on for other purposes.
As I see, people think about 9/11 tragedy and forget the American administration reply. American administration did worst than the hijackers. They killed endless innocent people and families. I can't forget the Afghan children who buried alive under their clay houses. I still memorize them as it happened yesterday (even Taliban prisoners were killed savagery). Iraqi children fight diseases for their lives when they were under siege, not only children, even old people like my friend's parents who died because of the lack of medicines. After the invasion "under bunch of lies" more people died, more crimes done by Americans, but no one was convicted. They are now the terrorists and kill/torture/rape and do all inhuman crimes. Even have secret prisons like Nazis around the world and most prisoners were kidnapped from their countries or other countries with no single accusation. Most of them are innocent and did nothing wrong. Some released with no charges, but at least they are alive,, while some returned homes as bodies,, tortured bodies, like that Yemeni man who returned to his family as body with clear signs of torturing on his body and his family want to know "who killed him". They are sure he will never kill himself.

Yes, we are sad and angry for whom lost their lives in that day, but we are more sad and angry for the endless crimes done so far by Americans under that fragile reason "War On Terror".


I found this touching movie flash about the tragedy. That really touched me and I shed tears for that poor little girl Amy, with really touching songs too. I can imagine this girl in every country that suffered. I can imagine Iraqi Amy, Afghani Amy and Palestinian Amy…etc.
Even my own strong friend in Iraq who lost her parents and forced to leave her beloved school and study to work in early age,,, can you imagine her suffering at that time.!!

You can watch this touching flash movie more clearly through this link:



عندي ملاحظة واحدة للعرب والمسلمين المحترفين في الفلاشات ، لكان من الرائع أن تصمموا مثل هذه الفلاشات المؤثرة أيضاً بدل أن تكون فقط لأغاني غرامية أو أمور لا فائدة منها ، و لا تنقصكم القصص ، فهي يومية و لا تنتهي في بلادنا العربية و المسلمة المحتلة و التي تئن تحت وطأة الاحتلال البغيض أو الاعتداء و العدوان الجائر.
كنت أول ما وجدت هذا الفلاش في موقع لفلاشات و كان يحتل المركز الأول في المشاهدة والتصويت، كل الناس أحبته و أنا معهم ، لأنه بحق أثر بي و بغيري بل أدمع عيني لأنه قصص حقيقية و تحدث و أطفال يشردوا و يفقدوا أهاليهم و يحملون الألم و الحزن و الجرح منذ الصغر.
للأسف لست محترفة بالفلاشات و لم يسبق لي أن جربته ، و يا ريتني أعرف أن أصمم كهذه الفلاشات لكنت صممتها و رفعتها ليشاهدها الناس و يعرفوا قصص حقيقية تحدث يومياً لناس لا يشعر بهم احد و لا أحد يتذكر معاناتهم بشكل مؤثر إنساني يهز القلوب الحية .

تذكروا أن ما تفعلوه من خير سيكون في ميزان حسناتكم و تخيلوا كّم من الحسنات التي ستجنونها لما توجهوا طاقاتكم لنشر صور الحقيقة المرة التي يتعرض لها إخوانكم ، و لا تنسوا الأثر النفسي والسعادة لدى الغير مع دعائهم لكم.

والله يوفق الجميع لما فيه الخير والصلاح.


Blogger A.Adam said...

you said my words Noor, the flash movie is very touching and me too I didn't make Flash movie before but I give it a try to make small Flash here
using SwishMax and two for Sewine birthday's, if you have any idea to make flash I will be ready to help you do that.

9/09/2006 12:44 PM  
Blogger Living Away said...

Dear Noor!!

I was living in the USA on that day and I got so scary also! I got scary because the university locked all its Muslims students inside a building to make sure they were “saved”. For like a week or so, about 6 Muslims friends of mine were afraid to stay in their houses and they “moved” to my house and for like a month I did their grocery shops because they were afraid of going out. That what really scared me!
Anyway…I never understood and I never will why the majority of the people from the Unite States think that they have total liberty to kill anybody in the world under the peace’s flag.
I don’t understand why a lot of people think that there is no value at all a child, a person who is born in the Arab world and they can be killed the way they are being killed. I can’t stand that! We all have the same importance as human being and we all deserve the same treatment, doesn’t mattering the country we born, the culture and religion we have!
Do you know Noor, I do believe that the 9/11 was a very well planned attack, but not by the people who are accused for it!

9/09/2006 1:23 PM  
Blogger Tristan Vick said...

"Americans" is a generic term for the United States, as everyone knows... but if you are going to use or reference 'specific' events which may tarnish a people's or nation's respectability you should probaby use 'United States' instead of the generic America.

I only say this because Mexico is America too. And Canada is also America. And Cuba also.

South America is 'south' America, but they are often referenced as 'Americans' in sports and such, so if you don't want to offend all of those people... please use 'United States of America' or just the 'U.s.', thanx.

9/10/2006 4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That tragedy (murder) was done by the United states Gov. And Israel. It was a Zionist plot excuse to attack the Middle East strictley for Zionist reasons and wants...They did that murderous act on its own citizens to gain support for more murderous acts in the middle East. It is called DECEPTION..

9/10/2006 11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do believe the planes were used by terroists on 9/11, but in my heart I feel they knew about the attacks and did nothing about it. Anonymous, The US is just as guilty as the ones that carried out the attack. That still is know reason why the hatred for Muslims is so great. I for one don't see how you can hold a whole nation of people responsible for the actions of a few.

9/10/2006 12:41 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

Adam, that was lovely flash you done, simple, but with wonderful idea. Good for you. There are endless stories to make flash with, but sometimes, we need to clear and nice idea for the flash.
If I can make flash, that will be about my dear friend in Iraq. She is wonderful girl, really tolerant and has great faith in her broken heart. As I said, lost her parent during the siege and then left her study to work in factory in bad conditions and now she is without any job, lack of income, lack of safety, lack of everything. She is still carrying that Hope and Dream for shiny life. I feel I'm nothing in front of her.

Oh Dear, I know it was horrible days after that deadly day. I knew about Muslims and non-Muslims attacked and most of them were afraid to go out. American administration created enemies instead of friends. I can tell you dear that most of us really felt bad and sorry for what happened by using our religion and our names. 99,999% of us are with peace and love. American administration actions against people mostly peaceful and innocent people turned people around the world against America. Besides, people will not go and help America if they knew anything suspicious around them can harm anyone else. They will be afraid to speak because American government will accuse them as well.!
Oh, dear Tristan, you made me laugh, you have obsession with "TERMS", aren't you?!! First: Zionism and now America. But I think people can understand what I mean here by America. All people are clever enough to recognize what I mean including YOU. Thanks anyway for your "lesson". Great to hear from you "you know it all". I only hoped to read your thoughts about what happened that day and how it was on you.

Anonymous: Take it easy friend, they did wrong and so some muslims and arabs who defamed us and our religion. so, we should see both sides, not blame only one.

Chet: good words. i'm with you. we should not blame whole of acts of some, and not only some but few. USA made created more and huge gaps instead of closing the small ones. we have to do something about that.

9/11/2006 11:08 AM  
Blogger halalhippie said...

" I knew about Muslims and non-Muslims attacked and most of them were afraid to go out. "

I remember reading about retaliations:

"There were some incidents of harassment and hate crimes against Middle Easterners and other, "Middle Eastern-looking" people, particularly Sikhs, due to the fact that Sikh males usually wear turbans, which are stereotypically associated with Muslims in the United States. At least nine people were murdered within the United States as a result. Balbir Singh Sodhi, one of the first victims of this phenomenon, was fatally shot on September 15. He, like others, was a Sikh who was mistaken for a Muslim."

(from wikipedia)

We humans become so disgraceful when we let anger guide us.

(still trying to figure out the tag thngy)

9/11/2006 4:56 PM  
Blogger Noor said...

Oh Deay HalaHippie. U r right, I remember a story of one Sikhs who was working in Service Station and an American shot him thinking he was Muslim because of his turban and beard. Besides, Latin's people who looked more Arabs for their skin and look. Also, some veiled Muslim women were attacked and insulted by Americans. It was horrible days and I wish they learnt a lesson about not generalizing as we try not to do that when we learn about endless crimes done by American sliders and American administration and government involve too.
You kidding! Still can't understand tag thing. Dear oh dear, just copy the questions, only questions and answer them with ur own private answers and opinions. That's it! Well, at least, u updated ur blog and I found new posts. Well done!

9/15/2006 11:23 AM  
Anonymous a moroccan said...

a tragedy?? dont they have to taste some of what they coz to the innocent ppl all around the world? its not a tragedy its justice you just ignore it

11/10/2006 6:15 PM  
Anonymous a moroccan said...

they cant be as dear as our brothers and sisters no they can never be ...

11/10/2006 6:16 PM  

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